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Ansar's autobiography[1] has claimed:
"Mohammed is a public speaker, visiting university lecturer and appears regularly on television and radio. He runs a private consulting practice, is a community organiser[2] and on outspoken civil rights activist. An experienced diversity expert and legal advocate, he is also involved in interfaith and education."
Only one reference is given for the above claims; that of community organiser, while the link to his private consulting practice is no longer active.


Mohammed Ansar's original bio on wikipedia claimed that he was educated at Watford Boys Grammar School. On the The Jinn and Tonic Show, Mohammed Ansar claimed that: "And actually for somebody who is quite a rationalist, quite a scientific background, I studied, erm, you know, Physics to quite some standard ..."[3]

Social Media

Ansar's original wikipedia entry claimed: "He is particularly active on Twitter (as @MoAnsar) and has a popular blog called ‘Ansar’s on a Postcard’."[4]


Mohammed Ansar began publishing to his blog on 15 April 2006[5]. A total of four entries for that year were published over that weekend of 15-16 April, three on the Saturday, one on the Sunday: Truth About Islam (15/04/2006 6:39pm); Image of Islam I (15/04/2006 7:04pm); Why Christians Can't Read the Bible (15/04/2006 7:08pm) Image of Islam II (16/04/2006 5:04pm). The blog then remained dormant until 8th August 2011, when he reveals in a blogpost entitled Pheonix from the flames;; that he "Recently, I've taken to resurrecting a two year old stagnant Twitter account"[6].


On 8th August 2011, Mohammed Ansar claimed to have recently resurrected his "two year old stagnant Twitter account"[7]. Ansar's first tweet appears to have been on 6 March 2010:

@MoAnsar: "Open for business."[8]

Ansar's earliest tweets, from his twitturrection in June 2011 were to: the Guardian/Al Jazeera journalist Riazat Butt[9], the Guardian journalist Polly Curtis[10][11], New Statesman journalist Mehdi Hasan[12][13].

Ansar Consulting

Ansar also has a twitter account called Ansar Consulting, which has lain dorment since its inception. It's tagline reads:

"Equalities - Diversity - Organisational Change & Development - Strategy - Consultation - Employment - Talent Management
Hampshire, England · ansar-consulting.com"[14]

It's first and only tweet:

@AnsarConsulting · 24 Jul 2011 Welcome to Ansar Consulting... stay tuned for updates[15]


In December 2006, Mohammed Ansar appears to have used the name Avenger on Daniel Pipes forum[16],to reproduce a plagiarised reproduction of Dr. Zakir Naik's claim that Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) contained a reference to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. In April 2006, a blogpost on Ansar's blog with the exact same text[17].


In September 2012, a variation of this name, Avenger 786 on Wikipedia argued that the Wikipedia article on Mohammed Ansar should remain[18]. In April 2012, wikipedia user Avenger786 received praise from Mohammed Ansar article's creator:

"Many thanks for fleshing out this article so well and so quickly...! I've never seen an article come together so quickly. Kudos! kencf0618 (talk) 04:10, 24 April 2012 (UTC)"[19]

It is therefore worth considering the possibility that Avenger and Avenger786 are aliases used by Mohammed Ansar. Compelling evidence to support this possibility are attempt to the create a page on Wikipedia for Ansar's company Securum Ltd[20] and the posting of a personal publicity shot to wikimedia commons[21] by Avenger786. The full list of contributions by Avenger786 to wikipedia can be viewed here.

Twitter sockpuppeter

Mohammed Ansar has been accused of running twitter sockpuppets. In particular, the evidence for Ansar's use of @The_TruthTeller, uncovered by @JeremyDuns is more than convincing.


Duns tweets that:

JeremyDuns: "The reason, of course, is that @the_truthteller is a sockpuppet of Mo Ansar. The account was initially called @moansar2."[22]
JeremyDuns: "And here's the smoking gun: a cache from the point between him changing the account from @moansar2 to @the_trutheller:"[23]
Ansar ‏@The_TruthTeller: "@Flood2171656 All the people there converted to Islam, neither forcibly, nor did they think Islam was anything strange."[24]

The most convincing evidence yet:

@MoAnsar2: "@Flood2171656 Nothing needs to be ordained by blood. There is no original sin, no paying of anything by blood. Defeats the object of life."[25]

The link to the tweet now leads to @The_TruthTeller. On 5/5/2014, following Jeremy Duns publication of his evidence on twitter, Mohammed Ansar has deleted his @The_TruthTeller sockpuppet tweep.

Small Troll Army

Without further firm evidence, the continuing sockpuppet speculations are just that - speculation. Suffice it to say, that Ansar's views (see below) have attracted a certain type of fanbase on twitter and they cleave to him and hang on his every word, and like a small troll army, are ever-ready to battle on his behalf, with or without prompts from Ansar.

Public Speaker and Visiting University Lecturer

Visiting University Lecturer

The original wikipedia profile stated that Ansar was a "visiting university lecturer" but in the discussion about the deletion of the wikipedia article, no reference was provided to support this claim[26] Ansar's wix profile states: "visiting lecturer on Islamophobia, Islam in contemporary Britain and Theology". Ansar's twitter profile currently claims that he is a "Visiting Lecturer"[27].
On twitter, Ansar has made many appeals to authority "as a lecturer"[28]. The evidence will now be examined below.

University of Winchester

There is no evidence on the University of Winchester's website that Ansar was a visiting university lecturer at the University[29]. To be a visiting lecturer, the minimum required qualification is "a degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline and a post graduate qualification is desirable"[30]. There is no indication that he has been educated beyond Grammar school level in any of his online bios.

Peter Symonds College

Peter Symonds College is a 6th form college, so perhaps Mohammed Ansar gained some form of Level 3 qualification there. Alternatively, Ansar may not have been educated at Peter Symonds College, although the South East England Faiths Forum board member bio states that: "he established the first multifaith chaplaincy at the largest college in the country and still runs a weekly session with his students."[31]. Peter Symonds college is not the largest in the country[32], so perhaps this is a typo, and instead the bio meant to say that Peter Symonds College is the largest in the county of Hampshire.
As mentioned in the wikipedia AfD on Mohammed Ansar, "The use of the label 'lecturer' is misleading in this case as it implies academic qualifications." and therefore this has been deleted from the bio.

Visiting Lecturer In Theology

Since April 2012, Ansar has claimed several times to be either a theologian or a lecturing theologian: [33][34][35]. No reference has been made by Ansar publicly as to his theological qualifications and no record exists on any university website for a visiting lecturer in Theology of that name.

Talks and Debates at various Universities

Southampton University Islamic Society

In January 2011, Ansar chaired a debate hosted at Southampton University Islamic Society between Clive Thorn and Adnan Rashid of the iERA/Hittin Institute[36][37].

On 25 September 2012, Ansar announced he was "speaking at the University of Southampton this Friday"[38], 28th September 2012.

University College London Union Debating Society

In January 2013, Ansar was one of four guest speakers participating in a debate organised by University College London Union's Debating Society, entitled This house believes that religion does more harm than good[39].

York Islamic Society

In February 2013, Ansar delivered a "talk"[40] for York Islamic Society entitled Islam and Britain and the Muslim Civil Rights Crisis [41]. The lecture opened with a conspiracy theory about Muslims having intermarried with native Americans before the arrival of Columbus in 1492.

Lovell Lecture

In April 2013, Mo Ansar announced that he'd been "invited to give this year's Lovell Lecture to be held at Winchester Cathedral in October."[42]. This refers to the annual Lovell Interfaith Lecture[43] organised jointly by Winchester University, Winchester Cathedral and the Lovell Family, and ought not to be confused with the annual Lovell Lecture held at Jodrell Bank in honour of Sir Bernard Lovell[44]. On 8 October 2013, Mo Ansar gave a lecture at Winchester Cathedral entitled 'Facing Secularism Together'. He was presented to the audience as: "a political and social commentator who regularly appears on British television and radio and has extensive experience in countering extremism".


Ansar has held, in total, three directorships[45] since July 2008: two incarnations of Ansar Consulting Ltd, and; his first, a limited company named Securum Ltd[46].

@nero: "I've been sent a scan that purports to show a payment to one of the ltd cos @MoAnsar wound down w/out filing accounts (or paying any tax)."[47]

Ansar Consulting

As discussed above, the link given to Ansar's private consulting practice, Ansar Consulting, is no longer active. A google search shows that it exists as an entity in social media: on twitter as @AnsarConsulting, and; on facebook as Ansar Consulting. A search in companies records shows that Ansar Consulting Ltd was struck off and dissolved on 26th February 2013[48] and had never submitted documentation since its incorporation on 15 July 2011[49]. Additionally, a previous limited company, also named Ansar Consulting Ltd[50] was incorporated 18 August 2008, and struck off and dissolved 26 March 2010[51]. This earlier incarnation had also failed to submit the required documentation[52].
As Ansar's private consulting practice was struck off in February 2013, the reference has been changed to the past tense, and the link changed to the data held about the company, instead of the defunct website.

Securum Limited

"Securum Ltd was incorporated on 22 Jul 2008 and is located in London. The company's status is listed as "Dissolved" and it had 3 directors at the time it closed. It was founded by Mr Jabraan Azlam, Mr Mohammed Ansar[53], Mr Shahid Zeeb. Securum Ltd does not have any subsidiaries. "[54]

Mohammed Ansar[55] co-directed Securum Limited with Mr Shahid Zeeb[56] and Mr Jabraan Azlam[57]:

"Mohammed Ansar is an experienced business professional and senior manager. His work history includes more than a decade as a senior manager for top 5 UK banking institution mohammed.ansar@securum.co.uk
Shahid Zeeb has worked in the security industry for over 10 years. As a seasoned professional he has worked in offering consultation and advice on both a personal and corporate level shahid.zeeb@securum.co.uk
Jabraan Azlam is an experienced security professional with a specialisation in static site security and management of staff jabraan.azlam@securum.co.uk"[58].

Ansar's description of himself as a senior manager is not borne out by the citation from an employment tribunal, where Ansar represented himself against Lloyds Bank PLC. In that citation, the only senior managers mentioned in that top 5 banking institution were those superior to Ansar himself[59]. Securum Ltd was struck off and dissolved on 2 March 2010 after it failed to file the required documents[60].

Securum co-directors

Shahid Zeeb

Ansar's co-director Shahid Zeeb had, for two days in March 2008, been a co-director of Hanson Leisure Ltd, a retailer of "alcoholic & other beverages"[61].

"Shahid Zeeb has worked in the security industry for over 10 years. As a seasoned professional he has worked in offering consultation and advice on both a personal and corporate level"[62].

Jabraan Azlam

"Jabraan Azlam is an experienced security professional with a specialisation in static site security and management of staff"[63].

Ansar's other co-director, Jabraan Azlam[64], was alleged to be Mohammed Ansar's brother[65]. Following a search of the British Births register, it has now been confirmed that they are maternal half-brothers.
Jabraan Azlam (born Jobraan Azlam, 1986 Watford) was one of the six Khan Line drug gang members arrested on 6 June 2011[66].
On 26 March 2012, Azlam was sentenced to four years[67] for his involvement in the Khan Line drug gang[68] as a drug runner, to which he pleaded guilty[69]:

"[...] Jabraan Azlam, who pleaded guilty to the conspiracy on re-arraignment [...] was sentenced to four years' imprisonment."
"Jabraan Azlam was dealt with as a runner, pure and simple, without the element of additional trust which was identified in Kazim's case. Moreover, he was entitled to significantly greater credit for his guilty plea."[70]

Community Organiser

The reference on the original wikipedia page that supported the claim that Mohammed Ansar is a community organiser leads to a different Mohammed Ansar, who lives in Oldham, not the Mohammed Ansar originating from Watford and now living in Hampshire. The Oldham-based Mohammed Ansar was more recently quoted in the following reference[71].
Contemporary Anarchist 17:38, 18 April 2013 (UTC)

Southampton Flood Relief Campaign

In September 2010, Ansar is listed in the Southampton Echo as an organiser for the Southampton Flood Relief Campaign"The Southampton Flood Relief Campaign which began with a few families in Chandler’s Ford, has spawned a Southampton and Hampshire-wide scheme that organiser Mohammed Ansar hopes will involve everyone from schools to the Women’s Institute."[72]

Muslim Council of Southampton

In July 2011, Ansar was described by the Reverts website as "currently part of the Muslim Council of Southampton"[73]. The Muslim Council of Southampton's website is http://mcs-online.org. No mention of Ansar could be found on its website.
Contemporary Anarchist 00:31, 19 April 2013 (UTC)

Civil Rights Activist



On 20th January 2013, Mohammed Ansar tweeted an image taken by photographer Michael Yon. The image had been doctored to show captions that bore no relation to the meaning of the image, which showed an Iraqi girl who later died from injuries inflicted by an suicide bomber.

@MoAnsar: ""We were told we were fighting terrorists" pic.twitter.com/cZ6tAd4xdh"[74]
@TheJamesBrandon: "@MoAnsar Are you entirely stupid? The pic u re-tweeted was of a girl killed by a suicide bomber - the soldier was helping her! @Michael_Yon"[75]
@TheJamesBrandon: "@MoAnsar Read story behind the pic here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Yon#2005_.E2.80.93_Little_Girl_story_and_photograph … And then please retract yr tweet and apologise. @Michael_Yon @GhaffarH"[76]
@CunningtoP: "@MoAnsar Mo, I think you need to re-think this one. Sorry mate."[77]
@MoAnsar: "@CunningtoP What, why? Its a provocative image, and a real quote."[78]
@CunningtoP: "@MoAnsar It is out of context re. the words attached. I am with the message but the wrong picture has been used. I think you know...."[79]
@MoAnsar: "@TheJamesBrandon Apologise to who, and for what, you loon?!"[80]
@TheJamesBrandon: "@MoAnsar For a start, you can apologise to @michael_yon who took the pic- I'm sure he doesn't want it turned into cheap, anti-US propaganda."[81]
@MoAnsar: "@TheJamesBrandon That it? Ridiculous."[82]
@TheJamesBrandon: "@MoAnsar Of course! I'm offended by your tweet but I'm hardly going to call for you be beheaded am I? @GhaffarH @MaajidNawaz"[83]
@MoAnsar: "@TheJamesBrandon You're a little weird."[84]
@DougieFFC: "@MoAnsar @TheJamesBrandon how do you not grasp how disingenuous what you just did is? Where's your sense of decency? Then you abuse him!"[85]
@TheJamesBrandon: "@MoAnsar Resorting to random ad-hominems already? Yawn."[86]

Ban the EDL

Ansar began a petition to ban the EDL. The petition received 6,448 signatures by its close on 08/11/2011:

The Government should ban the EDL
Responsible department: Home Office
The EDL peddle hatred amongst the people of the UK however the Government has so far refused to ban them.
After the tragic events in Oslo and Utoya, we the people recognise that far right groups who share in part, or in whole, in this dangerous and evil ideology should not be allowed to exist in good society.
Petitions and submissions have been made to the Home Secretary over the last two years and it is now time our Government acted.[87]

Gender Segregation in public spaces

Ansar recently campaigned in support of iERA's gender segregation in public spaces, and racially stigmatised the opposition to public gender segregation as a White versus Muslim - Men versus Women argument: "the human rights of Muslim women must give way to the rights of white men"[88].

On 23 December 2013:

@sunny_hundal: "Student Rights may have a xenophobic agenda (allied to Henry Jackson Society after all), but lefties look silly when they ignore broader pt
‏@SaraKhanInspire "@sunny_hundal not just silly but that they don't give a damn about listening to the voices of Muslim women who opposed segregation."
@sunny_hundal "@SaraKhanInspire EXACTLY"
‏@mehdirhasan "@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire But it's not just Student Rights, is it? Did you see last Sunday's (not yesterday's) blizzard of columns?"
‏@sunny_hundal "@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire yes, saw the blizzard of columns. And yet lefties STILL running away from any talk of segregation taking place"
‏@mehdirhasan "@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire Not sure that's what's happening tbh. And yes v possible to be opposed to both sexism and Islamophobia.
@sunny_hundal "@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire Exactly. So it may be more productive to talk about why segregation happens than being obsessed by SR here."
@mehdirhasan "@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire I'm not obsessed by them. But I am with the mainstream media coverage of these things, as you know."
‏@sunny_hundal "@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire that's like saying you're more interested in why ppl not talking about Syria, then plight of Syrians directly."
‏@mehdirhasan "@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire Well, @mrianleslie makes the point better than me, towards the end: http://www.newstatesman.com/religion/2013/12/furore-over-mss-muslim-staff-policy-shows-islamophobia-problem …"
‏@sunny_hundal "@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire well that's a silly example in your defence since 1) lots of examples cited 2) segregation issue getting worse"
@mehdirhasan "@sunny_hundal @sarakhaninspire really? What's your evidence? And are you really so naive as to believe that press care about women's rights?"
@sunny_hundal "@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire The question is not whether press care about womens rights.The Q is whether segregation furthers womens rights"
@MoAnsar: "@sunny_hundal Let's please stop pretending its forcible segregation; mischaracterising the debate is unhelpful and part of the problem."[89]
@RazaSaab: ".@MoAnsar If I can't sit in a particular section of the lecture hall, cuz of my gender, then yes, it is forcible segregation. @sunny_hundal"[90]
@jchabeeb: "@MoAnsar @sunny_hundal Segregation is segregation"[91]

Hamza Kashgari

On 7 May 2012, Mo Ansar supported the jailing of Hamza Kashgari:

@ruwaydamustafah: "Saudi authorities don't imprison a man who hit his wife but order him to read books but they imprisoned hamza kashgari for tweeting.[92]"
@mosansar: "In fairness, an Islamic studies grad + writer, he was provoking the government by intentionally blaspheming.[93]
@ruwaydamustafah: "I don't think it was blasphemous. Just a confused teenager expressing himself. Shouldn't have been imprisoned."[94]
@moansar: "You so know he was a uni graduate of Islamic studies, published journalist + writer? He knew the law and was making a point"[95]
@ruwaydamustafah: "He retracted all his tweets after they became viral."[96]
@moansar: "He left it out there and I tweeted /discussed with a number of Saudis who didn't deny he was 'doing a David Gale'."[97]
@moansar: "You're absolutely right about the Saudi issue, I'm not a fan of the blasphemy law, but he was taking the proverbials"[98]

LGBT Activist

Mohammed Ansar claims to be an LGBT activist.

Promotion of IERA Alert after conference cancellation in Toronto due to 'LGBT Groups' spreading 'fear'

On 14 October 2011 between 9:46am and 3:31pm, Mo Ansar, via IERA's Yusuf Chambers[99], tweeted an action alert from IERA regarded the cancellation of their conference in Toronto ([http://archive.is/SaTSZ archived):

@moansar: "Sheraton Hotel, Toronto cancels Muslim conference after Jewish Defence League & LGBT groups spread fear us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ebb500c4922…"[100]
@moansar: "@OUTtv Is this true: us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=ebb500c4922… LGBT groups in Canada force cancellation of Muslim conference?"[101]

Ansar has since deleted his tweets promoting the IERA's action alert.

Views on homosexuality

Mohammed Ansar's views on homosexuality were first broached on twitter on 28 January 2012:

@carrothead: "@MoAnsar What is your view on homosexuality?"[102]
@MoAnsar: "@CarrotHead Hate the sin not the sinner."[103]

Mo Ansar has since deleted his retweet of the question, and the tweet containing his views.

False Claims of having founded an organisation on Equality

@MoAnsar 3:21AM: "@TarekFatah Brother, I founded an organisation on Equality - championing the cause of gender dysphoria, gay and lesbians as well as others."[104]

Ansar's original wikipedia biography claimed that he founded the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum (HIEF). This claim turned out to be false. He was only briefly its chair and did not found the organisation itself.

Claims of having been an LGBT rights activist

Ansar's first claim, made to broadcaster and presenter Nicky Campbell, was written in the past tense on 2nd February 2012:

@moansar: "@NickyAACampbell @bbc5live Despite me having been a LGBT rights activist... who says the West has a monopoly on morality? Impose on Qatar?"[105]
@NickyAACampbell: "@MoAnsar ha some do some don't. Let's have a heated debate!"[106]

Ansar has since deleted his tweet.
The next time this claim was made (to Peter Tatchell), it was made in the present tense, and a timespan was added:

@moansar: "@PeterTatchell I've been campaigning for LGBT rights for years. You need clarify your positions - its not #Islam that is homophobic."[107]

Ansar has since deleted this tweet.
On 1 March 2012, we discover that Ansar has spent "many years fighting for gay rights and anti-discrimination of LGBT":

@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown I was asked and gave my honest response. Sexuality is a personal matter for the home. It is no one else's business. Albeit"[108]
@moansar: "@BernardMcEldown homosexuality is considered sinful in Islam, its never a case of hating the person. I've spent many years fighting.."[109]
@moansar: "@BernardMcEldown ..for gay rights and anti discrimination of LGBT. If sexualisation hetero/bi/gay any, becomes a corrupting influence in"[110]
@moansar: "@BernardMcEldown ..society its a problem. We have a horrific problem of sexualistion of kids for example."[111]
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar Well its not really a personal matter if people use their faith to jutify their homophobia, and discrimination against gay people!"[112]
@moansar: "@BernardMcEldown Agreed my friend. Discrimination of any group on race, religion, sexuality or other characteristic, is wrong."[113]
@BernardMcEldwon: "@MoAnsar Its nonsence for many religion to claim that homosexuality is a sin. People are born gay, they don't choose it. Hows that a sin?"[114]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown Good point. Can't speak for Christianity but the 'type' of homosexuality soecifically condemned in the Scriptures was the.."[115]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown ..rampant-out-to-convert-you kind. In Prophetic times there were said to be a people who literally attacked people entering"[116]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown ..their citiy limits. We would all agree that kind of stuff isn't right."[117].
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar Don't think Gays try to make Straights Gay. There are groups that try to convert gays to be straight. Many religions just hate Gays"[118]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown Don't agree. No religions hate gay people. People hate people."[119]
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar People use their religion to justify their homophobia."[120]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown People use religion to justify lots. They are wrong. We shouldn't throw out the religions because people twist them."[121]

@MoAnsar: "Lots of discussion this afternoon. Questions about homosexuality and Islam take off when they know I'm an advocate for gay rights."[122]
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar NIce one Mo. Thanks for supporting the cause!"[123]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown I'm an advocate for anti discrimination, its not the same as promoting the lifestyle."[124]
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar You use the same language as some Christian Fundamentalists..Being gay is not a 'Lifestyle Choice". They are born gay. Get Over It."[125]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown You have become increasingly rude and ill mannered. Disappointed."[126]
@BernardMcEldown: "@MoAnsar Mo there is nothing rude or ill mannered in anything I have tweeted.Seems like you don't like anyone challenging your beliefs?"[127]
@MoAnsar: "@BernardMcEldown I've been courteous towards you entertaining all questions on all issues - until now. Shame on you for claiming that lie."[128]

This discussion resurfaces on 6 April 2012, when Ansar smears McEldown to Yacoob over another matter:

‏@BernardMcEldown: "@SalmaYaqoob Not sure why the BBC are giving that guy all this publicity. Sooner he is sent to the USA the better."[129]
‏@SalmaYaqoob: ".@BernardMcEldown Given yr notion of justice which clearly does not include right to trial to face accusations good job u r a retired cop."[130]
@MoAnsar: "@SalmaYaqoob @BernardMcEldown I enjoyed alot of discussion with Bernard until it got very abusive and had to block him."[131]

On 3 March 2012:

@PiersMorganLive: "It's detrimental, and ultimately destructive." Kirk Cameron on homosexuality: http://on.cnn.com/z2KPyT Watch the interview tonight at 9p"[132]
@BernardMcEldown: "@PiersTonight He sounds like a right Tosser!!"[133]
@moansar: "@BernardMcEldown @PiersTonight Although I'm an advocate against discrimination of LGBT; people do still have the right to personal beliefs."[134]

Then on 9 March 2012, we discover that "many years" has become "almost a decade":

@moansar: "@Nilesby @NSRKhan I've been fighting for LGBT rights for almost a decade. Don't judge Islam by some misguided Muslims."[135]

And by 11 March 2012, "almost a decade" has become "for over 15 years":

@moansar: "@rangeroverheart I've been fighting against discrimination in the courts, public and private sector for over 15 years - for women, LGBT and"[136]

@MoAnsar: "I get criticised for fighting against discrimination directed towards LGBT groups, women & BMEs. NB. Islam is about social justice."[137]

@moansar: "@noisyknits Nothing to do with my work as Chairman of an organisation advocating for LGBT. My public record speaks for itself."[138]

This appears to be referencing [1]Ansar's brief chair of the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum's Steering Group] - an association which ended no later than March 2011, when the Steering Group was disbanded, then later reformed in July 2011 as an Action Group, without Ansar's involvement. Ansar came into contact with Chrysalis during the year 2010-2011. It seems likely that Ansar's involvement with the HIEF's Steering Group in 2010-2011, during which Ansar was briefly chair and later falsely claimed to be it's founder, forms the only known basis of his claim to have worked with Chrysalis. Ansar made this claim as though he were still chair of HIEF. He was not involved with HIEF after the Steering Group's disbandment in early 2011.

@moansar: "@DrLovemason @noisyknits Don't be ridiculous. My blog is what I choose to be. My work with LGBT organisations is no ones business but my own"[139]


@moansar: "MT "@Official_EDL: @PeterTatchell Peter if your ever interested in helping out with #EDL LGBT division DM us" < Why would they think that?"[140]

On 18 March 2012, we discover that Mohammed Ansar, sent an email to the famous LGBT and human rights activist Peter Tatchell:

@MoAnsar 10:43AM: "Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe Peter Tatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq"[141]
@mePadraigReidy 10:47 AM: "@MoAnsar That's an absurd slur, Mo."[142]
@MoAnsar 10:49AM: "@mePadraigReidy I wish it was. It isn't. And you should know by now that I don't lie or slander."[143]
@mePadraigReidy 11:04AM: "@MoAnsar I've never seen any evidence that PT is an Islamophobe. Hardline secularist, yes, but that's not the same thing."[144]
@MoAnsar 11:16AM: "@mePadraigReidy I have direct experience. Read my TL."[145]
@mePadraigReidy 11:22AM: "@MoAnsar I may be wrong here, but isn't a "global Dawah organisation" about a little more than dispelling myths?"[146]
@MoAnsar 11:23AM: "@mePadraigReidy No, that's exactly what it is."[147]
@mePadraigReidy : "@MoAnsar preaching not the same as dispelling myths. Anyway, I've got to dash. Happy Day-after-St-Patrick's Day!"[148]'
@mePadraigReidy: "@MoAnsar can you dm me your email? Would be interested in continuing convo, plus couple other things. Thanks"[149]
@MoAnsar 11:29AM: "@mePadraigReidy Done. And you too. Be good ;)"[150]
@mysteryhousewyf 10:48AM: "@MoAnsar He's an Islamophobe?"[151]
@MoAnsar 10:53AM: "@mysteryhousewyf Unfortunately. Which is also sad since I've been a gay rights advocate for 10yrs."[152]
@mysteryhousewyf 10:54AM: "@MoAnsar Thank you. Do you have a link or a quote that I could read that supports that? (just reading your blog BTW)"[153]
@MoAnsar 10:56AM: "@mysteryhousewyf Happy to discuss, a little later on perhaps. If that's ok."[154]
@mysteryhousewyf 10:59AM: "@MoAnsar That's fine. Understand and much appreciated. Thank you."[155]
@MoAnsar 11:04AM: "@mysteryhousewyf A Muslim organisation called IERA do a massive amount of outreach work to dispel myths and..."[156] "... misconceptions about Muslims which leads to horriric Islamophobia. PT went out of his way to block a conference..."[157] "...being organised by them on combatting Islamophobia. He petitioned the hotel and used his website and influence to..."[158] "...activate a mass movement against IERA and the hotel chain. Appalling use of islamophobic language..."[159] "... and total refusal to engage, discuss at all his actions, or apologise. I sent him a lengthy email to try and mediate."[160]
@mysteryhousewyf 11:24AM: "@MoAnsar Begins with position of acceptance rather than struggle. I read some of your blog and appreciate your many perspectives.Interesting"[161]
@MoAnsar 11:29AM: "@mysteryhousewyf We dispel hate by education and being prepared to challenge our misconceptions and bigotry."[162]
@mysteryhousewyf 11:29AM: "@MoAnsar I hope there will be a resolution even this late in the day. Thank you for speaking with me. I'll read some more. Peace."[163]
@MoAnsar 11:30AM: "@mysteryhousewyf Your hopes, are my hopes. And peace to you too sister."[164]
@noisyknits 10:56AM: "Love the way this muslim tries to turn his homophobia into a state of 'victimhood' RT @MoAnsar Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe @PeterTatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq"[165]
@MoAnsar 10:57AM: ". @noisyknits I've been an advocate for gay rights and equality for over 10yrs working for charities. Check your facts."[166]
@noisyknits 11:04AM: "@MoAnsar really? Anything documented? Very hard to believe. Why attack @PeterTatchell? He likes Muslims."[167]
@MoAnsar 11:16AM: "@noisyknits When it suits him and his public profile. Read my TL. @PeterTatchell"[168]
@noisyknits 11:18AM: "@MoAnsar and your lack of 'blog evidence' of being a supporter of gay rights?"[169]
@noisyknits 11:20AM: "@MoAnsar can't see anything islamophobic in your TL from @PeterTatchell"[170]
@noisyknits 11:06AM: "@MoAnsar can't see anything on your site... Put something on there about it (or msg a link) and then I'll believe you."[171]
@noisyknits 11:11AM: "I just checked your blog - is that fact enough? No evidence of you being an advocate of gay rights RT @MoAnsar . @noisyknits I've been an advocate for gay rights and equality for over 10yrs working for charities. Check your facts."[172]
@MoAnsar 11:21AM: "@noisyknits Nothing to do with my work as Chairman of an organisation advocating for LGBT. My public record speaks for itself."[173]
@noisyknits 11:23AM: "@MoAnsar can you give examples of your advocacy of gay rights?"[174]
@MoAnsar: "@noisyknits Am I here to somehow justify my public role and good works to you to 'qualify'. Disgusting intolerance. Google it yourself."[175]
@noisyknits 11:29AM: "@MoAnsar I'm disgustingly intolerant? You're claiming something that is contrary to your religion's belief system. This is a major moment in the history of Islam in the UK and you shy away and refuse to take credit? Show the written evidence to prove that you truly are tolerant of sexual minorities."[176]
@drlovemason 11:35AM: "@MoAnsar @noisyknits I think the word 'Disgusting' gives the game away here"[177]
@MoAnsar 11:41AM: "@DrLovemason @noisyknits Don't be ridiculous. My blog is what I choose to be. My work with LGBT organisations is no ones business but my own"[178]
@noisyknits 11:47AM: "@MoAnsar but you claim publicly on twitter that you have a 10yr record of advocating gay rights - if that's no-one else's business why bring it up? @DrLovemason"[179]
@drlovemason 11:48AM: "@MoAnsar @noisyknits you are being asked to substantiate your claim. Indeed we are just trying to "Check your facts""[180]
@noisyknits 11:50AM: "I think it's safe to state that @MoAnsar is lying about his 10yr record of supporting LGBT rights and that his accusation that @PeterTatchell is an Islamophobe is his way of turning his homophobia into 'martyrdom'."[181]
@MoAnsar 12:04PM: "@noisyknits Ok. Now you're banned. And wrong."[182]
@noisyknits 12:29PM: "@MoAnsar how am I wrong?"[183]
@noisyknits 11:39AM: "@MoAnsar googled and guess what? NOTHING linking you with LGBT rights. Just 1 photo of 2 transvestites taken by someone with the same name"[184]
@noisyknits 11:40AM: "@MoAnsar can't you just show some evidence? It would be much nicer to prove your claims than to insult people for questioning them"[185]
@pencilbloke 11:02AM: "@MoAnsar How's he an islamaphobe?"[186]
@MoAnsar 11:16AM: "@PencilBloke Read my TL"[187]
@PencilBloke 11:42AM: "@MoAnsar He called out an IERA conference for having eg Abdullah Hakim Quick, who says gays are taking over, as a speaker. How islamaphobic!"[188]
@MoAnsar 11:54AM: "@PencilBloke His scuttling of the whole ship, activating his base to petition the hotel chain and vitriole on Islam that was the problem..."[189]
@MoAnsar 11:54AM: "@PencilBloke ..Understand if he objectes to a speaker. Hurting all Muslims, all the good work that was being done was reprehensible."[190]
@PencilBloke 12:02PM: "@MoAnsar He objected to specific speakers. Organisation shouldn't invite hateful speakers if it wishes to represent compassionate Muslims."[191]
@christt 11:08AM: "@MoAnsar what a ridiculous thing to say, he doesn't 'deny' morality to anyone. At least if you're going to argue, make it a real one."[192]
@MoAnsar 11:19AM: "@christt Check my TL"[193]
@christt 12:05PM: "@MoAnsar I'm upset that you don't argue more honestly and with greater intellectual integrity, given your position. I wish you did."[194]
@peterrisdon 11:22AM: "@MoAnsar The muslims Tatchell opposes are not victims, they are the 'phobes': aggressors against gay people. @rhysmorgan"[195]
@MoAnsar 11:23AM: "@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan No. He opposed me. A decade long advocate of gay rights. Go figure."


@rhysmorgan 11:32AM: "@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon So wait, criticism of a religion - particularly Islam - makes you a "-phobe"?!"[197]
@MoAnsar 11:36AM: "@rhysmorgan @PeterRisdon Its a far more complex model including causing alienation, marginalization, discrimn, social exclusn."[198]
@PeterRisdon 11:39AM: "@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan However, if you hold odious views that discriminate against others, you must expect to be opposed and reviled."[199]
@MoAnsar 11:44AM: "@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan What odious views? BIG assumption. Misconceptions & media myths become discrmn very quickly. As here."[200]
@PeterRisdon 11:46AM: "@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan I don't know your personal stance of course, but unequal treatment of sexes by Sahri'a is repulsive."[201]
@MoAnsar 11:52AM: "@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan You are talking from ignorance and a lack of understanding."[202]
@PeterRisdon 11:53AM: "@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan So enlighten me. I notice, though, that you don't deny these things."[203]
@rhysmorgan 11:53AM: "@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Please do elaborate."[204]
@rhysmorgan 11:56AM: "Still incredibly confused about this Peter Tatchell matter. @MoAnsar still hasn't explained exactly how Peter Tatchell is an islamophobe."[205]
@MoAnsar 12:06PM: "@rhysmorgan I can't keep repeating my comments to everyone who asks. Trawl through the TL."[206]
@ChrisGurr 11:40AM: "@MoAnsar you're an idiot."[207] (retweeted by @MoAnsar)
@Frostblade_ 1:41PM: "@MoAnsar Peter Tatchell endorses testing on Muslims? cc @rhysmorgan"[208]
@MaryamNamazie 9:06PM: "@MoAnsar Don't be ridiculous - criticising #islam and #islamism not attack on #Muslims."[209]
@MoAnsar: "Oh dear. Being rounded upon by @petertatchell followers this morning. Get a grip folks."[210]
@pigdowndog 11:46AM: "@MoAnsar @petertatchell I think you may have brought that on yourself old chap."[211]
@MoAnsar 11:51AM: "@Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell I only ever call it as I see it."[212]
@pigdowndog 11:55AM: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell I don't know Mr. Tatchell but he doesn't come across as someone who would be a "phobe" about anything."[213]
@MoAnsar: "@Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell Personal experience."[214]
@pigdowndog: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Are you sure he's not unlike me and "phobic", in a gentle manner, about all religions?"[215]
@MoAnsar 12:12PM: "@Pigdowndog We so badly needed a conference to tackle islamophobia. Its real. Not victimhood. @PeterTatchell Derailed the whole bloody thing"[216]
@syed9791 3:05PM: "@MoAnsar it might help if you tweet examples of why you made that comment, personally I feel he was very fair and measured on #bbctbq"[217]
@mysteryhousewyf: "@MoAnsar @Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell I agree - but derailment blame pointing in wrong directions. Phobia = fear. Of what and Why??? Peace."[218]
@MoAnsar: "@mysteryhousewyf @Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell Runnymede have a beautifully complete defn of Islamophobia."[219]
@mysteryhousewyf: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Here it is. The problem is in the language & root of difference. We are limited by word cages. http://www.runnymedetrust.org/uploads/publications/pdfs/islamophobia.pdf …"[220]
@MoAnsar: "@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell I know the report. I've had to speak on it at length. The fact remains that there are many good Muslim..."[221]
@MoAnsar: "@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell ..a misinformed opinion, bigotry and generalisation is precisely what we should oppose. Not do ourselves."[222]
@mysteryhousewyf: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell I agree,you are defending that which ismost dear to you.We must all see beyond enemy lines.Everyone fears something."[223]
@MoAnsar: "@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell My lengthy email to PT discussed our commonality and the need to work together to dispel hate."[224]

This was related to Tatchell's opposition to the IERA conference speakers who had called for the execution of gays.

On 31 March 2012:

@moansar: "@jali_gb @noisyknits Am champion of LGBT rights and close friends with gender dysphoria group Chrysallis."[225]

Chrysalis is a Hampshire-based charity "with Meeting Centres for transitioning transgender (transsexual) adults"[226]. Mohammed Ansar consistently misspells 'Chrysalis' as 'Crysallis'. His association (on the record) with Chrysalis happened during his year (2010-2011) as member of HIEF Steering Group.

@moansar: "@MsAndrewPreview @bbcbigquestions Ding. Got my vote. Have been advocate for LGBT / broad equalities brief for 15yrs now."[227]
@moansar: "@Synophion Couldnt agree more. I've been an advocate for LGBT rights / anti-discrimination for over a decade."[228]
@moansar: "@CaptainArmband No. I've been actively campaigning for LGBT for over a decade. Next."[229]

@moansar: "@RobbieSingh2 You know little about Islam. For a discourse, be polite. I've been an advocate/activist for LGBT rights for over 10yrs."[230]

@moansar: "@janemcqueen As an advocate of women's and LGBT rights, on the record for over a decade, my curiosity is piqued."[231]
@moansar: "@janemcqueen I've been an advocate for LGBT rights for a number of years, incl working with gender dysphoria community in South."[232]

@moansar: "@FromNusaybah ..you then need to consider if anything else overrides those rights for someone who is LGBT."[233]

@moansar: "@a_e_wallace For the record, Liberty: there is “no evidence” that LGBT people face either discrimination or violence freethoughtblogs.com/butterfliesand…"[234]

@moansar: "@bigladmarkyd Most EDL and nationalists don't even know that Sharia says Muslims MUST give rights to women, LGBT, and people of other faith"[235]

On 22nd April 2012:

@isawfireworks: "@moansar do you support gay marriage & LGBT rights? :)"[236]
@moansar: "@isawfireworks I've been an activist for LGBT rights for over 15 years. Worked closely with the transgender / dysphoria community."[237]

Note how Ansar fails to Ansar the question. Between 2010-2011 (approximately 1 year) Ansar briefly worked alongside a Hampshire-based transgender dysphoria community named Chrysalis during his time as member and briefly chair of Hampshire Independent Equality Forum's Steering Group.

@moansar: "@evaposner Its fair in parts, not in others. As a feminist (islamic) and someone who has fought for LGBT rights, the civil rights issues..."[238]

@moansar: "@MFrancoisCerrah Full house for Tories: Islamophobic, sexist and ageist. And with disability support schemes cut. Just need LGBT."[239]

On 1st May 2012, Ansar's mention of Kenny Everett sparked a conversation on homosexuality and Islam:

@MoAnsar: "The Unforgettable Kenny Everett, ITV now. Not for a delicate disposition but certainly, one of my childhood memories."[240]
@isawfireworks: "@MoAnsar Mo, may I ask you something regarding homosexuality and Islam? A Muslim friend is anti-gay, believes it's haram. Why don't you? <3"[241]
@moansar: "@isawfireworks A simple reason I suppose. What business of it is mine, what someone's sexuality is? Does it make them a bad person,..."[242] "..an oppressor, unjust, cruel, rude mannered, a disbeliever? Where does it rate on the grand scale of things: better or worse"[243] "..than eating pork, drinking or smoking, swearing, saying a nasty word to break someone's heart? Is it worse than disobeying"[244] "..parents? Let God be the judge. Sexuality, in any form, should not be allowed to corrupt society or cause injustice. Is it.."[245] "..the LGBT fraternity sexualising kids and causing 122 sexual assaults and rapes per day in the UK? I'm going on but the..."[246] "..fundamental rule is hate the sin, not the sinner. There should be no oppression of people based on sexuality."[247]
@isawfireworks: "@MoAnsar thank you for that lovely & full response; it's so humbling to know people like you exist & think like you. Love to you."[248]
@moansar: "Aww. Very gracious of you to say. Just make sure you challenge the person on their view (nicely) :)"[249]
‏@juangonzalvez: "@MoAnsar @isawfireworks in every religion homosexuality is forbidden! u cant be a christian and agree with homosexuality. the bible h8s it"[250]
@moansar: "@juangonzalvez @isawfireworks There is a difference in not agreeing, and then oppressing people. Christ asked us to remove the log from..."[251]

And there, that conversation ends.

@moansar: "I'm Muslim and an advocate for LGBT human rights. Get over it. #HDthinking"Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag;

refs with no name must have content This tweet generated 45 responses, including 40 retweets and five favourites. The responses to Ansar's statement never received an answer:

@drbarbara1: "@MoAnsar You're a good guy!"[252]
@fiannabradley: "@MoAnsar Well said. I'm a Catholic...perfect not practising..and I too am an advocate for LGBT human rights."[253]
@BarnabyEdwards: ".@MoAnsar A pro-LGBT Muslim is great news! What's your view on the teenage boys hanged in Iran in 2005 for breaking Sharia law by being gay?"[254]
@ameytahl: "@MoAnsar In the UK there is no danger for taking this position, but in MENA it means death."[255]
@americatheist: "@MoAnsar Really? What do you mean by advocate? Do you voice this everywhere you go with everyone you know? That would be advocating. #Truth"[256]
@sreislamic: "@MoAnsar Does that mean you support same-sex marriage?"[257]
@nimco1986: "@MoAnsar, what do you mean, do you approve of homosexual acts??"[258]
@captainarmband: "@MoAnsar I await you taking to the streets of Saudi with a banner in support of gay rights :)"Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag;

refs with no name must have content
On 12 June 2012:

@3C75: "@MoAnsar Homosexuality is a sin in Islam. Fact. Islam is not homophobic. Fact."[259]
@moansar: "@siraajahmad Don't disagree. Does that mean we discriminate against LGBT people, or uphold their rights?"[260]

Promoted the Hizb ut-Tahrir stance on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

On 7 December 2012:

@tajimustafa 5:44PM: "Will a UK Mosque\Church\.. one day be sued for not carrying out a gay marriage? Creeping compulsion? Many dont believe Cameron's reassurance"[261] (retweeted by @MoAnsar)
@MoAnsar 5:46PM: "@tajimustafa How long until a legal case is brought against a church or mosque? My guess: the paperwork is already filled, ready to go."[262]
@robinince 5:48PM: "@tajimustafa @moansar I presume gay couples would be really keen to be married in a temple by a priest that is against their love"[263]
@MoAnsar 5:49PM: "@robinince @tajimustafa We dont have a clergy. Imam may be willing, committee not, or vice versa. Fact remains, law suits will flow apace."[264]
@robinince 5:50PM: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa will they? glad you have the power to foresee the future too"[265]
@MoAnsar 5:51PM: "@robinince @tajimustafa I have these magic glasses I got in my Beano."[266]


On 24 March 2014:

@MoAnsar 3:44PM: "The Islam and homosexuality debate needs to be handled with care and sensitivity. If you're interested in a REAL discussion, great."[267]
@MrMattDunstone 3:50PM: "@MoAnsar so is Iain whatsisface talking rubbish, or are you both being a bit over sensitive over a very sensitive subject?"[268]
@MoAnsar 3:51PM: "@MrMattDunstone Of course, Matt. What else would gay rights groups (and me) be complaining about? Assumptions based on prejudice."[269]

No blog post or links to LGBT activism, "but let them scream", says Mo Ansar

On 25 March 2014:

@raf234 12:53AM: "@MoAnsar Hi Mo, do you have a blog post or links to your work within the LGBT community? It seems your detractors @ QF are questioning it."[270]
@MoAnsar 1:28AM: "@raf234 No, but let them scream."[271]


In December 2012, Ansar appealed to Tariq Ramadan on twitter to report the Ansar-parody account[272] and encouraged his twitter-followers[273] to report the parody tweep of Ansar that appeared. Ansar claimed that the parody was being "used to attack and undermine a variety of Muslim public figures and scholars"[274].
Ansar's inability to single out an offensive tweet from his parody brought criticism[275].
Notably, Ansar's parody - King of Dawah has written and published an e-book The Medina Carta, currently the 23rd most popular kindle book sale on Islam and 68th most popular of all books on Islam sold on Amazon.
Ansar's parody account appears to have spurred his creation of the following petition.

Petition for UK Social Media to disclose real identity of user following request by police or legal proceedings

On 14 January 2012, Ansar created a petition:
"The Government should consult with social media providers to bring in legislation requiring UK users to provide full personal information which is subject to the Data Protection Act until and unless law enforcement agencies or legal proceedings require their disclosure."[276]. The petition has received 50 signatures since its launch and has been re/tweeted at least 120 times, around 34 of which were by Ansar himself. Ansar also promoted the petition on the facebook pages for Muslim Council of Britain[277], Project Homophobia[278], Stonewall[279], and FOSIS[280].
When asked to explain why Ansar promoted a petition that would
"give police powers to pursue a person's political opponents"[281][282]

Ansar responded:

"I don't feel the need to engage in every single debate or give responses on demand."[283]

Pressed further:

With respect, is import to expand a statement that cld be construed as supportive of police power to quosh political diffs/dissent.[284]

Ansar's only comment was:

...about my friends at Anonymous, whether they would be swept up in this. They'll be ok. There is a bigger debate about...[285]

Petition to have Maajid Nawaz removed as LibDem PPC

The furore began when Maajid Nawaz tweeted a cartoon that had been recently featured on BBC The Big Questions. The cartoon was of Jesus and Muhammad(saw) saying 'Hiya' and 'How ya doin?'. Nawaz stated on twitter that he personally wasn't offended by that particular cartoon. He had previously stated on BBC The Big Questions on 12 January 2014 that:

@BBCBigQuestions: "I do not feel threatened by the gentleman wearing that T-Shirt"[286]

The t-shirt in question showed the cartoon described above. After Nawaz had tweeted his affirmation follow-up to BBC The Big Questions, Ramadan Foundation's Mohammed Shafiq then"accused @MaajidNawaz of denigration simply for saying that HE isn't offended by a cartoon"[287], tweeting:

@mshafiquk 1:35 PM - 17 Jan 2014: "@MrTickle3 @MaajidNawaz @drusamahasan ghustaki Rasool these quillium people"[288]

Ghustak-e-Rasool means : "Denigration of the Prophet (S.A.W.)"

Ansar sticks his oar in

On 17 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar tweeted to Mohammed Shafiq:

@MoAnsar 2:45 PM - 17 Jan 2014: "@mshafiquk He's a joke. Tweeting the J&M cartoons is abysmal. Just appalling."[289]

Nawaz tweeted one cartoon - the one relating to the BBC The Big Questions debate, so when Ansar says "cartoons"(plural), he is lying. Ansar then retweeted a tweet by Shafiq:

@MoAnsar "RT@mshafiquk The offensive cartoon tweeted by the @LibDems parliamentary candidate @MaajidNawaz If this was done by another person what would happen?"[290]
@MoAnsar 3:37 PM - 17 Jan 2014: "@CrinklyCree @mshafiquk A parliamentary candidate has tweeted out something millions will find offensive. A very silly thing to do."[291]
@MoAnsar 3:58 PM - 17 Jan 2014: "@mshafiquk Complaints to the LibDems can be made known here: https://www.libdems.org.uk/contact.aspx"[292]

In a delicious irony, lost to most everyone on twitter at the time of the furore's unfolding, in 2008, Mohammed Shafiq was sacked for deceit as local LibDem vice-chairman in the Rochdale ward of Bamford:

Man exposed for deceit chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Bamford!
"In an astonishing, and most likely self-defeating move, the Lib Dems have chosen the man they recently 'sacked' as local vice-chairman for deceit as their candidate for Bamford ward in the forthcoming local elections!
Mohammed Shafiq was forced to resign as vice-chairman of Rochdale Liberal Democrats in January following comments described by his party colleagues as "misleading and false".[293]

At 4:09pm on Friday 17th January 2014 Mohammed Ansar was quoted in the online newspaper Asian Image (owned by the Newsquest Media Group[294]):

"Even political and social commentator, Mohammed Ansar added to the debate, "A parliamentary candidate has tweeted out something millions will find offensive. A very silly thing to do."[295]
@MoAnsar 11:07 PM - 17 Jan 2014: "Haha. *EVEN*. "@mshafiquk: Maajid Nawaz and Mohammed Shafiq clash over cartoon (From Asian Image) http://mobile.asianimage.co.uk/news/10946140.Maajid_Nawaz_and_Mohammed_Shafiq_clash_over_cartoon/?ref=twtrec …"[296]

On 18 January 2014, Mohammed Shafiq went on a campaign rampage:

@mshafiquk 4:12 PM - 18 Jan 2014: "We will notify all muslim organisations in the UK of his despicable behaviour and also notify Islamic countries."[297]
@Kk61Raoof 4:17 PM - 18 Jan 2014: "have spoken to someone in Pakistan They will have a suprise for him on his next visit!!!! He is used to suprises in Pak"[298]
‏@Saj_Qureshi 4:17 PM - 18 Jan 2014:"Also it would be a good idea to contact Muslim electronic and print media in the UK as they should highlight this issue as well."[299]
@Saj_Qureshi "Specially Urdu language media."[300]
@mshafiquk "@Saj_Qureshi will you help"[301]
@Saj_Qureshi "@mshafiquk I will do my best"[302]

Ansar's petition promotion

On 20 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar promoted a petition located at change.org to request the LibDems to remove Maajid Nawaz as their parliamentary candidate. The petition states:

"the Party must take punitive action ideally through disassociating itself with Mr Nawaz by removing him from his position as PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn."[303]

Between 20 Jan and 25 Jan 2014, the petition was promoted by Mohammed Ansar at least 18 times.

Mohammed Shafiq followed Ansar's lead in tweeting the petition.

From 20 Jan 2014, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:

@MoAnsar 9:01 AM - 20 Jan 2014: "Petition launched to remove controversial Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn … (via @UnknownSufi)"[304]
@MoAnsar 10:22 AM - 20 Jan 2014: "@PhilipHewlett https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[305]
@MoAnsar 9:38 AM - 20 Jan 2014: Lib Dem failure to robustly police their own candidates and members ahead of 2015, may prove costly and a mistake too far. #FitToRule"[306]
@MoAnsar 9:40 AM - 20 Jan 2014: "@markpack @libdemnewswire @LibDemPress @nick_clegg Any comment, Mark? You can DM me. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn"[307]
@MoAnsar 9:41 AM - 20 Jan 2014: "@lfeatherstone Lynne, would you be prepared to stand with religious communities over this? https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn"[308]

Ansar then lied about the nature of the tweet from Nawaz:

@MoAnsar 11:26 AM - 20 Jan 2014: "An expert in Muslim extremism standing for political office posts 'Prophet cartoons' and faces backlash. Twitter, you tell me."[309]

In actual fact, the tweet by Nawaz contained ONE particular cartoon from the controversial Jesus and Mo series - the one discussed by Nicky Campbell on his show, BBC The Big Questions. It was that particular cartoon which Nawaz said publicly on television and afterwards on twitter, that neither his faith was threatened by the cartoon, nor was he, as a Muslim, personally offended by it.

Mohammed Ansar then continued to whip up a twitter storm, tweeting over and over the petition asking to remove Nawaz as a LibDem candidate:

@MoAnsar 1:32 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "Petition launched to remove controversial Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[310]

Ansar also promoted the petition to LBC radio:

@MoAnsar 3:51 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "@lbc973 I wonder if Clegg will take a tougher stand over the Nawaz 'Prophet cartoons' scandal http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[311]
@mshafiquk 4:04 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "Sign the petition to remove @MaajidNawaz as parliamentary candidate. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn"[312]

On 21 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar promoted the petition again:

@MoAnsar 12:15 PM - 21 Jan 2014: "Calls to remove the PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn for breaching LD rules, rocket to 7,000+ complaints within 24 hrs https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[313]
@MoAnsar 1:25 PM - 21 Jan 2014: "@JuliaHB1 @lbc973 I think NC has another headache on his hands https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …, approaching 10k sigs, http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/01/20/maajid-nawaz-cartoon_n_4631609.html?utm_hp_ref=uk …"[314]
@MoAnsar 1:27 PM - 21 Jan 2014: "@markpack Hope you're keeping well, Mark. I think it is beyond that: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn … have a read of the charge sheet."[315]
@MoAnsar 2:56 PM - 21 Jan 2014: " If you read the petition: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn … the complaints seem to be multifarious. And a case to answer."[316]
@MoAnsar 5:52 PM - 21 Jan 2014: "Corruption in politics starts with politicians thinking they are above the rules. Just say no more. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[317]
@MoAnsar 11:35 AM - 24 Jan 2014: "@kenanmalik I've only ever called for an investigation based on his impropriety. As per petn, check your footing: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_message_notice …"[318]
@MoAnsar 11:36 AM - 24 Jan 2014: "The petition against the PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn races to 20,000. See the discussion today on @daily_politics http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_message_notice …"[319]

Ansar continued:

@MoAnsar 9:44 PM - 25 Jan 2014: "The petition to deselect the PPC from Hampstead and Kilburn approaches an unprecedented 20,000 complaints: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[320]
@MoAnsar 9:54 PM - 25 Jan 2014: "@NickyAACampbell Dont forget to share the other one too, for balance https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/nick-clegg-remove-maajid-nawaz-as-ppc-for-hampstead-kilburn …"[321]

Death threats

Nawaz has received two credible death threats originating from Pakistan due to the misrepresentation of his tweet by Shafiq and others on twitter: [322]

Shafiq's supporters have begun a petition to have Nawaz removed as a Lib Dem candidate for the parliamentary seat, gaining around 700 signatures in a few hours."

Ansar supports petition to remove Nawaz

Ansar told HuffPost UK he backed the petition to remove Nawaz:
"I personally do not find that particular cartoon offensive, but there are others in the series which show Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed in bed together, drinking beer together. This is something many Muslims will find offensive.
"The petition quotes the Lib Dem code of conduct, that 'you must treat others with respect and must not bully, harass or intimidate or bring the Party into disrepute'
"I believe Maajid's behaviour on Twitter was contrary to the code, and we should expect very high standards of behaviour from politicians. I think that, especially with the Lord Rennard investigation, the Lib Dems should be very careful about breaches of the code."[323]

Nicky Campbell warns Mo Ansar

At 19:25 PM on 20 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar posted:

@MoAnsar: "BREAKING:@georgegalloway, @mshafiquk & @moansar challege Lib Dems over Maajid Nawaz conduct http://huff.to/1e581KJ (via @HuffPostUK)"[324]

Broadcaster Nicky Campbell responded:

@NickyAACampbell 7:28 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "@MoAnsar Credible death threats? Take care you don't come over as whipping this up my friend"[325]

Ansar replied:

@MoAnsar: "@NickyAACampbell And to be condemned. As a LEADING extremism expert, he will have absolutely known the response. Reckless or intended?"[326]

Nicky Campbell warned:

@NickyAACampbell: "@MoAnsar careful pal"[327]


@MoAnsar: "@NickyAACampbell As someone living under a terror threat, I'd never want to see anyone under any threat - its appalling... [1/2][328] but once an extremist. Certainly questionable MP material. But you know this, you've seen the unedited footage. [2/2]"[329]
@NickyAACampbell: "@MoAnsar I've read the transcript"[330]

The footage referred to is the entire film footage where Nawaz interviewed Ansar for the 'When Tommy Met Mo' documentary.

As can be seen from the above, Mohammed Ansar had been actively "whipping this up" against Maajid Nawaz for several days. As can be seen from the comments to Nicky Campbell, Ansar certainly holds a grudge against Nawaz.

Ansar's states his objection to political figures offending any faith groups

As an aside, Ansar stated that his motivation was:

@MoAnsar 7:20 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "@NazaratHussain My objection would be against any political figure offending any faith groups. I've made no comment about the cartoons."[331]
@MoAnsar 8:30 PM - 20 Jan 2014 : "@adilray @NickyAACampbell You're a little behind the debate, but that's ok. I'd object to any politician sticking it to any faith group."[332]

However, Ansar retweeted in LibDem David Ward's defence: @MoAnsar: "RT @BDS4Justice: Lib Dem MP David Ward defends remarks about Israel guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/… (I hope ppl come to his defense!)"[333]

@MoAnsar 3:35 PM - 26 Jan 2013: "Lib Dem MP, David Ward defends his comments about Israel: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/jan/25/lib-dem-david-ward-israel …"[334]

So clearly there's no substance to Ansar's claim.

Ansar then claimed to Campbell that:

@MoAnsar 7:52 PM - 20 Jan 2014: "@NickyAACampbell The only issue for me is political. The LibDems will need to decide if he is fit to continue to stand as a PPC."[335]

Ansar's Grudge Match

Notably, Ansar has been a promoter of Hizb ut-Tahrir event and publications - the group which Nawaz used to be deeply involved in - and since Ansar's nose was put out of joint by being refused entry to the press conference to announce ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson's departure from the EDL, there's more than just a political principle behind Ansar's involvement (a principle which Ansar failed to apply when it came to LibDem David Ward). Ansar appears to be attempting to enforce a blasphemy law (which he claims he's not in favour of - see entry on Kashgiri - in the UK political arena. A law which doesn't even apply to Nawaz, as Nawaz, a practicing Muslim, neither denigrated Islam's prophets nor does Nawaz live in a country whose rule of law is governed by theocratic laws.

 - Info removed by Ukrainian-based vandals. It's taking some time to restore this wiki  - Watch this space.

Ansar appears on UK Radio

On 21 January 2014, Tom Holland wrote: @holland_tom: "3 excellent reasons for backing @MaajidNawaz against this 1650s'style bigotry: @mshafiquk, @georgegalloway & @moansar http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/01/20/maajid-nawaz-cartoon_n_4631609.html …"[336]

Ansar responded:

@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom @mshafiquk @georgegalloway The only relevant question is whether his behaviour constitutes breach of @LibDems rules. Let's see."[337]
@holland_tom: "@MoAnsar @mrqblank @mshafiquk @georgegalloway @LibDems That is precisely why what you are doing is so dangerous: it's stoking sectarianism."[338]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom @mshafiquk @georgegalloway What nonsense, Tom. There are serious questions for the LDs about his suitability as a PPC."[339]
@PeterAttenborou: "@MoAnsar @holland_tom @LibDems We're really in a mess if we think retweeting cartoons is comparable to sexual harassment! @maajidnawaz"[340]
@MoAnsar: "@PeterAttenborou As you will have noted, for me its less about cartoons and more about suitability as a PPC."[341]
PeterAttenborou: "@MoAnsar In a democracy the candidates' suitability is determined by the constituancy electorate."[342]
@MoAnsar: "@PeterAttenborou And the party. Let us not forget that."[343]

On 21 January 2014, both Ansar and Shafiq appeared on BBC radio to discuss their campaign against Maajid Nawaz. Shafiq appeared on BBC Asian Network, and Ansar appeared on BBC London's VanessaOnAir.

Vanessa On Air

On 21 Jan 2014, Ansar appeared on Vanessa Feltz's show on BBC London

@MoAnsar: "I'll be on @BBCLondon949 shortly with @vanessaonair talking about Rennard, the @LibDems and how not to deal with investigating wrongdoing."[344]
@MoAnsar 21 Jan 2014: "An enfeebled Lib Dems have failed women on Rennard and are now failing minorities. My discussion with @VanessaOnAir http://youtu.be/N8ZOUVt9okk"[345]

BBC Asian Network

BBC Asian Network - The Real Nihal
@mshafiquk: "I'm on @bbcasiannetwork at 10am talking about why I oppose @MaajidNawaz offensive tweets"[346]
@singh_a84: "@mshafiquk @bbcasiannetwork @MaajidNawaz Mo, will you be telling them you called for and endorsed his murder?"[347]

Nihal asked: "Is it wrong for a Muslim to tweet a picture of the Prophet Muhammad? Maajid Nawaz has tweeted that God is greater than to feel threatened by it."

Mohammed Ansar attempted to contribute to the twitter discussion:

@MoAnsar: "@bbcasiannetwork @TherealNihal An expert on 'Muslim extremism', he would have known full well what he was doing. And the potential response."[348]
@zafarc: "@MoAnsar @bbcasiannetwork @TherealNihal that does NOT excuse the ridiculous response!"[349]
@MoAnsar: "@zafarc @bbcasiannetwork @TherealNihal Death threats are abhorrent and disgusting. But he knew what he was doing. #playingpolitics"[350]
@RJCBennett "@MoAnsar @zafarc @bbcasiannetwork @TherealNihal if that is the case then so did the chap who chose to call him a "defamer" in Urdu."[351]

Ansar's contribution to the twitter discussion appears to have been in the hope that he would have been allowed to contribute to the radio discussion:

@MoAnsar: "@bbcasiannetwork @TherealNihal Whenever you're ready."[352]

which seemed to imply that Ansar was waiting to speak live on air. It didn't happen.

BBC Radio 5 Live

On 27 Jan 2014, Mo Ansar was invited to speak with Nicky Campbell on his Radio5Live breakfast show.

@MoAnsar: "Tune in to @bbc5live at 7.30am. I'm with @DAaronovitch and @NickyAACampbell on newest LibDem crisis: 20k complaints about PPC, Maajid Nawaz."[353]
@MoAnsar: "Time change. I'll now be on @bbc5live at 7.50am, on the political furore and 20,000 complaints over the conduct of a LibDem candidate."[354]

Listen here: hwww.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03s687y/5_live_Breakfast_27_01_2014/


Nicky Campbell: A prospective LibDem candidate who tweeted a cartoon showing Jesus and Mohammed greeting each other has received death threats and is coming under pressure not to run in next year's general election.

Rachel Burden: He's Maajid Nawaz. He's also the founder of the anti-extremist think tank The Quilliam Foundation. And he tweeted the picture after he appeared on BBC One's The Big Questions where he was debating peoples' right to wear t-shirts featuring the Jesus and Mo cartoon:

Maajid Nawaz: "As a Muslim that t-shirt doesn't threaten me whatsoever. It doesn't threaten my God, it doesn't threaten my faith. It doesn't threaten the Qu'ran. It doesn't threaten any aspect of my religion. I do not feel threatened by these gentlemen wearing that t-shirt."

Nicky Campbell: Well Nick Clegg has defended his right to send the personal tweet, but Mohammed Shafiq, also a member of the LibDem Ethnic Minority group, wants him dropped by the party:

Mohammed Shafiq: "I think it's important to recognise that where Maajid Nawaz has the right to tweet that cartoon and tweet the link to that offensive website, equally Muslims have the right to challenge that. And so freedom of speech can't be selective. It can't be he has the right to tweet that original cartoon and we don't have the right to respond. You know, over the last few days I've received death threats. I've received racist abuse and I've received a lot of hate from people who support Maajid Nawaz's stance. I'm not going to blame Maajid Nawaz for that stance. I think where we are now is that the Liberal Democrats recognise that this is a very serious issue. And that potentially, there are a number of seats where there's a strong Muslim presence, including Maajid Nawaz own seat, where we could suffer, and therefore it's right that the party looks at this in a serious way."

Nicky Campbell: Well, let's speak to David Aaronovitch columnist for The Times. Hello David.

David Aaronovitch: Hi there.

Nicky Campbell: and the Muslim commentator Mo Ansar. Hello Mo.

Mo Ansar: Morning Nicky. Morning David.

Nicky Campbell: Mohammed, you've been tweeting about this fairly constantly. Given some of the death that have come Maajid Nawaz's way: "I would be happy to cut off your neck so your kuffr unbeliever friends won't be amused by your humour". Somebody else says "you'll get a welcome in Pakistan". The history of violence against people who have depicted your prophet. Aren't you grossly irresponsible, Mohammed Ansar?

Mo Ansar: No, I don't think so. I think firstly, anybody who is reasonable will .. would .. and I do, would condemn those death threats. Of course I condemn the death threats. As you know Nicky personally, I've, er, you know, been, er, been at the top of the Al-Shebab, er, death, or their kill list ...

Nicky Campbell: But we're not talking about you. We're not talking about you. We're talking about ...

Mo Ansar: Anybody .. you've asked me a question I think it's a courtesy just to let me answer it. You've been very effusive in your, you know, retweeting Nick Cohen's piece and giving your support for Maajid. I know you have quite a soft spot for Qulliam. I think we should look at this debate in a balanced way. I think those attacks and threats against Maajid Nawaz, against Mohammed Shafiq, and against myself are absolutely disgusting and a disgrace. However, what you have to recognise is there are a number of complaints about a political candidate who people are concerned about. I think there've been 20,000 complaints registered against him. And these go beyond the issue of free speech and cartoons and people have the right to object in a democratic British liberal pluralist society. And I think the peaceful way to do it is through petition and is through asking the LibDems to, and as I understand, they will do, have an investigation into his conduct. It's becoming of the BBC.

Nicky Campbell: Well the BBC has a clear record on this, as do British broadcasters, by showing Father Ted, Monty Python's Life of Brian and Dave Allen ..

Mo Ansar: I think those programmes are brilliant.

Nicky Campbell: Well what's the problem then with lampooning the prophet, so-called? David Aaronovitch. What do you make of this?

David Aaronovitch: Well, I'd like to invite Mo Ansar to do this following thing. Describe to those listeners who haven't seen the cartoon, the cartoon that is supposedly supposed to get Maajid Nawaz deselected as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats, and who is consequently the subject of this petition which you support, which has 20,000 people on it, some of them from as far away as Saudi Arabia. Perhaps you would like to describe that cartoon to the listeners now, Mo.
Mo Ansar: Er, David, look, er... I, I think ...
David Aaronovitch: Just describe it to the listeners now so that they get a picture of what the offensive cartoon is.
Mo Ansar: No! I'm sure you're most capable of describing it David. Go on. Go ahead. I know you do.
David Aaronovitch: Mo, Mo, you describe it in your words. What is it? What is it.
Mo Ansar: Look, er, yer, look. You are the ... Index On Censorship[355]. I think understand ... sensitive issue. Go for it David. I'm not going to describe the cartoons.
David Aaronovitch: So they understand it. So they understand it. This offensive cartoon which has caused 20,000 people to complain about Maajid Nawaz, so that the listeners who haven't seen it. You describe it.
Mo Ansar: David, if you've read the petition, you will know clearly there are multiple complaints about his conduct and his behaviour.
David Aaronovitch: No. This is about the cartoons. Describe it.
Mo Ansar: No. This is, this is beyond an issue of cartoons. And the efforts of the right to mischaracterise this debate to get their pet projects through and .. it's appalling.
David Aaronovitch: Never mind about the right. Never mind about all the smokescreens that you can attempt to throw up over this. Describe the cartoon which is supposed to be so offensive.
Mo Ansar: David, I'm not sure this makes for either great radio or ..
David Aaronovitch: Why won't you do that?
Mo Ansar: This isn't about cartoons, David.

David Aaronovitch: Everybody can hear Mo, that you won't describe the cartoon you're complaining about.

Mo Ansar: David, I've not come on hear to describe cartoons. You're just trying
David Aaronovitch: Just do it very quickly, so that people know what you're complaining about.
Mo Ansar: As a Tottenham supporter you might be used to playing the man not the ball...

Nicky Campbell: Now hang on. Wait a minute. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Now you're bringing up all sorts of other issues. You have history, Mohammed Ansar, with Maajid Nawaz. You fell out on "When Tommy met Mo" over your interpretations of Sharia. You say you're a fan of Dave Allen, which lampooned Christianity. You say you're a fan of the Life of Brian which lampooned Christianity. What's the problem with lampooning Muhammad and showing an image. Explain. Explain to listeners why you have a problem with that.

Mo Ansar: Who said I had a problem with the cartoons?
David Aaronovitch: [laughs as though crying]
Mo Ansar: I'm just curious. If you've been misadvised. I think the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrat statement was very very clear, which is that people have come out to condemn the behaviour. Which is, as a political candidate you've got, erm ...
David Aaronovitch: Nicky, Nicky, can I interrupt this? Please.
Mo Ansar: ...over and above freedom of expression.
David Aaronovitch: I said to your researcher there's a real problem with Mo Ansar to do this programme because he is as slippery as an eel. In fact, he is ... eels have nothing on him. He won't even describe the cartoon he's complaining about. Then he says he's not complaining about it. Then he seems to suggest the petition is nothing to do with him. Then he says he doesn't worry about the cartoon at all, it's something else to do with this candidate that he doesn't like.
Mo Ansar: Stop playing the man, David. Play the ball. Why are you talking about ... issues?
David Aaronovitch: The problem ... the problem ..
Mo Ansar: Do people have the right ... do people have the right to complain about a political candidate they feel is inappropriate. Do they? Yes or No?

Nicky Campbell: Let David Aaronovitch finish before I tell our listeners something else.

David Aaronovitch: Well the problem is that I simply don't have the capacity to get hold of him for long enough to find out what his argument actually is.

Nicky Campbell: Okay. Thank you both very much indeed.

Mo Ansar: (shouts something unintelligible)

Nicky Campbell. Mohammed Shafiq told us he has promised not to speak about this until after a meeting he's due to have with the LibDem leadership this week. He also says 60 Muslim organisations and Imams have written to Nick Clegg to complain about Nawaz. Mr Nawaz has been advised by the police not to speak to us until he's released a statement.

VanessaOnAir - Part II

On 27 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar and Saif Rahman appeared on Vanessa On Air to discuss Nawaz:

@MarkMachado: ".@VanessaOnAir we will be hearing from @MoAnsar & @SaifRRahman about Majid Nawaz Lib Dem candidacy on @BBCLondon949 from 9am"[356]

Afterwards, Ansar promoted his segment:

@MoAnsar: "LISTEN: The lovely @VanessaOnAir interviews me re Nawaz scandal + the right to complain about political candidates http://youtu.be/xJZZ4QAp41g"[357]
@onetruediamond: "@MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir what scandal?"[358]
@UnknownSufi: "@MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir @LibDems @LibDemPress @libdemvoice @nick_clegg hypocrisy over Maajid Nawaz vs @DavidWardMP suspension over Israel"[359]
@UnknownSufi: "@MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir @LibDems @LibDemPress @libdemvoice @nick_clegg how can a PPC tell public including Christians to "F*** all you'all"?!"[360]
@GleamingRazor: "@UnknownSufi @MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir @LibDems @LibDemPress @libdemvoice @nick_clegg Not about FOS: http://maskedavenger1.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/calm-down-dearits-only-a-cartoonor-is-it/ …"[361]
@UnknownSufi: "@MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir @LibDems @LibDemPress @libdemvoice @nick_clegg Not about FOS http://maskedavenger1.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/calm-down-dearits-only-a-cartoonor-is-it/ …"[362]
@Bangolish: ".@nick_clegg suspends @DavidWardMP for offending Jews but @MaajidNawaz gets a pat on the back! @UnknownSufi @MoAnsar @VanessaOnAir"[363]


Vanessa: "And on the line, ... Mo Ansar ... what do you think ..."
Ansar: "I think we've got a serious sitation on our hands. I think over the last couple of weeks we've seen a real crisis for the Liberal Democrats with ... we just spoke about Lord Rennard last week, didn't we, Vanessa. We've also seen MP in Portsmouth I think Mike Thornton being suspended over complaints and allegations against him, and what's clear now is that the PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn there are a wide-ranging - and it sounds like quite a serious number of complaints, not just about the cartoons but other things are beginning to surface, and it's going to require the LibDems to take a very serious look at this issue."
Vanessa: But let's focus on what we're talking about, which is the cartoon itself. It's not a picture that shows the prophet Muhammad in any demeaning way. This is a picture on a t-shirt. It's not even a picture that has any great levity attached to it. It's not ...
Mo Ansar: Are you sure about that Vanessa?
Vanessa: Well, it's not particularly. My view is I've described it as plainly as I can without putting a slant on it
Mo Ansar: "Did you seen the tweets that went out?"
Vanessa: The tweet that he himself sent? I'm describing the cartoon.
Mo Ansar: "Yeah, yeah"
Vanessa: And it's a black and white, fairly childlike picture of two male characters, and one - it's called Jesus and Mo, so that's how we know who it is, otherwise ...
Mo Ansar: "Vanessa if you don't mind me saying you are lovely and one of my favourite people ever, however I do think we need to be fair about how we represent this"
Vanessa: Okay well you describe it then.
Mo Ansar: "Okay, well, really the important thing is to give the context. Which is that the broadcast - or the tweet that was sent out by the parliamentary candidate had not only the image in it but a link to the website. Okay. And it was clearly more than just saying "I'm not offended by this". Now don't forget, this chap is meant to be Nick Clegg and the government's 'go-to' guy on Muslim extremism and radicalisation."
Vanessa: Hang on a minute, for clarification when you say a link to the website, what, which website?
Mo Ansar: To the Jesus and Mo website. There was a link in his tweet. And I think it might have been that tweet or a subsequent tweet which had a link to that website.
[Note. This is an untruth. The tweet being referred to did not link to the website. It linked to the twitter account:
@MaajidNawaz 12 Jan 2014: "This Jesus & Mo @JandMo cartoon is not offensive&I'm sure God is greater than to feel threatened by it الله أكبر منه pic.twitter.com/dEwlapWUSi"[364]
The subsequent follow up tweet on 17 Jan 2014 did not mention the website or twitter account[365].

The only time a link to the website was tweeted was when one of Ansar's closest troll-chums posted a link to the website and accused the cartoonist of portraying Jesus and Mo as gay:

@Zbigniew_G: "@KhanmailG @MaajidNawaz @JandMo can u understand that some would be offended by portraying jesus & mo as being gay? http://www.jesusandmo.net/2014/01/15/weak/ …"[366]]
Vanessa: set up by the cartoonist who drew the image in the first place several Jesus and Mo pictures
Mo Ansar: "And on the website there are Jesus and Mo naked in bed together, having a beer together, eating a pork sandwiches together, using offensive language. And, and from a personal point of view I've had lots of interactions with the author. To be honest with you I don't like him very much personally, but I've never ever objected to his cartoons, to his drawing them, or I've never taken a stance against, you know, his right to draw the cartoons. What you have to remember, and there are so many people forgetting this. this morning, which is if you are a political candidate - as we've seen with Lord Rennard as we've seen with Mike Thornton - you have a duty over and above the normal duty of a normal run of the mill, standard ?? you've got rights and responsibilities. And if, as has been claimed, there has been a breach on multiple counts of the LibDem rules then there needs to be an investigation and ..."
Vanessa: But that's not what Nick Clegg is saying. He's saying the very opposite thing. I've got his comments right here: The LibDems are a party of respect tolerance and liberty, and as such defend Maajid's right to express his views. But as a party of respect tolerance and liberty we fundamental and to conduct debate without causing gratuitous or unnecessary offence"
Mo Ansar: "And I think what Nick and the party is saying is that gratuitous and unnessary offence may well have been caused 'ere. But this is about more than just cartoons. It's about impropriety. We can focus on cartoons today, but that crystallises the conduct of a candidate who we know has links with anti-Muslim groups in the US. We know has links with like, the Henry Jackson Society here. And is being accused of, I think, from my reading of the petition, and I - you know, from what I've read of it. I'm not behind the position. I certainly advocate the position that people who feel aggrieved. People who have grievances about a political candidate in a democratic society should take peaceful and sensible measures, like using a petition, to air those grievances. I don't think it's right and the death threats have been disgusting. I mean, I've been - my family and my children we've been under death threats from Al-Shebab, Al-Qaeda and English Defence League since last year. We're still under, you know, protection now. You know, it's incredibly difficult when you're raising a family and I feel for Maajid. But my deep concern is if you are the government's -you know- Muslim radicalisation guy - you absolutely know full well what you were doing. He was courting controversy. He was trying to make a name for himself. And guess what. He's done it."
Vanessa: Okay thanks Mo very much indeed..
Mo Ansar (talking over Vanessa): "He knew what response he would get."
Vanessa: Thank you very much Mo Ansar there, Muslim commentator.

Note: It is not 'Mike Thornton' - it is Mike Hancock[367]. Perhaps Mohammed Ansar is involved in publicly commentating on LibDem scandals so he can get back at Nawaz.

After the interview, Ansar promoted a recording to George Galloway:

@MoAnsar: "@georgegalloway My call on BBC for a full Liberal Democrat investigation into complaints surfacing re Nawaz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJZZ4QAp41g&feature=youtube_gdata_player …"[368]

Equality and Diversity 'Expert'

On 17 April 2013, Mohammed Ansar claimed: "I've worked in diversity for around 17yrs ..."[369] On 13 July 2013 Mohammed Ansar downscaled his claim: "I've been working in diversity for over a decade and have constantly progressed this agenda."[370]. On 20 October 2013, after a tweep asked: "Who pays @moansar? #justasking"[371], Mohammed Ansar announced that: "I work as Head of Diversity for an organisation in the South."[372]. On 23 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar claimed to Kenan Malik and Dr. Evans Harris that: "Well, my mere 17 yrs in the field as practitioner and lead no doubt mean I've some way to catch up with you."[373].
No evidence for Mohammed Ansar's diversity work exists before 2010. Between Feb and May 2010, he received basic training in Equality and Diversity from Hampshire Independent Equality Forum.

Hampshire Independent Equality Forum (HIEF)

In February 2010, Ansar joined the HIEF Steering Group as a member, along with other representatives of equality strands:
"As suggested by Jeff, each member of the Group stated why they wanted to be part of the Steering Group. Madeline said her main focus was on Hampshire; Mohammed said the need for the Forum was obvious in terms of influencing service provision/providers; Jacqui wanted to use her influencing and persuading skills to enable services to be improved for each equality strand; and Derek said his focus was on economics and the need to reduce inequality. Jeff said that he believes in promoting equality for all across all strands and that equality cannot be based on someone else’s oppression.". It was also proposed that steering group members receive basic equality and diversity training[374].

In May 2010, Ansar was selected to be the Chair of the HIEF Steering Group[375].

Claims made in the original wikipedia entry, which was copied over to anarchopedia, were that Ansar "was a founder and former chairman of the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum, a leading cross-sectoral UK equalities platform". This claim is clearly untrue.

Ansar was a former chair of HIEF's Steering Group from May 2010, it is unclear as to when he ceased being the steering group's chair, as no mention of him exists after 1 December 2010[376], when he gave a presentation[377] outlining the year's achievements and future aspirations. Ansar’s brief chair of the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum’s Steering Group ended no later than March 2011, when the Steering Group was disbanded, before being reformed in July 2011 as an Action Group, without Ansar’s involvement. HIEF last published minutes were from 27 September 2011[378], and last publicised event was 13 June 2012[379]. The last e-bulletin was "Bulletin No. 24" sent in February 2013[380].

Therefore, there is no firm support for Mohammed Ansar's claim that he was a founder of HIEF; the most that can be said is that he was part of the steering group that developed the HIEF prior to it's relaunch as the HIEF Action Group:

"The need to create such a Forum was identified during research carried out by the Diversity Network Project 2006-2008[381], a project led by Community Action Hampshire[382] on behalf of the Hampshire Voluntary Sector Consortium. The Forum's development has also been supported through partner work over the last few years with other voluntary and community sector partners and Hampshire County Council."[383][384]

The HIEF was officially launched on 24th November 2010[385]

"Reports to the Big Lottery Fund indicate that by the close of the first year of the HIEF Steering Group’s life there had been internal difficulties within the Steering Group which led to it being disbanded (by July 2011) and a smaller, more focused Action Group being established."[386]

Other Diversity work

In October 2010, Ansar was one of the keynote speakers at a £25-per-head diversity event, organised by Business Southampton, entitled Equality & Diversity Conference 2010 - How to deliver on diversity and workforce cohesion[387].
Contemporary Anarchist 21:24, 18 April 2013 (UTC)

Legal Advocate

On his autobiography, Mohammed Ansar claims that "As a legal advocate, he has presented before the Royal Courts of Justice on a number of occasions"[388]. On 10 January 2012, Ansar claimed he was "an anti discrimn legal advocate"[389] (now deleted). On 12 January 2012, Ansar claims he "took 3 claims to the Court of Appeal"[390] )(now deleted).
On 12 May 2012, Ansar mentions again that he is "a legal advocate"[391].
On 28 May 2012, Ansar again mentions that he is a legal advocate[392]. On 29 May 2012, Ansar again claims he's a legal advocate[393]. On 7 June 2012, Ansar admits that his claim to be a legal advocate is not in a professional capacity, and he ups his mendacious misrepresentation regarding the Court of Appeal from three to four:

@MoAnsar: "@ThePeoplesRoar Lay. Advocacy, and legal representation takes many forms. 4 times Court of appeal. RoA isnt experience or competence."[394].

On 8th July 2012[395], 18th July 2012[396], 8th November [397], 10th November[398]. On 16 October 2012, Ansar claimed he'd been "an employment law and equalities advocate for over a decade"[399].
On 4 May 2013, Ansar claimed "I've been working in race relations and anti-discrimination advocacy for 15yrs"[400]. Many of these claims appear to employ fallacious appeals to authority.

Claim of bias wasn't enough to remove Tribunal chair

Between 17 Apr 2012 and Nov 2012, Ansar claimed on twitter that Leveson "said to me in Court of Appeal, a bribe to a judge wouldn't be enough for recusal."[401] This refers to:

the second of 2 appeals, [where] Mr Justice Burton (returning for this case to the EAT) has dismissed an attempt by Mr Ansar to get a tribunal chairman's decision overruled on the basis that the chairman should have recused himself because of outstanding complaints against him of apparent bias and alleged misconduct.[402]
In Ansar v Lloyds TSB Bank PLC [2007] IRLR 211; the Court of Appeal, upholding the judgement of Burton, J, decided that the EAT should test the employment tribunal's decision as to recusal by considering the proceedings which had taken place before the tribunal as a whole and should decide whether a perception of bias had arisen from the conduct of those proceedings. The mere fact that a judge or employment judge or member earlier in the same case on in a previous case had commented adversely on the conduct of a party or a witness or had found the evidence of a party or witness to be unreliable would not, without something more, found a sustainable objection. Here the claimant had sought to rely on the fact that he had already made a complaint about the particular judge, and thus sought his recusal from the case, but the Court of Appeal held that a mere complaint could not give rise to an automatic decision to recuse"[403].

Misrepresented his experience as litigant in person

Before Laws

@MoAnsar 19 Feb 2014: "@ggreenwald Is this the same Lord Laws who held that torture evidence from Guantameo was admissible (later to be overturned on appeal)?"[404]
@ggreenwald 19 Feb 2014: "@MoAnsar Yep http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/04/08/Brit_Judges_OK_torture.html …"[405]

Ansar retweeted a link to fascist-supporter David Irving's website[406].

@MoAnsar 19 Feb 2014: "@ggreenwald I presented before him at High Court once. Interesting now we put those two Laws rulings (David/Gitmo torture) side-by-side."[407]

Not only does Ansar retweet fascist supporter David Irving's revisionist website, he also lies that he "presented before" Laws. He did not present before laws (as a lawyer). He was a litigant in person.

Before Leveson

@MoAnsar 17 Apr 2012: "Interesting recusal in #Breivik trial. Leveson said to me in Court of Appeal, a bribe to a judge wouldn't be enough for recusal."[408]

It would be over two years before Ansar's claim would be examined by a REAL lawyer, the legal commentator David Allen Green, who writes as Jack of Kent[409].

@JackofKent 13 May 2014: "@MoAnsar It is highly impressive that you got Leveson to wrongly state the law on judicial bias. Which case was that exactly?"[410]
@MoAnsar 13 May 2014: "@JackofKent You're a smart person, no doubt you have better far more important things to do than join in with my harassment."[411]

Here Ansar claims that holding him to account over his blatant and repeated lies that he was a laywer, is harassment. Exposing the lies of a man who claims to be a public figure[412] is never harassment.

Ansar vs Lloyds TSB Bank PLC

A search of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute database shows three cases relating to Ansar[413] from March to July 2006, all of these detailed the proceedings of Ansar's Employment Appeal Tribunal - Ansar vs Lloyds TSB Bank PLC - where he represented himself, and lost.

"52. We should record that we found that the Claimant before us was clearly an articulate, able and intelligent person. He has through the course of this lengthy hearing mastered the requirements and procedures applied in this Tribunal. We have seen, both in his presentation and general manner before us, and from the evidence, that he is a forceful personality, who is often highly confident in his own abilities and his assessment of any particular circumstances. This confidence, we judge, has caused him to test and push the boundaries of his powers and authority as a regulated adviser, and manipulated circumstances for his own benefit. Examples are his attitude towards the HIF sales in the full knowledge of Mrs Moody's warning, his dishonest letter seeking help from Mr Dowrick in relation to the HIF sales and his preparation of a 40-client list in response to Mrs Gwynn's request for a list of clients who could properly be the subject of exception procedures, in the full knowledge that many did not meet the criteria. We consider that the Claimant's confidence has caused him on occasions to be highly assertive towards senior managers such as Mrs Gwynn and Mrs Moody when putting over his particular view point. We believe that the Claimant's personality and confidence presented challenges for his managers, such as Mrs Gwynn and Mrs Moody, when their views on occasions did not coincide with his. We are satisfied that many of the matters that we have heard relating to the Claimant in this case were escalated to higher levels within the Bank as a consequence of the Claimant's unwillingness to heed guidance and advice from his managers. These matters, we judge, were the cause of the Claimant's problems and not as a result of the Claimant's race."[414]

What is really interesting is how we can see that Ansar's past employment is revealed in the notes to have been that of a "regulated adviser" for Lloyds TSB Financial Consultants Ltd. He was employed as a financial planning manager in the Winchester branch of Lloyds TSB Bank PLC. He reported to senior managers. His job description would likely have been similar to this[415]

As a Lawyer

MoAnsar: "@DebbiAlmontaser Alhmdlh you're very welcome. Older types know the difference between looking and seeing, or maybe its the lawyer in me!"[416] (now deleted)
MoAnsar: "@CarrotHead I'm a lawyer. But thanks for the update."[417] (now deleted)
MoAnsar: "@RepStones @davidwearing Not sure. Like every lawyer, first thing we look at are allowed exceptions: PL 80-829 'legitimate self defense'"[418] (now deleted)
@moansar: "@ianjsilvera Not according to British Law (speaking as a lawyer).[419] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "@Lillbirdtoldme As someone who has studied the shariah, is a lawyer & jurist, i'm asking you, please read up on justice in Islam."[420] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar 12:41 PM - 15 Mar 2012: "What are the odds? I'm a banking / lawyer sat next to a banker from Turkey and a lawyer."[421]
@MoAnsar: "@SCFCCornwall @chairforce1 As a lawyer, I believe in the rule of law. Innocent until proven guilty, no trial by media hype or hysteria."[422]
@MoAnsar: "@janemcqueen A lawyer isn't by profession only; ignorantia juris non excusat."[423]
@moansar: "@SirIanBlair @ElizabethR1533 @markat101 Listen, what crime, what evidence?? I'm a lawyer. Tell me."[424]
@MoAnsar: "@conorisbuff ..overrule English law. As a lawyer, I can confirm that any two parties in this country can ALREADY agree to mediation outside"[425] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "@BritishLebanese @Valktex As a lawyer, a sceptic and a critical thinker; I'm there with you."[426]
@MoAnsar: "@REnlightenment As a lawyer, you're arguably sailing very close to defamation."[427]
@MoAnsar: "@Gone2farFar @HuffPostUKPol Go for it. I have a libel lawyer on standby. Easy money."[428]

Not a lawyer or legal advocate

@JackofKent: "@MoAnsar Can you please answer my queries about your numerous public claims to be a 'lawyer' and regular 'legal advocate' at RCJ?"[429]

@MoAnsar: "@JackofKent Sorry been v.busy. No, I'm cert. no lawyer and if that impression has been given, apologies! Only presented in my own cases.[430]

Marriage counsellor

On 2 November 2012, Mohammed Ansar wrote:

Ansar: "As a marriage counsellor and adviser of sorts; in my experience founding relationships on 'falling in love' are really very risky indeed."[431]

Ansar advised a Muslim woman, who had written to him by email for guidance regarding her husband, who had raped her, beaten her, and was emotionally abusive to her. Ansar advised her to remain in the marriage and engage with a marriage guidance counselor[432].


2011 MCB Prevent Event

On 23 September 2011, Mohammed Ansar attended: "MCB Community Briefing - Where do we find ourselves post the revised Prevent 2011 counter-terrorism strategy? Friday 23 September 2011, 6.30-9.00 pm" at "London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel"[433]

Following to the publication of a dossier of informed critical comments and assessments of the government's revised counter-terrorism Prevent agenda, The Muslim Council of Britain invites members of all affiliate organisations to a live briefing session and Q&A with an expert panel of speakers.
The aim of the briefing session is threefold:
• to provide a short overview of the new Prevent, both informative and critical, evaluating both the revised strategy and the lessons learnt in respect of how to feed into a review process that takes community based responses into account;
• to focus on some key areas most likely to impact on Muslims, individually, as particular groups which have been singled out for special attention and as a community, including raising areas of concern and possible responses; and
• to provide a space for anxieties to be aired and constructively addressed, misinformation corrected, and resources outlined.
An expert panel will address issues of policing, counter-terrorism, youthwork, the law, academic freedom, campus politics and student societies among others, followed by Q&A and fully participative discussion with the audience.

Speakers included:

• Farooq Murad, Secretary General, The Muslim Council of Britain
• Rizwaan Sabir, Researcher, University of Strathclyde
• Dr Basia Spalek, Director, Police Community Engagement for Conflict Transformation, and Reader in Communities and Justice, University of Birmingham
• Timothy Parsons, Senior Lecturer in Policing and Criminology at the London Metropolitan University
• Azad Ali, Chair, Muslim Safety Forum
• Nabeel Ahmed, President, Federation of Student Islamic Societies
• Dr Muhammad G. Khan, former Chair of the Muslim Youthwork Foundation and Tutor in Youth and Community Work, Ruskin College Oxford
• Dr AbdoolKarim Vakil, Chair, MCB Research and Documentation Committee

Places were: "strictly limited" and "allocated on a first come basis."

Worked on Prevent

On 19 December 2012, Ansar mentioned that he "worked on Prevent - it could work and has done in places if the communities are strong."[434]

On 28 January 2013, Ansar was presented by Ernie Rea on BBC Radio 4's Beyond Belief, as: "Mohammed Ansar, who is a social and political commentator who's contributed to Prevent, a government taskforce on fighting extremism"[435]. On 23 April 2013: "I spent a long time on Prevent."[436]

On 31 May 2013, Mohammed Ansar claimed to have "lead on PREVENT":

@MoAnsar"@JamieJBartlett From my experience working with people at the extremes and fringes, and having lead on PREVENT; there are markers."[437]

On May 11 2014, Mohammed Ansar promoted a video from wikileaks that had been circulating on twitter

Sex Education

Avenger786 wrote:"on Sunday Morning Live, Ansar is on the show as a main guest introduced by the presenter as he has written a guide on sex education for schools"[439].

Ahmed: "Ansar is a Muslim commentator who has faced off the English Defence League, he's a former banker, and he's written a sex-education guide for schools, and he has six children."
Ahmed: "Yes, but there's things like Mohammed's guide book for schools <laughs, gesticulates towards Ansar> you must give it to us." [440]

On 22 Jan 2013, Ansar wrote: "On C4, @HackneyAbbott calling for earlier + more sex education, at primary school < Research says different. We need 'morality education'."[441]

Hampshire Educational and Governance Boards

The original wiki article stated:"Mohammed sits on a number of educational and governance boards in Hampshire, including the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)[4] and Children and Young People Select Committee[5]/ where he is involved in the scrutiny and oversight over the work of a department and budget in excess of £900m."

Hampshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

"RE is part of the basic school curriculum, it is not part of the English National Curriculum. Instead its content and management are determined locally. Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) are the local committees that advise local authorities responsible for education on matters connected with RE and religious worship."[442]
In 2007, the SACRE for "Westminster adopted the 2004 Agreed Syllabus of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, subject to some minor amendments relating to content[443], for teaching in Westminster community schools with effect from September 2007."[444]
Ansar has been a Group A (Religious - voting) member of Hampshire SACRE since Tuesday, 26 February 2008:

"The Chairman led the Members in welcoming Mohammed Ansar to his first meeting as Sunni Muslim representative and Mahmood Nurmohammed to his first meeting as Shia Muslim representative.
The Chairman informed Members of a recent email received from the London School of Islamics relating to Honour Killing. It was agreed that there would not be a response by Hampshire County Council to this email."[445]

Thus, when Ansar says "we", here: "Hampshire is at the forefront of RE. The agreed syllabus for RE we developed has already been adopted by Westminster #SingleAttainmentTarget"[446]
, Ansar doesn't mean "we" as in "including me", for that would imply that he had been involved in developing the syllabus that was adopted by Westminster, which would have been impossible as he didn't join the Hampshire SACRE until 2008.
Mohammed Ansar claimed on twitter that he "carries out RE monitoring visits"[447], presumably as part of his involvement with Hampshire SACRE:

@MoAnsar: "I've 'inspected' (we say monitored, in the RE world) many schools"[448]

Cove School

On Thursday 28 April 2011, Mohammed Ansar, along with other Hampshire SACRE members, attended an "Interfaith Question Time":

Interfaith Question Time
How can a belief drive actions? Is it ever right to fight?
These are just some of the questions that Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students asked members of Hampshire’s SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee forReligious Education) during an Interfaith Question Timeheld in the school hall on Thursday 28th April. The students put their questions to Mr Mohammed Ansar (Muslim), Mrs Elizabeth Jenkerson (Baha’i), and Mr Chris Hughes(Christian), and were interested to discoverfor themselves the value of interfaith dialogue[449]

Horndean Technology College

In January 2013:

Horndean Technology College were delighted to welcome Mohammed Ansar to the school to give a talk to some very lucky students. Ansar is a "Muslim political and social commentator". He is also a representative of the muslim community. Mr. Ansar was only happy to talk to students at HTC, who are considering studying religious studies at GCSE level. Ansar gave his thoughts on the 9/11 and 7/7 incidents, protecting his religion. He also told the students what a muslim really is.[450]

Evolution and Creationism

In March 2009, the National Secular Society reported that: "Hampshire SACRE has recommended that evolution and creationism be taught jointly in RE and science lessons. The aim, says the SACRE, is for pupils to explore the science and theology together, then come to their own conclusions. The new unit of work was set up after Clive Erricker, county inspector for RE, was asked to examine the suitability of a dual approach. According to a local newspaper report Erricker said: "The tensions between religion and science should not be denied but nor should we paint a black and white picture. He added that the evolution-creationism debate was “complex” but could be simplified – and he has written a teachers’ guide with subjects for pupils to study. When asked how it would work in practice, Mr Erricker said: "There are no models. We will create a new model of learning."[451]

" THE guide has received a mixed from religious groups. [SACRE] Panel member Mohammed Ansar, representing Sunni Islam, criticised the guide for looking through “tinted spectacles of Christianity versus evolution.” He said: “I would like to see another section towards the end that looked at the wider aspect and other great faiths.” Mr Erricker said this would make the guide too complex but promised to add a reading list with references to Islam."[452]om/MoAnsar/status/259033616368140288</ref>

In August 2010, Taylor & Francis published Primary Religious Education – A New Approach:Conceptual Enquiry in Primary RE[453], written by Hampshire County Council's County Inspector for RE Clive Erricker, Hampshire SACRE RE Advisor and religious education author Judith Lowndes[454], and Winchester University educationalist Elaine Bellchambers[455]

British Humanist Association

Hampshire SACRE has had a (Co-opted - non-voting) Humanist representative since 2 November 2004[456].

In the summer of 2010, a letter was received, by all chairs of SACRE, from the British Humanist Association (BHA) "urging SACRE's to consider extending membership to Humanists". A proposal was made at their 23 November 2010 meeting that Hampshire "SACRE considers the proposal of extending membership of SACRE group A to include Humanist representation"[457]. Ansar was not present at the November 2010 meeting[458].

At the 1 March 2011 meeting, it was decided to set up a sub group to discuss "Humanist Representation on [Hampshire] SACRE". Ansar and six others volunteered to form the sub group.

On 4th May 2011, the SACRE subgroup met, but came to "no consensus about clear criteria to apply to any organisation wishing to become members of Group A [Religious] on Hampshire SACRE."[459].

On 8 November 2011, the sub group reported their second meeting report, where the "group was informed that 130 SACREs have co-opted Humanist members, but only 17 have made them full members in group A. It was generally agreed that group A (Christian denominations, other than Church of England, and other religions and denominations) might not be the appropriate place for Humanists or any other non-theistic groups"[460].

On 21 February 2012, the legal advice received, following the application by the British Humanist Association to be included in group A, which has full voting rights, [461] led to Hampshire SACRE sub group recommendation that "a recommendation is made to SACRE regarding the inclusion of non-theistic members on Group A as voting members, that SACRE maintains the status quo within the SACRE constitution.[462].
The Hampshire SACRE spent one-and-a-half-years and several sub group meetings, including the seeking of legal advice, to duplicate advice already provided by NASACRE executive[463]. NASACRE FAQ 20[464] had already proposed an answer to the question of full-voting rights for Humanist SACRE representatives, in full, by March 2008.

Ansar's views on Humanism and the British Humanist Association

Ansar's views on Humanism and the British Humanist Association are as follows:

"Islam pioneered critical thought, the scientific method and humanism. If you didn't know that, why didn't you? What else don't you know?"[465]
"@NickyAACampbell @bbc5live BHA funding staff to attack faith schools http://t.co/ne4tmw2X & "infiltrate" SACREs to destabilise them."[466]
"Whilst the BHA has open strategic plans to infiltrate SACREs, destabilise them + attack faith schools."[467]
"Humanism has no solutions to the problems of humanity. Only anarchy and a souless, hopeless existence."[468]
"We're an ageing society. Moral + family breakdown. More individualism. More humanism. Fewer kids. We made our choices. We now pay for them."[469]
"The High Priestess of Humanism, @pollytoynbee invites gay couples of faith to leave the faith and instead join her religion. Hmm. #bbcaq"[470]
"@robinince ...is that humanism is a belief system, precisely what the cool crowd would have us believe it isn't. Controls, Popes and all."[471]
"To be clear. Humanism is a belief system. Arguments about indoctrinating kids is a double edged sword. Don't cut yourselves"[472]
"The argument is that humanism is becoming intolerant, almost fascistic in its vehemence against people of faith."[473]
"Too often hardliner humanists, secularists and those drunk on materialism, fail to see they have a religion too."[474]
"Rationality, reasoning and humanism is not the preserve of atheists. It was pioneered by Muslim sheikhs and scholars. #WhosYourDaddy"[475]
"Atheism and humanism is not a sign of intellectual or scientific advancement, nor superiority. So let's just put that to bed right now."[476]
"Our universities, legal systems, science, thinking, philosophy and even humanism, all owe much to #Islam. Ask yourself: why don't you know?"[477]

As you can see from the above quotes in bold, immediately prior to and after the February 2012 Hampshire SACRE meeting, Ansar, who was part of the sub group dealing with the BHA request to move Humanist representatives of SACRE into Group A (voting member), was tweeting that the British Humanist Association were attempting to "infiltrate SACREs" and "destablise them" and that "Humanism has no solutions to the problems of humanity. Only anarchy and a souless, hopeless existence."[478].

On 6 January 2013, speaking to Three Counties Radio, Ansar said:"There is a strain of very aggressive humanism or atheism, some people would even call it evangelical humanism or atheism, where actually they're going out to try and convert people, and quite aggressively undermine religion."[479]

Joint APPG on Education and Islamophobia

On 19th June 2012, at a meeting of the Hampshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE), Ansar "informed Members that he hoped to attend a joint meeting of the APPG on Education and the APPG on Islamophobia, at the House of Commons on 20 June 2012. The group would be looking at a report for the National Curriculum Review on improving the quality of History teaching in relation to religion and that he would report back to SACRE on the meeting. He also suggested that the introduction of an Islamophobia module into the Agreed Syllabus should be considered."[480]. On 13 November 2012, Ansar told Hampshire SACRE"that he had unfortunately not been able to attend the joint APPG group, but would keep SACRE informed of any reports he received."[481]

Hampshire Children and Young People Select Committee (CYPSC)

"The Children and Young People Select Committee focuses on specialist services for children and young people, social care, education and supporting parents and families. "[482]

Mohammed Ansar was selected by the CYPSC as the Parent Governor Representive for primary schools (Co-opted Member) for Hampshire County Council's CYPSC from Friday 14 July 2010[483]. On on Monday, 3 December 2012 it was announced that:

"the position of primary school representative would shortly become vacant as Mr Ansar’s term of office as a Parent Governor was due to end.
Recruitment to the two vacant positions would commence in the new year. Mr Ansar thanked the Committee and the supporting Officers for the support he had received during his term of office, explaining that he felt the Committee’s work to be particularly important and that he hoped diverse educational interests would continue to be represented. On behalf of the Committee, the Chairman thanked Mr Ansar for his valuable contribution and wished him every success in the future."[484]


"Mohammed is ... a member of the Interfaith Relations Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain. He has played a leading role in the development of ... the Muslim Council of Southampton, Hampshire ... and Southampton Muslim Partnership where he fostered a framework for Muslim community engagement which became a leading model of best practice in the UK." "He is also a member of the Southampton Council of Faiths and Hampshire Interfaith Network."[485]


Until recently, Ansar's twitter bio claimed he was a "Lay Imam / Chaplain"[486]. This has since been removed from his bio[487].

Mohammed Ansar's original biography claimed.

"Regularly engaging in interfaith, Mohammed established the first multi-faith chaplaincy at Wikipedia:Peter Symonds College, one of the largest sixth form colleges in Britain. He is a visiting lecturer at the Wikipedia:University of Winchester and speaks publicly on theology, Wikipedia:Islamophobia and Wikipedia:Islam in contemporary Britain."[488]

6th Form College and University Chaplain

On 11 March 2012, Ansar claimed on twitter that:

@MoAnsar 7:55 PM - 11 Mar 2012: I work as a chaplain at a 6th form college and university[489]
@MoAnsar 18:04PM 21 Apr 2012: "On the plus side, I was the first Muslim chaplain at @therealjackdee 's old college in Winchester. Ha, take that Mrs A. #CountsForNothing"[490]
@MoAnsar August 17, 2012:@MishMashcroft Very welcome. I love working with 6th forms and used to enjoy my sessions at Peter Symonds in Winchester very much. — Mohammed Ansar (@MoAnsar) [491]

On 21December 2012, "the first Muslim chaplain" had morphed into a "multi-faith chaplain":

@MoAnsar: "My weekly standing-room-only sessions as a multi-faith chaplain in one of the country’s largest sixth form colleges was open to all students, of faith or none"[492].

It has not possible to formally confirm when Ansar held this role, but the present chaplain Reverend Peter Seal, has been the Chaplain of Peter Symonds College since 2000[493].

Only one student, Sean Oakley has mentioned Ansar's involvement at Peter Symonds:

Sean Oakley - 16 Apr 2014: Nice to see Mohammed Ansar in there! He led some lunch classes at my college in Winchester, Peter Symonds, back in the day. [494]

Sean Oakley appears to have started at Peter Symonds in 2008 and left in 2010ref>http://profileengine.com/groups/profile/428355904/peter-symonds-college-2008-2010</ref>

Former Prison Chaplain

@MoAnsar 1:47 PM - 7 Dec 2012: @SamMaloneUK @TellMamaUK It sounds a high %age but accurate qualitatively (having been a prison chaplain). Highlights discr. penal system.<ref="https://archive.today/pWGT8</ref>
@MoAnsar 10:40 AM - 11 Dec 2012: As an fmr prison chaplain, we see lots of increasing numbers of strong, praying, practising Muslims converting in prison.<ref="http://archive.today/rjQsh</ref>

No knowledge of which Prison, but Winchester area would be best place to begin the search.


On April 2012, Mohammed Ansar claimed that:

@MoAnsar: "On this Easter weekend, let's remember that Islam and Christianity are closer to each other theologically, than any other two faiths."[495]
@trevorcummings: "Judaism must be a very close contender"[496]
@MoAnsar: "Judaism which rejects Christ vs Islam which accepts him? Hmm."[497]
@trevorcummings: "Islam and Christianity are built on the shared prophets from Judaism. On rejection Christianity does recognise Muhammad does it?"[498]
@MoAnsar: "Judaism? Was Moses a Jew?"[499]
@trevorcummings: "no but by the same token nor was Abraham who is celebrated by these 3 religions."[500]

On Jesus

Crucifixion and Resurrection

On 31 January 2012, Mohammed Ansar claimed on twitter that:

@MoAnsar: "Jews wanted Jesus crucified to death & refused his message. Islam accepts both but he's still ≠ BFF with Islam?"[501] (now deleted)
@RepStones: "@MoAnsar don't think u can say Jews did. The Sanhedrin certainly did. @ajhmurray"[502]

Ansar claims that 2bn Muslims don't understand the crucifixion or resurrection:

@MoAnsar: "Don't understand the crucifixion and resurrection? Join over 2bn Muslims. Neither do we. Still love Christians nonetheless."[503]

Ansar wrote:

@MoAnsar: "Qs: If Christ was in hiding for 3 days and 3 nights as he tells his companions on Sunday; exactly who was crucified on Friday evening?"[504]

Ansar claimed that 2.2bn Muslims agree that there's no evidence for the resurrection[505].

Jesus Not Jewish

Ansar has claimed several times that that Jesus wasn't Jewish[506][507][508][509] and has promoted at least three times, an Islamophobic and anti-Semitic holocaust-denial website to support his argument: www.biblebelievers.org.au, where an article, written by the anti-Semitic Roman Catholic convert Benjamin H. Freedman [510][511][512] (originally published by extreme-right Christian Nationalist hate-preacher and Silver Shirts fascist, Gerald L. K. Smith), has been republished.
Between 4 and 7 Feb 2012:

@MoAnsar: "@Vivdora ..he greets his companions with 'shalom alaichum' .. peace be with you. Traditional for Jews is merely Shalom in Hebrew."[513] (now deleted)

Traditional for Jews is not "merely Shalom in Hebrew", it is "Shalom aleichem" from Bereshit (Genesis) 43:23.

On 14 February 2012:

@MoAnsar: "@anticameron Not at all. Did you Jesus only became considered 'Jewish' in the Middle Ages. Before then he was always known as Judean."[514] (now deleted)

This is a direct reference to the work of notorious American antisemite Benjamin H. Freedman. On 1 May 2012:

@MoAnsar: "@Simon_Carless Did you know he was described as a Judean until the middle ages when Christendom decided to align with Judaism?"[515]

Source of the above comes from anti-Semite Benjamin H. Freedman. On 9 July 2012:

@MoAnsar: "Jesus never describes himself as a Jew. Academics say this term was introduced in the 18th century to align Xstians and Jews"[516]

The academic referred to here by Mohammed Ansar, is Benjamin H. Freedman, a notorious antisemite[517] and convert to Roman Catholicism[518]. Interestingly, despite Freedman's conversion to Roman Catholicism, Ansar insists that Freedman was Jewish[519].

On 22 July 2012:

@MoAnsar: "#Christians often ask '#WWJD' (What Would #Jesus Do)... well, guess what? He would do #Ramadan. Just like he did when he was alive."[520] (Retweets 13, Favorite 1)
‏@Lillbirdtoldme "Did Jews have a variant of Ramadan in Christ's time?"[521]
‏@MoAnsar: "Was Jesus a Jew? And yes, we say he fasted during Ramadan."[522]
@Lillbirdtoldme "That wasn't the question. I asked if the Jews observed a variant of Ramadan in at the time when Christ was alive?"[523]
@Lillbirdtoldme "Unless you're contesting that he was Jewish. I didn't think there was any disagreement about that."[524]
‏@MoAnsar: "Which I am."[525]

On 28 November 2012:

Ansar: ""When and how Jesus became 'white' http://huff.to/10XuMtW " < He's not white, not black. Just Palestinian."[526]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Actually, to be precise, a Jewish Mediterranean Semite."[527]
Ansar: "Who said he was Jewish?"[528]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Why, who said he wasn't Jewish?"[529]
Ansar: "I do: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm"[530]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Despite the semantic & political battle in yr 2 examples,why then did he celebrate Passover,a soley Jewish rite?"[531]
Ansar: "Semantic battle? I really think you should take some time and read Freedman's research more carefully."[532]

On 13 December 2012:

Ansar: "Britishness? German Royalty - Palestinian Christ - Turkish St George - Indian Curry - Polish Builders - Pakistani Taxis. #bbcqt"[533]
eldarvox: "Wasn't Jesus a Jew?"[534]
Ansar: "No"[535]
Ansar: "biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm"[536]

Jesus "went to jihad with a sword and cut the ear off another"

During the Christmas period of 2011, Mohammed Ansar claimed that Jesus cut off someone's ear with a sword:

@MoAnsar 31 Dec 2011: "@peejaybhoy When in doubt, go wishy washy. Jesus was hardcore. In the Garden of Gethsemane he took swords, cut of an ear, whipped bankers.." (now deleted) [537]
@peejaybhoy: "@MoAnsar and to stand up for the poor and weak and abused…like those in St Theresa's last sunday. U couldn't do that for some reason."[538]

Mo Ansar repeated this claim again in March 2012:

@MoAnsar 11:22 PM - 29 Mar 2012: "Jesus was armed with a sword in the garden of Gethsemane. Not for the blingy look."[539]

Ansar claimed this again in July 2014, during a discussion on Gaza:

@MoAnsar: "For the love of God and all that is just; no BBC, it is not a 'conflict' nor a 'war'. It is a massacre. It is oppression. #GazaUnderAttack"[540]
@GlobalCampfire: "@MoAnsar Jesus taught love your neighbor, forgive your enemy and turn the other cheek. and command "do not kill"[541]

:@MoAnsar: "Yet he whipped bankers, turned the tables, went to jihad with a sword and cut the ear off another. Get your theology right."[542](now deleted - copy archived[543])

@GlobalCampfire: "@MoAnsar Mo . I hurt as much as you as what I see on my news. but please dont say jesus did things he did not do. I pray as you do"[544]
@GlobalCampfire: "@MoAnsar show me where jesus whipped anyone ,cut off an ear and went to jihad with with a sword?"[545]
‏@GlobalCampfire 1:26 AM - 14 Jul 2014: @MoAnsar to be clear, I am not attacking you, or islam I am a man who hates to see this bloodshed. I ask only that you dont lie about jesus"[546]
@GlobalCampfire: "@MoAnsar in palastine and isreal tonight families just want peace and safety for their families. I pray to god the missiles stop forever"[547]

The actual Christian Theology of this story is that Jesus entered the Garden of Gethsemane without a sword, although he recommended his disciples carry swords to defend themselves. All of the Gospels record that one of the disciples cut off an ear of (the servant of the high priest). One gospel names the ear-cutter as Peter (John). All Gospels mention that Jesus healed the ear, and in all the Gospels, it is recorded that Jesus said:

""Put .. thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword" (Matthew 26:52,King James Version)

Jesus' descendents being killed by Israel

Ansar reproduces a claim first made by Michael Rivero in 2009 on the conspiraloon site "What Really Happened"[548]:

@MoAnsar 11:47 AM - 15 Jul 2014: "It is well possible that some Palestinians are distant blood relatives of Jesus. And Israel is killing them - funded by the US and UK govts."[549] (archive[550])

This variation on the claim that Jews killed Jesus is possibly the oldest antisemitic trope 'in the book'. Also contained within the article by Rivero is one of Ansar's pet conspiracy theories - the Khazar conspiracy that was promoted by Silver Shirt Fascist Gerald L K Smith and his rightwing Catholic sidekick Benjamin H Freedman.

On Christmas

Ansar claimed Jesus would have banned Christmas[551] and called Christmas "a false festival:

"Its [sic] the pagan festivals of saturnalia and yule AND Jesus would have banned it"[552]. :"Creating a false festival (which #Jesus would condemn) & criticising others for correcting the waywardness - beyond irony."[553]
"Calling to account on a divisive issue such as fallacy of Xmas is important. No room for intolerance but challenge, yes."[554]

On Paul

Ansar views most Christians as following Paul, not Christ:

"I know the Bible. Do you know Christians follow Paul, the single biggest author of the Bible, not Christ?"[555]
"Most modern Xstians follow Paul, not Christ."[556].
"There is no better Christian than a good Muslim."[557]
"West is scared witless whilst the enlightened realise Islam is a force for spiritual renewal, esp. for Xstians"[558]
"That Paul's authority is greater than Christ's, is a matter which needs to be addressed #bbctbq"[559]
"To be a Muslim, is for me, to be the closest follower of Christ. Modern Western Christians often follow Paul far more."[560]

Ansar views Paul as not following Christ[561].

On Christians

In 2006, Ansar claimed in his blog that Christians can't read the Bible[562] as it has been corrupted[563]:

"Believe it or not, references to the holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) are made in the Bible although very few Christians know where these references actually are as they turn the pages. In the original scriptures Mohammed is actually mentioned by name. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. In the Old Testament in the Song of Solomon v5, Ch 16 in the Hebrew language it reads (phonetically)
"hikko ma mithakimm vi kullo mohammadim zehdudi vi zeherehi baynat yerushalem"
The word mohammadim is Mohammed with ‘im’ – ‘im’ is a plural of respect in Hebrew. For example, in the Old Testament, Genesis v1 Ch 1, it says
"in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth"
God in Hebrew is ‘Elohim’, ‘El’ and ‘Ella’ is God; Elohim is a plural of respect. In all Arabic / Hebrew languages there are plurals of respect as well as in numbers. In Christianity, Elohim has been misinterpreted as meaning ‘Gods’ i.e. the Trinity, but there is not a single Bible on Earth which speaks of ‘Gods’ – in the English it only says ‘God’. Elohim is not plural in the numerical sense. Any Jew can confirm that ‘im’ means plural of respect in Hebrew (but not numerical plural) - God is one but we speak like this as respect. In English the songs of Solomon are translated as
"his beloved of mine is all together lovely"
If you read like this there is no association with ‘Mohammed’. There is no way to associate this. There should be no right to translate the names of people. Mr Black is Mr Black – in Arabic we would not call him Mr Aswad (‘black’ in Arabic). In English Mohammadim has been translated as ‘all together lovely’. The word ‘Mohammadim’ is in the Hebrew original."[564]

On reflection, it appears that Ansar[565] plagiarised the contents of his above blog post from Dr. Zakir Naik[566]. The blog post was also posted to Daniel Pipes' forum in December 2006[567], nine months after Ansar created his blog post.



Dr Zakir Naik

Ansar has recommended Dr Naik to twitter users who are new to Islam[568].
On 9 September 2012, Ansar tweeted the same Dr Naik video three times:

"I'm all about facts and truths. Have you seen this brother youtube.com/watch?v=9PgzHCdLdag "[569];
"Why didn't God create only one religion? http://t.co/odIxwYd9 Only 5 minutes, a strong accent but you're clever. You'll manage :)"[570];
"Did Jesus Christ preach Islam? An Indian scholar gives his view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PgzHCdLdag"[571] featuring a video by Dr Naik.

Six years previous to his recommendation of Naik to a newbie-to-Islam on twitter, Ansar reproduced an uncredited Naik sermon and passed it off as his own - on his own blog and on Daniel Pipe's forum[572].
On 4 December 2012, Mo Ansar recommended Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr Zakir Naik as resources for a Muslim interfaith speaker to use to speak to a non-Muslim crowd:

"Islam is the final revelation and reveres Christ. Start there. Look at Deedat / Naik opening statements.[573]

On 4 December 2012, Mo Ansar recommended Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr Zakir Naik as resources for a Muslim interfaith speaker to use to speak to a non-Muslim crowd:

"Islam is the final revelation and reveres Christ. Start there. Look at Deedat / Naik opening statements.[574]

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

On 15 April 2013, Mo Ansar recommended Deedat to the then EDL leader, Tommy Robinson:

"@MotoaiMasooa @EDLTrobinson Think, my friend. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dzVsj1TQITo … You might also consider "Islam and Africa" by Ahmed Deedat.[575]

The exchange on 15 April 2013, between Mo Ansar and then EDL leader Tommy Robinson and reproduced below, appears to be typical of Mo Ansar's 'outreach' to EDL:

@MoAnsar: "MT "@EDLTrobinson: If u think Islam will never affect u, it's Luton today, your town tomorrow" < 2bn Muslims in the world. Get over it."[576]
‏@RevNeads): "@MoAnsar @edltrobinson Would rather have Muslims around than racist bigots from either BNP or EDL."[577]
‏@EDLTRobinson: "@RevNeads @moansar #hairline you will be combing your bum next week"[578]
‏@MoAnsar: "Its not West vs Islam, @EDLTrobinson. White Europeans are Muslims too. Our democracy, enlightenment and civilisation all have Islamic roots."[579]
@MoAnsar: "@MotoaiMasooa @EDLTrobinson Think, my friend. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dzVsj1TQITo … You might also consider "Islam and Africa" by Ahmed Deedat."[580]
@MoAnsar: "@Watford_EDL @EDLTrobinson Islamic values: peace, human rights, freedom of speech/belief, justice, equality and democracy."[581]
@EDLTRobinson: "“@MoAnsar: @Watford_EDL @EDLTrobinson Islamic values: peace, human rights, freedom of speech/belief, justice, equality and democracy.” Ha ha"[582]

On 22 November 2013, Mo Ansar referred to "The late, great Sheikh Ahmed Deedat from Durban, Sth Africa.[583].

From wikipedia[584]:

"Muslim scholar Farid Esack has criticised Deedat, comparing him to such fundamentalists as Rabbi Meir Kahane and Jerry Falwell, and writing:
"Deedat's multitude of anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-Hindu videotapes have told us all that there is to be told about the other, and we are comfortable with that. There are times, of course, when questions surface about the importance of correct dogma, about the importance of labels to a God whom we believe sees beyond labels and looks at the hearts of people. Instead of pursuing these questions, we hasten back and seek refuge in "the known." We order another of those Deedat tapes."
To whom shall we give access to our water holes?, by Farid Esack


Muhammad in the Bible

Ansar claims, using a link leading to a PDF from salafipublications.com, that: "... Muhammad is in the Bible you have today, turn to Songs of Solomon 5:16 http://www.sahihmuslim.com/sps/downloads/pdf/MSS060006.pdf …"[585].



Ansar claims that Hijab means "modesty"[586], and a counter to that claim from a Yorkshire-based Muslim woman[587] resulted in him blocking the informant[588].

Ansar claims that "Virt. every school of Muslim thought agrees khimar (headscarf) is obligatory in Islam. Yet many high profile Muslim women do *not* wear it."[589].

Ansar views Hijab as obligatory[590] and views any other viewpoint as "dissonant"[591][592]. This viewpoint, and Ansar's rigidity on accepting other interpretations, was debated by Maajid Nawaz in September 2012, after a tweet about the British sit-com Citizen Khan generated ire from Ansar[593]:

Nawaz:"I accept ur view but do u accept view that Hijab is not obligation as valid Ijtihad or not?"[594].

Referring to the well-known Muslim theologian, Qur'anic scholar and exegete, Javaid Ghamidi on Hijab, Nawaz asked Ansar to: "please look into scholarly credentials of those who argue Hijab is not obligatory&then read their arguments,before speaking"[595].
The scholarly opinion of Javaid Ghamidi on whether Hijab is mandatory is that:

"There is absolutely no foundation for this in Islam. The Holy Qur’an prescribes four directives in this regard, of which the two are for both men and women alike, and the two are related to women alone because of their special characteristics. These directives may be explained as: when men and women meet, they should restrain their gazes and cover their private parts well. The women, in addition, are required to cover their bosoms and not to display their ornaments except for those which are worn on body parts that are naturally kept uncovered."[596].

Ansar views parents who are "bringing daughters up with modesty but not pressuring to wear hijab"[597] as"ignorant of their own Islam, are misguiding their children to assimilate, should this not be challenged?[598].

On 2 September 2012, Mohammed Ansar promoted a Hizb ut Tahrir article as a "must read":

@MoAnsar: "RT - Attacked for my hijab. A UK Muslim woman's experience http://bit.ly/PP19Co (via @tajimustafa) > a must read."[599]

In October 2012, Ansar noted that ""Almost 100% of Muslim women leading in political life and the media are without the khimar (headscarf) #HijabFreedom"[600], stating that: "Modesty/hijab an essential Islamic commentary on morality, ethics, principles of social interaction, objectification, sexualisation."[601]. Disagreement with a Muslim woman arose: "The hijab is not compulsory in Islam, it is not made mandatory in the Qur'an."[602]. Ansar insisted: "Every school of thought since the time of the Prophet, including the Prophet, until today, says it is."[603]. "It is mandated in the Quran and Hadith and it encapsulates morality, objectification and ethics of societal interactions"[604]. As before, Ansar gave a SunniPath Academy Teacher, Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, an American Sufi Muslim convert who espouses "traditional Islam"[605], as a reference[606]. On 15 January 2013, Mohammed Ansar stated again that the headscarf was obligatory for Muslims: "Although the crucifix has great value to Christians; it's not prescribed/obligatory as the headscarf for Muslims, and the turban for Sikhs."[607] Again, Mohammed Ansar gave the following scholars as "accepted consensus opinions":

"These are the accepted consensus opinions: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/islam-studies/quran/hijab-fard-obligation-or-fiction/ … and http://qa.sunnipath.com/issue_view.asp?ID=4813&CATE=128 … on khimar and khumur."[608].

On 3rd February 2014, Sara Khan tweeted:

@SaraKhanInspire: "With the obsession,'6th pillar of islam' attitude that exists around hijab,this paper raises points rarely discussed. http://unity1.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/islam-and-the-veil-opening-up-the-discussion-about-hijab/"[609]

Mohammed Ansar replied:

@MoAnsar: "@SaraKhanInspire Interesting. Perhaps that every school of thought since time of the Prophet (p) and scholarly ijma agrees, hijab is fardh?"[610]
@SaraKhanInspire: "@MoAnsar did you read the paper Mo?"[611]
@MoAnsar: "@SaraKhanInspire Yes. Also the QF ijtihad stating Hijab is no longer fardh."[612]
@SaraKhanInspire: "@MoAnsar u clearly didn't read it cuz if u did you'd know that yr 1st tweet is utterly redundant & 2nd tweet shows you're not genuinely 1/2"[613]
@MoAnsar: "That's a remarkably discourteous tweet. Let's leave it there. Thank you."[614]
@SaraKhanInspire: "@MoAnsar interested in debate. U just want to close it with yr narrow view of world. Written b4 UH joined QF but yr not interested. 2/2"[615]
@SaraKhanInspire: "@MoAnsar as was your 2nd tweet. But of course Mo only you can do right and be courteous and know the truth. Everyone else is wrong."[616]

An excerpt from the paper linked to by Sara Khan:

"Islam and the Veil – Opening Up the Discussion About Hijab

Bismillah. With the global discussion about the veil due to “World Hijab Day” on 1st February, 2014, this is a good time to re-publish here a detailed, academic paper from 2011. It is from the following book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Islam-Veil-Theoretical-Regional-Contexts/dp/1441187359/ – one of the editors was kind enough to say that mine was the best paper in the collection, which was quite a compliment since other authors include Javaid Ghamidi and other experts.
Islam and the Veil–Usama Hasan

I also suggest the following questions as a guide to study/discussion sessions about this topic:



Although Ansar views himself as being against sectarianism within Islam, his publicly voiced views appear to be in conflict with his self-proclaimed anti-sectarian stance.

Ansar: "For the record: if you know me, you know I stand utterly against sectarianism and the hatred or mistreatment of any group."[618]

Following a close examination of Ansar's tweet history, it seems that many of Ansar's tweets about non-Sunni Muslims drip with sectarian contempt:

On Ahmadi

On 15 April 2012, following a request to retweet an anti-Ahmadi blog post from @abuspeedy[619], Ansar asked several prominent UK Muslim women: Ruwayda Mustafah[620]; Salma Yaqoob[621]; Miriam Francois-Cerrah[622], and; Yvonne Ridley[623]; to RT a link to a blog which presents Ahmadis a cult:

" Muslim woman denied her faith. In the UK. And suffering. Pls RT. http://cultgirlconfessions.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/young- … #TackleExtremism"[624].

None of these prominent spokeswomen obliged to RT Ansar's link. On 16 April 2012:

@MoAnsar 16 Apr 2012: "A Muslim Girl's Confession: "I'm scared to change my religion" http://twitdoc.com/YJ9 #EDL #Islam #Feminism #Shariah"[625]
@FelicityW2: "@MoAnsar: I now have a new insight, how difficult life must be for these people. Is there anyone who is in a position to aid them safely?"[626]
@MoAnsar 16 Apr 2012: "@FelicityW2 She just wants to be free to be a Muslim. And she can't."[627]
@asmaislove 16 Apr 2012: "@MoAnsar @FelicityW2 The 'flyer' could just as easily apply to a mainstream Sunni or Shia girl who was trying to leave Islam"[628]
@MoAnsar 16 Apr 2012: "@asmaislove @FelicityW2 Not really. Sunni and Shia are accepted as Muslim. They both reject the Ahmadiyyas."[629]

On 30 October 2012, Ansar tweeted to Catrine Nye:

"@CatrinNye @bbcasiannetwork A Muslim group? Will be the question being asked by many... #justfyi"[630]
"@CatrinNye This is not a fringe view but an accepted, mainstream agreed upon position: http://spa.qibla.com/issue_view.asp?HD=12&ID=3213&CATE=203 …"[631]

Ansar has since deleted the first tweet. The second tweet leads to an opinion by Gibril Haddad. On November 2012, Ansar tweeted his response to a question about "Ahmadiyyans"[632], and recommended that that the questioner:

"Google MCB and Ahmadiya"[633]

and that he'd:

"had a few run-ins on here with them. The highest scholars of Islam have been clear about their religion."[634], adding:
"It's important not to call anyone personally a non Muslims if they feel they are[635] however we can make categorisations about various religions according to Islamic values. That means comment about[636] the religions not the people personally. I hope that helps."[637].

In 2009, MCB's Inyat Bunglawala wrote an article in The Guardian newspaper outlining the protest by Muslims against Ahmadi mosque, recommending that:

"it is crucial that British Muslims work with other faith groups in wider society to uphold the freedom of religion and not unwittingly assist those who seek to undermine it."[638].

However, in 2003, Bunglawala wrote:

" the Ahmadi community are regarded by the Muslim world as non-Muslims. We view them in much the same way as mainstream Christians would view the Mormons or the Seventh Day Adventists - as a cult group. In common with non-Muslims, Ahmadis are also not allowed to enter the sacred Islamic cities of Makka and Madina in Saudi Arabia. So while we fully accept the right of Ahmadis to their own religion - we cannot accept them being described as Muslims. They are not."[639].

It is this latter statement from Bunglawala that one arrives at by googling "MCB and Ahmadiya"[640].

"Starting in 1953, Jamaat's leader Maulana Maudoodi unleashed violent riots in Pakistan calling for the Muslim sect of Ahmadiyas to be declared non-Muslim."[641].
"MCB has not strayed far from these roots. The organization has banned Ahmadiyas from joining the MCB and has campaigned to have them excluded from high-level meetings with the British government."[642].

On 20th October 2013, Mo Ansar claimed he was not against Ahmadi Muslims, but made no statement about the Ahmadi religion, which he has previously stated, in his and in Sunni scholars' opinion, is not part of Islam:

"No, I am not against Ahmadi Muslims - not at all, not in the least."[643]

On Alawis

Ansar tweeted: On 4 Feb 12, in response to a tweet by Anas Al Tikriti, UK representative of the Muslim Brotherhood:

@anasaltikriti: "For the record; I'm opposed to an attack on #Iran, but its stance on #Syria is utterly despicable and absolutely immoral."[644]
@moansar: "Albeit scholars of Sunni Islam reject the Alawis as Muslim, in Iran they are regarded as merely excessive #bedfellows @anasaltikriti"[645]

On 4 March 2012, in response to a tweet by Anas Al Tikriti, UK representative of the Muslim Brotherhood:

@anasaltikriti: "Reports of Israeli drones providing support for the Asaad regime, have a serious bearing on Iran's moral and ethical stand. #Syria"[646]
@moansar: "@anasaltikriti If Iran cut ties with Assad/Alawis, it may weaken Assad & strengthen support for Iran at a critical time #tipthebalance"[647]

Ansar tweeted that he views "The West" as having installed "the Alawis":

26 May 12: "The West installed the Alawis and they armed them. They lit the match. Now they watch."[648]

This view is also espoused and promulgated by Hizb ut-Tahrir:

3 Jun 12: "@MoAnsar Because the West have supported #Assad family for decades + put Alawis in power.They will not remove regime for an unknown quantity"[649]

Ansar describes the Sunni view that Alawis as not being Muslim.

26 May 12: "Every school of Sunni thought rejects the Alawis as not being Muslim. The shia have "claimed" them as theirs."[650]
28 May 12: "They're not really Shia. Alawis rejected by all schools of Sunni thought and so 'claimed' by Twelvers."[651]

Mo Ansar gives his personal view that:

29 May 12: " I would say the Alawis are not Muslim - they are rejected by every school of Sunni thought."[652]
1 Jun 12:"Oh dear, an ill informed #Newsnight report states Alawis are "an offshoot" of Shia Islam. #Incorrectamundo."[653]

On 3 Jun 12, Mehdi Hasan has criticised Ansar for his "tribal" comments "demonising all 'Alawis' on the basis ... of Assad's behaviour"[654]:

@moansar: "@ns_mehdihasan The Alawis will *never* go quietly; Assad snr massacred tens of '000s. How can we not back a Turkish lead 'best' option?"[655]
@mehdirhasan: "@MoAnsar slightly disturbed by the way you are demonising all 'Alawis' on the basis of loathsome assad's behaviour. Don't be tribal."[656]

Despite the interjection from Mehdi Hasan in Jun 12, Mo Ansar continued his twitter demonisation of all Alawais:

24 Nov 12:"They dont fast, pray or have mosques. Every school of sunni thought rejects them as being Muslim..."[657]

On Shia

Ansar has said that:

@MoAnsar 14 April 2012: "Shiaism and unislamic practices are... well.. unislamic."[658] (now deleted).
‏@amirriz1 14 Apr 2012: "@MoAnsar can you clarify above are you saying that Iran isnt an Islamic state because they follow Shia school of thought or am I misreading"[659]
@MoAnsar 14 April 2012: "@amirriz1 Apols if it read like that. Lots of close ties with Shia community: http://forum.hizbuttahrir.org/showthread.php?t=3107"[660]

Ansar responded with a tweet to the Hizb ut-Tahrir UK forum!

@olijaan 15 Apr 2012: "@MoAnsar yesterday it seemed you tweeted that you considered Shiism to be "unislamic". Have I misconstrued this?"[661]
@MoAnsar 15 Apr 2012: "@olijaan Apologies, someone else mentioned how it read. I work very closely with shia imams, brothers, sisters."[662]

Ansar said Shia have "muddied intention":

3 June 2012: "Its hard for any shia or pro Iran / pro Israeli not to have a muddied intention."[663]

Ansar has said that because Shia don't follow the sunnah (way of the prophet) they are not true muslims:

14 November 2012: "Then they would be following the sunnah (example/teaching of the Prophet) not shiaism."[664]

In August 2013:

@MoAnsar Aug 14: "How fickle foreign intervention. Iraq destroyed and handed to Iran. Syria ruined, civil war. Egypt's democracy overthrown."[665]
‏@Asi_Khan90 Aug 14: "@MoAnsar what do you mean when you say-Iraq destroyed and handed to Iran?"[666]
@MoAnsar Aug 14: "@Asi_Khan90 Iraq is now the first shia run arab nation for over 800 years. You did know that, surely?"[667]
‏@Mousawi04 Aug 15: "@MoAnsar Well, Iraq has an almost 70% Shia majority! Why would having a Shia-led government be a bad thing?!?"[668]
‏@Leila_Creative Aug 15: "@Mousawi04 because those pesky Shias ruin everything, right @MoAnsar ?"[669]
@Mousawi04 Aug 15: "@Leila_Creative @MoAnsar I do hope that was sarcasm?"Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag;

refs with no name must have content

‏@MoAnsar Aug 15: "@Mousawi04 Feel free to ignore my trolls brother, they haunt my timeline. You'll be interested in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqjuBVw67rs[670]'
Leila_Creative Aug 15: "@Mousawi04 feel free to use your brain! As you said Iraq is Shia majority country, it is only fair that this is reflected in its government."[671]
@Mousawi04 Aug 15: "@Leila_Creative indeed. Unfortunately I've seen so much anti-Shia rhetoric recently I've been having trouble believing anything!"[672]
@Mousawi04 Aug 15: "@MoAnsar very nice, and long may Islamic unity trounce crooks like Anjem Choudhary. But you still haven't answered my question?"[673]
@MoAnsar Aug 15: "@Mousawi04 SubhanAllah"[674]

Ansar then deflected from answering the question by tweeting that Mousawi04 was "attracting a lot of awful trolls"[675]. He still hasn't answered Mousawi04's question.

On Hazara

Ansar labelled a Hazara activist a 'shia extremist':

Ansar: "Shia extremists like @EliyaHazara should actually listen to me when I speak out clearly against sectarianism: https://twitter.com/MoAnsar/status/244013020139900929"[676]

Ansar has said of the systematic massacres by Sunni militants Lashkar-e-Jhangvi that: Ansar: "Its appalling but far from a genocide."[677]

Islamic History

Islam: The Untold Story

Tom Holland

On 27 Jan 2014, Mohammed Ansar called his "friend", the historian Tom Holland a "twat" and made crude insults involving oral sex:

Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar I'm not sure that making crude jokes about oral sex entirely squares with that noble aspiration, but still..."[678]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom It was in retort to you being a twat and insulting me. Worked for me. #crybaby"[679]

Ansar and Holland became twitter-friends on 5 Apr 2012[680]:

@MoAnsar: "It seems with Niall Ferguson, MacCulloch, now Holland we remain inundated by Western revisionism attempting to force a neo-schism in Islam"[681]
@JandMo: "@MoAnsar Yes, the search for historical truth is a Western plot"[682]
@MoAnsar: ". @JandMo It really is a dystopian world when revisionism, obscurantism and obfuscation pass for a search for truth."[683]
@JandMo: "@MoAnsar Assessing actual evidence unburdened by the need to maintain a faith-identity is more likely to yield truth"[684]
@MoAnsar: "@JandMo We invented the scientific method, so you're pushing against an open door. Christian narrative for Islamic discourse doesn't work."[685]
@JandMo: "@MoAnsar So will you be reading Holland's book?"[686]
@MoAnsar: "@JandMo Might do. Depends if there are good pictures for colouring."[687]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar @JandMo the photos are nice and glossy, I'm afraid, but there are some maps you might enjoy colouring in?"[688]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom @JandMo ..you say some felt it was a waste of time. You are welcomed to send an impoverished man of the cloth a copy."[689]
@holland_tom: "@MoAnsar if u believe the Qur'an is of divine origin, isn't writing a book based on the presumption it isnt bound to seem a waste of effort?"[690]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom Is it not worth knowing what you think? When I met Peter Hitchens he was a little surprised I offered consolations."[691]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar i have met Muslims who valued my attempt to fathom Islam's beginnings, and those who dismissed it as a waste of time. i get both."[692]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom I know the feeling :)"[693]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar From a cursory reading of your twitter stream, I rather get the sense that you do!"[694]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom Oh no.. I'm too soft for the hardliners and too hard for the progressives."[695]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar and i should emphasise the book is as much about Judaism, Chr and Zor as Islam, and about the Persian & Roman empires as the Arab"[696]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom I love to read, just rarely get the time. Too busy saving the world with my Christian brethren."[697]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar As the Good Book says - 'Alms are for the poor & needy.' I would be honoured to send you a free copy, and store up riches in heaven"[698]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom That's very gracious of you Tom."[699]
@Holland_tom: "@MoAnsar How should I get it to you?"[700]
@MoAnsar: "@holland_tom Follow me and I'll do same."[701]

Muslims in pre-Columbian America

On Columbus Day 2013, Ansar tweeted:

"For the record, Muslims inhabited the #Americas centuries before it was colonised by European settlers. Real history. #ColumbusDay"[702]

The reference Ansar gave to support this claim linked to a 1996 essay by Dr. Youssef Mroueh[703]. Mroueh, a physicist and mathematician, was born in Lebanon in the late 1930s and now resides in Canada[704].


In April 2012, Mohammed Ansar wrote on twitter that:

@MoAnsar: "unlike Christianity and Judaism, which despite their beauty, flounder in the darkness of corrupt texts and equivocalness."[705] (now deleted)

On Jews

In April 2006, Mohammed Ansar wrote in his blog that:

@MoAnsar: "... according to the Book of Moses, the Jews are utterly prohibited from oppressing another people, having been oppressed themselves. They are meant to wander without a land. They are in the main European, Ashkenazim, Khazar, non-Sephardic and non-Semitic Jews."[706]

Ansar promoted his 2006 blog theme on the supposed non-semitic origin of Jews on twitter throughout 2011:

@MoAnsar: "@Muslimerican @RuwaydaMustafah ?? Ashkenaz Jews from Eastern Europe, Russia & West will not have close DNA matches with semitic Arabs..."[707] (now deleted)

On 28 October 2011, Mohammed Ansar asked again if Jews were semites, and stated his belief that antisemitism was not being against Jews but was "European Zionism against Shemite Palestinians":

@MoAnsar, 28 Oct 2011: "@DAaronovitch The ugly cacotopia is that antisemitism is actually Euro-Zionism against Shemite Palestinians. Qs: Jews a race, even Semitic?"[708] (deleted between 12-13 MAY 2014: archive[709])

Ansar continued this approach in 2012:

@MoAnsar: "European Jews from Russia to Britain and America to Australia are the "indigenous" people of Palestine? Really?"[710]

Ansar appears to have taken this theme from the antisemite Benjamin H. Freedman, who worked alongside and promoted the far-right hate-preacher Gerald K. Smith.

@MoAnsar, 15 Sep 2011: "Is British Jewishness the model for engagement? Goodman says good multiculti (drinking tea) vs bad multicult (such as AQ)?"[711]

On 4 December 2011, Mohammed Ansar questioned why Christians are now supportive of Jews:

@MoAnsar, : "Islamic view of Christ: his revelation, 2nd coming, birth & life. Why are u not closer to Muslims? Jews accept none of this."[712] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "Islam reveres his revelation, 2nd coming, birth, life, miracles, mother. Why not closer to Muslims? Jews accept none of this."[713] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "Jews do not accept Christ, the Messiah, second coming, the Bible, the message, miraculous birth. Nothing."[714]
@MoAnsar: "Again, Islam, the Quran, reveres Mary, Christ - risen to heaven alive to come again. A miraculous birth & life. Jews none."[715] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "Qs: Islam reveres Christ. Believes in his birth, revelation, miracles, 2nd coming. Yet you're closer to Jews who deny all of this?"[716] (now deleted)

On 18 December 2011, Mohammed Ansar stated again his belief that Jews should remain stateless:

@MoAnsar: "You will know as a Jew, that the State of Israel is against the Torah. Jews are to wander without a land."[717] (now deleted)

On 31 January 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted that:

@MoAnsar: "Jews wanted Jesus crucified to death & refused his message. Islam accepts both but he's still ≠ BFF with Islam?"[718] (now deleted)
@RepStones: "@MoAnsar don't think u can say Jews did. The Sanhedrin certainly did. @ajhmurray"[719].

On 15 November 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted that:

@MoAnsar: "Every Jew should be condemning the appalling Israeli govt for acting against the values of the beautiful religion of Judaism."[720]

On Israel

"Israel, arguably a terrorist state, is overwhelmingly core funded through the US and holocaust reparations."[721]

Meeja Jews

David Milliband

@MoAnsar: "Zionist David Miliband skates round issue of Israeli violn of UN resols like Torvill & Deane. Dimbleby knows to keep shtum. #bbcqt"[722] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "It consisted of Zionist Jew Miliband avoiding qs on Israeli refusing to follow UN resolns. Unsurprising."[723] (now deleted)

Nigella Lawson

On 8 October 2012, Ansar tweeted:

"Like a good Jewish girl, Nigella is now cooking pork loins. #Awkwarrrrd"[724]
"Oh Nigella! Didn't you read my tweets saying pigs are coprophagous, swine flesh unhealthy, tastes of human flesh, forbidden by all Prophets?"[725]

Nigella: "I was brought up an atheist and have always remained so. But at no time was I led to believe that morality was unimportant or that good and bad did not exist. I believe passionately in the need to distinguish between right and wrong and am somewhat confounded by being told I need God, Jesus or a clergyman to help me to do so." Nigella Lawson, We atheists know right from wrong, The Times, 29 June 1996. Features section."[726]

Lord Sugar

On 13 April 2013, Ansar compares Lord Alan Sugar to Shylock:

"It seems @Lord_Sugar is going for his pound of flesh. He might be careful what he wishes for: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/apr/12/apprentice-stella-english-sugar"[727]

As Adam Feldman wrote, "there is no separating the play from its central image of a miserly Jew whetting his knife in his lust to carve out a piece of Christian flesh"[728]. Antisemitism here is confirmed by the inappropriateness of Ansar's allusion to Shylock.

Islamic Political Movements

Hizb ut-Tahrir

On 23 September 2011, Mohammed Ansar met the Chair of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain Executive Committee[729], Dr Abdul Wahid, at a Muslim Council of Britain "Prevent event"[730][731].


On 11 September 2011, Ansar retweeted a tweet made by Taji Mustafa:

@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar Despite diffs, we lived togethr 4 centuries. Then came invasion..."The Iraq war was NOT a mistake"-Andrew Card, Bush's Chf of staff"[732]
@MoAnsar: "RT @tajimustafa: @MoAnsar Despite diffs, we lived togethr 4 centuries. Then came invasion..."The Iraq war was NOT a mistake"-Andrew Card ..."[733]

Ansar has since deleted his retweet.
On 12 September 2011, Taji Mustafa promoted a Guardian article to Ansar:

Mustafa:"@MoAnsar Interesting by @ns_mehdihasan State of Palestine would backfire on its own people http://bit.ly/ntFN4m Would that even b a 'state'?"[734]
Ansar responded by tweeting a New York Times article:
Ansar: "@ns_mehdihasan Interesting op-ed in nyt http://t.co/6SeG2kL Clearly you are not alone in your view. "[735]
Ansar: "@tajimustafa Interesting op-ed http://t.co/6SeG2kL against Palestinian statehood "[736]
Ansar: "@SephRBrown @Old_Holborn Perhaps should consider this http://t.co/6SeG2kL "[737]

On 23rd September 2011, Ansar met Abdul Wahid of Hizb ut-Tahrir at the MCB Prevent Event, as revealed by their conversation on 24 September 2011,(now partly deleted by Ansar):

@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Aa wr brother. Good article. Were you with me at the MCB Prevent event last night?"[738]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar WS Brother. Yes. You were from Hants if I recall."[739]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Alhmdlh, well remembered. Also do a few other things here and there. Good to catch up sometime."[740]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Jazakallahu khairun"[741]

Also on 24 September 2011, Ansar engaged with Taji Mustafa:

@MoAnsar: "@tajimustafa Let's all be clear. #Irvine11 is a watershed in the Muslim Civil Rights movement."[742]
@she_ide: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa Read the law. No one has a right to disrupt a lawful speech. The concept of free speech was preserved for all today."[743]
@MoAnsar: "@she_ide @tajimustafa US human rights? Genocide natives, enslave blacks, invade overseas, torture, sponsor terror, deal arms, islamophobia."[744]
@MoAnsar: "@she_ide @tajimustafa Institutional islamophobia should be a problem. Ground zero mosque? Veto Palestinian clams at UN? Abu Ghraib? Wake up."[745]
@she_ide: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa 1. Ground Zero mosque not blocked by NY; objected to by majority public opinion, right or wrong."[746]
@she_ide: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa 2. I don't think the veto has anything to do with Islam but more to do with history of agreements betw Israel and Pal."[747]
@she_ide: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa 3. Abu Ghraib was a disgrace.The place was shut down and people went to jail. Abuse not sanctioned by military."[748]

Mohammed Ansar calls Abdul Wahid "my dear brother":

@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT A great article my dear brother."[749]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Jazakallahu khairun"[750]

On 27 September 2011, Ansar promoted an article to Taji Mustafa. He has since deleted it[751], but originally Ansar wrote:

Ansar: "@tajimustafa To understand the Syrian situation, you need to know the Alawis: http://t.co/YUba57Hi (only correctn, popn 2m)"[752].

Ansar also tweeted:

@MoAnsar: "@tajimustafa InshaAllah diplomacy totally exhausted first. Alawis millions in power - fighting will have an astronomical body count."[753]
@TajiMustafa: "@MoAnsar We pray it doesnt get bloodier and that Allah makes a way out for this brave ummah to defeat Assad & his murderous gang soon"[754]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT As Palmerston said, 'we have no permanent friends, only permanent interests' - I can find no better summary."[755]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: Please read -> 'Neutrinos, the Speed of Light and Scientific "Truths" ' http://www.newcivilisation.com/home/ideas-p

hilosophy/neutrinos-the-speed-of-light-and -scientific-truths Dr Abdullah Ahmed + hu ..."[756]
On 6 October 2011 Ansar promoted an article, by Hizb ut-Tahrir chair Abdul Wahid, as "simply brilliant"[757]:

@MoAnsar: "Why is Britain scared of Islam and multiculturalism? abc.net.au/religion/artic… A simply brilliant article (via @AbdulWahidHT)"[758]

On 11 November 2011, Ansar promoted his blog to Taji Mustafa of Hizb ut-Tahrir:

Ansar:"@tajimustafa RT Schools, war mongering and a new national identity. My latest blog: http://t.co/tRZibJn5"[759].

The tweet was later deleted by Ansar.
On 9 October 2011,

@AbdulWahidHT: "RT "@MoAnsar:Race & belief. Record numbers of Muslim children from wartorn regions.Will they be raised Muslim?Rightwing assimilation policy?"[760]
@MoAnsar: "For ever £1 given in support from the West to the developing world, they get £13 back. Good little earner?"[761]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Interesting statistic. Do you have a source? It explains why the budget for the Dept of International Development was protected."[762]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Gave talk earlier in the yr. Kenyan Economist Shikwati good source. Also globalissues.org/article/30/the… & UN stats un.org/en/globalissue…"[763] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Jzk. Will read with interest"[764]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT It is. Let me dig it out for you akhi."[765] (now deleted)

On 3 November 2011:

@AbdulWahidHT: ""@MoAnsar: Is the poppy appeal in schools politically & philosophically divisive, esp. as it now includes Iraq & Afghanistan?""[766]

Taji Mustafa and StandForKhilafah retweeted.

@AbdulWahidHT 10:45 PM - 3 Nov 2011: "@MoAnsar Jazakallahu khairun. I think you are right to raise this."[767]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Schools being far more aggressive this year, some almost force feeding it. We have a vacuum requiring a discourse #poppies"[768] (now deleted)

On 10 November 2011: @MoAnsar: "Schools, war & a new national identity. My blog on "Poppy Fascism" http://moansar.blogspot.com/2011/11/poppy-fascism.html …"[769]

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar My article on Poppy Politics : http://bit.ly/vVO31Z - My son's teacher says she wants to see EVERYONE wearing one by tomorrow!"[770]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar My article on Poppy Politics : bit.ly/vVO31Z - My son's teacher says she wants to see EVERYONE wearing ..."[771](now unretweeted)

On 11 November 2011:

@MoAnsar: "Weekend reading: how schools abuse pupils to fuel a misplaced national identity http://t.co/Klf9y0sn my blog on Poppy Fascism."[772] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "RT @MoAnsar: Weekend reading: how schools abuse pupils to fuel a misplaced national identity moansar.blogspot.com my blog on Poppy Fascism."[773]
@jamiejbartlett: "@MoAnsar social expectation to wear poppy - I don't have prob with it btw - is NOT 'fascism'. Don't devalue the strength of the f-word!!"[774]

Again on 11 November 2011, Ansar promoted his blog to Taji Mustafa:

Ansar:"@tajimustafa Schools fuelling a misplaced national identity, Poppy Day & why we deserve better http://t.co/BNnX818I - my blog. Jzk."[775]

That tweet was also deleted by Ansar, leaving only the following tweet by Taji Mustafa visible:

@TajiMustafa:". @MoAnsar on: Schools fueling a misplaced national identity, Poppy Day & warmongering http://t.co/rioO6MSA #armisticeday"[776]

On 12 November 2011:

@MoAnsar:"@libcon The Poppy is all about politicised. One from me http://t.co/BNnX818I & Dr AW @AbdulWahidHT http://t.co/jUGf39DX "[777].
Dawud then retweeted Ansar's tweet, and then tweeted his own to a Muslim Youth Helpline:
Dawud:"@muslimyouthhelp some insightful articles by @MoAnsar http://t.co/hhWsp4fx and @AbdulWahidHT http://t.co/1ClYUJAd"[778].

Ansar and Wahid deleted their original tweets, leaving only Dawud's tweet to the Muslim Youth Helpline remaining.

On 19 November 2011: @AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar "You scored 13 out of a possible 24 You have failed" LOL!!!!"[779]

@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Ha! Do not pass go & go back to your own country. I scored a whopping "15 out of a possible 24"... oh... hold on..."[780] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Just did the test with family members. Senior Doctor and Dentist. They scored 13! Fit for deportation?"[781]

On 24 November 2011: @MoAnsar: "Warsi: I do not want to be part of a cabinet which acts unilaterally and illegally..."[782] @AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar but does she mind being part of a cabinet that supports regimes like that in Bahrain, Saudi + Yemen, and sold arms to Gaddafi?"[783]

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar ...a cabinet that maintains deep colonial interests in Muslim countries by many different means..."[784]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar ...a cabinet that maintains deep colonial interests in Muslim countries by many different means..."[785] (now unretweeted)

On 8 December 2011:

@MoAnsar: "Briscoe coming across as angry, shrill and emotionless. #bbcqt"[786]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar No - she does emotion...it's just hate, that's the problem!"[787]

@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT It grates me when I see (particularly) BMEs behaving like cold, heartless, automotants."[788] (now deleted) Sometime in December 2011: @MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Please RT The battle of the secular progressive feminists vs Islamic virtue http://t.co/0qawjKNU"[789] (now deleted) @AbdulWahidHT: "RT @MoAnsar: @AbdulWahidHT Please RT The battle of the secular progressive feminists vs Islamic virtue moansar.blogspot.com/2011/12/women-…"[790] (retweet disappeared as original deleted)
On 25 December 2011:

@MoAnsar: "Feeling sick. Top of the Pops Army wives calling their hubby's 'Princes of Peace'. They do know what they do for a living, right?"[791] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "RT @MoAnsar: Feeling sick. Top of the Pops Army wives calling their hubby's 'Princes of Peace'. They do know what they do for a living, ..."[792] (retweet disappeared as original deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Maybe they mean like Enola Gay brought "peace" to Japan?"[793]

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar It's a propaganda war bro. And some of the participants don't even know much they've been duped or being used.[794]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar It's literally like turkeys voting for Christmas!"[795]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT lol..."[796] (now deleted)

@peejaybhoy: "@MoAnsar @AbdulWahidHT Will you apologise for ur twice spoken insult that my challenge of u is driven by over imbibing? #righteousanger"[797]
@peejaybhoy: "@MoAnsar @AbdulWahidHT "we condemn all loss of life" but YOU cant bring urself to condemn THIS atrocity. To avoid knee jerk reaction? Puleez"[798]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@peejaybhoy @MoAnsar I have no problem condemning any mass murder regardless of religion."[799]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@peejaybhoy @MoAnsar But curious as to why some might question that in such a belligerent and provocative way?"[800]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@peejaybhoy @MoAnsar And I think my brother Mohammad is correct to avoid knee responses to specific incidents and rather give a general view"[801]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@peejaybhoy @MoAnsar Especially when Muslims expected to condemn everyissue but much larger scale murder of Muslims justfied as peacekeeping"[802]
@peejaybhoy: "if u look at my timeline u will c it started by asking mo if he had heard of group responsible. The news shocked me."[803] "Mo knoes from previous exchanges i sm very critical of UK and US govts actiins in Iraq and elsewhere."[804] "The difference between us seems to be that i am prepared to condemn evil - regardless of its origins."[805] "Neither of u can bring urself to condemn the murder of 27 catholics at mass becsuse - as it turns out - ..."[806] "...the perpitrators are muslim. I didn't expect that. Mo's position took me by surprise, as did his resorting..."[807] "...to personal insults! How can u fight injustice when u r selective in this way? It is the politics of the..."[808] "...school playground to say "i'm not condemning this because others don't condemn that" Todays murders r indefensible"[809] "...yet both of u talk of avoiding knee jerk reactions. Wot is it u need to know before condemning such evil?"[810] "Ur partisan, nay, sectarian reaction is shameful and completely undermines ur criticism of the evil actions of..."[811] "...others u condemn. Fortunately most righteous people can recognise evil regardless of the religious label worn."[812] "Not to condemn this because govts claim peacekeeping elsewhere is hypocritical. I condemn all evil from all sources."[813] " u guys do selectivecriticism and shy away from condemning such horrible actions as todays. That's where we differ."[814] "Mo has been on here cuddling up to Christians RT statement on xmas from MCB, which i RT because i knew it to be true"[815] "...he also charmed us with talk of sitting on santa's knee and wearing a santa hat. Such a cuddly, christian friendly"[816] "...guy. But when real evil appears the santa hat is tossed aside and the cowardly murderers in nigeria r not to be..."[817] "...condemned. He must wait...neither he nor u say wot for. It seems u r waiting for something to justify such evil?"[818] "Shame on u both. How can u pretend to work for greater understanding of faiths when u take such a stance? Failing.."[819] " ...to condemn evil actions means u support the evil actions. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do"[820] " ...nothing. Step forward gentlemen. And Mo i'm still waiting for an apology for the personal insults."[821]

On 27 December 2011 (on Mo Ansar's wife):

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Does she follow you on twitter as well bro??!!"[822]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Ha! Just report to her regularly (but my mum is). Wife threatened to set up anon 'V' account just to give me grief ;-)"[823] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "@IExposeUdotcom @MoAnsar How else are we supposed to disagree and argue with each other??!!! ;-)"[824]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT lols"[825] (now deleted)
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar I agree. Nasty!"[826]

On 29 December 2011:

@AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar ...or the guaranteed suntan!"[827]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar ...or the guaranteed suntan!"[828] (untweeted)
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Amazing. Why Tony Blair is REALLY in the quartet. airmiles.ca/arrow/RewardsP… @SeumasMilne"[829] (now deleted)

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar this last one is too cryptic for me, bro"[830]

@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Ha! Apologies. Katie Price aka Jordan. Whatever you do, dont Google her. If you dont know already, trust me, you dont want to!"[831] (now deleted)

On 30 December 2011:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Obama should be judged on his actions, not on hopes people had in him. He has been as warmongering as his predecessors #drones"[832]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar Obama should be judged on his actions, not on hopes people had in him. He has been as warmongering as his pre ..."[833] (unretweeted)
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Agreed.."[834]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar We must always remember, America is never one man. It's its institutions - and that means a Capitalist military-industrial complex"[835]

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar is "founds" a word?"[836]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar is "founds a word?"[837] (now unretweeted)
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Haha! Yes, crossed my mind too. Its one who established something i.e. founded. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!"[838] (now deleted)

On 31 December 2011, Ansar retweeted Abdul Wahid's tweet to Ansar and Mustafa:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa Mashallah hundred of Muslims, young + old, in masjid in London on the night of New Years Eve!!!! May Allah reward them"[839]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar @tajimustafa Mashallah hundred of Muslims, young + old, in masjid in London on the night of New Years Eve!!!! ..."[840]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar @tajimustafa Mashallah even two non Muslims here to hear the Islamic reminders!!!"[841]

Ansar has since untweeted his retweet of the Hizb leader.


On 2 January 2012:

Ansar and Hizb ut-Tahrir Chair discuss BBC The Big Questions

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar "The Big Questions is back this Sunday, 8th January".Don't you find this one of the most shallow programmes on TV? I can't bear it!"[842]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT I usually go. Its the most watched religious talk prog in the country & we need sensible representation. Desperately."[843] (now deleted).

Ansar responded, but deleted his response.

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar I respect ur reasons why you want to go, it's just design of the programme is such that best contributions are drowned out by dross"[844]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT You wont get me disagreeing with you there. But voices need to get out. Particularly disprop reprsentn on the panel."[845] (now deleted)

Ansar responded, but deleted his response.

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar It's classic BBC 'rigged' debate! Not just on Islam, or religion but on other issues as well."[846]
@MoAnsar: "Yes @NickyAACampbell generates debate. Better Muslim representn has been missing which hopefully will get better in 2012 @AbdulWahidHT"[847] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar It's classic BBC 'rigged' debate! Not just on Islam, or religion but on other issues as well."[848] (now deleted)

Ansar responded twice, but deleted his responses.

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar "controls" debate would more accurate, IMHO"[849]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Yes, perhaps so."[850] (now deleted)

Ansar responded, but deleted his response.

More interactions with Hizb ut-Tahrir

On 5 January 2012:

@AbdulWahidHT: "Those inside the system end up playing by system's rules to survive. That's why so many lose their principles. #trevorphilips"[851]
@AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar Those inside the system end up playing by system's rules to survive. That's why so many lose their principles. #sadiqkhan"[852]
@MoAnsar: "Generalise with Muslims. Generalise with women. Generalise with black people. Never, ever generalise with our white rulers. Never."[853]

@AbdulWahidHT retweeted this.
On 20 January 2012:

@MoAnsar: "Okay... the big one. My son's getting married today... DEEP BREATH.. .1, 2, 3... GO!"[854]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Mubarak to u and family bro. May Allah bless their marriage and unite their hearts and bring them closer to Him in everyway"[855]

On 22 January 2012:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Not many people realise in Islam you don't tax income, or have VAT & spending taxes that hit everyone…the poor disproportionately"[856]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Inshallah you'll enjoy reading this...http://www.newcivilisation.com/home/economy/the-tax-we-love-to-pay"[857]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Jazakallah bro. As long as it wasn't cos of the 31st Jan deadline!"[858]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Ha ha... yes and a £100 fine whether you owe tax or not. A corker."[859] (now deleted)

Ansar responded, but deleted his tweet. On 25 Januwary 2012:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar "Cool, hip and funky chap" could be abbreviated to "CHUNKY chap"[860]
@MoAnsar: "RT @AbdulWahidHT: @MoAnsar "Cool, hip and funky chap" could be abbreviated to "CHUNKY chap""[861] (now deleted)

Ansar deleted his retweet response.
On 31 January 2012, Taji Mustafa tweeted:

Mustafa: "The girl killed by Barack Obama - she never saw it coming http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4p9mbigx3&reload=3#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D_9DE0ON_Uzo&v=_9DE0ON_Uzo&gl=GB … #drones via @STWuk"[862]

Ansar responded by retweeting Abdul Wahid's tweet:

Ansar: "Via @tajimustafa: The girl killed by Barack Obama - she never saw it coming http://m.youtube.com/?rdm=4p9mbigx3&reload=3#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D_9DE0ON_Uzo&v=_9DE0ON_Uzo&gl=GB … #drones"[863]

On 12 and 13 February 2012, Taji Mustafa and Abdul Wahid tweeted to Ansar:

Mustafa: "@MoAnsar A message to support the Uprising in #Syria from two young children in UK http://t.co/4mEqyvm6 #LDNSyriaMarch #Homs "[864]
Wahid: "@MoAnsar see this A message to support the Uprising in #Syria from two young children in UK http://t.co/HzVheDTQ "[865]

Ansar made no response.
On 21 February 2012, Mohammed Ansar responded to a direct tweet to him from Taji Mustafa, by indirectly retweeting that comment:

@TajiMustafa: "@MoAnsar governments and soldiers from the 'civilised world' don't do such things, do they?"[866]
@MoAnsar: "RT @tajimustafa: @MoAnsar governments and soldiers from the 'civilised world' don't do such things, do they?"[867] (now deleted)

Ansar has since deleted.
On 23 March 2012:

@MoAnsar: "Mrs A is poorly so this Friday afternoon I'm cooking. Bring it on. http://twitpic.com/906itw"[868]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Better than a pot noodle bro!"[869]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Alhmdlh - now that *would* be harsh. Actually, my cooking's not half bad but nice to have chkn & chips for tea #jumuahtreat."[870]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Jummah mubarak to whole family."[871]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT Taqaballahu minna wa minkum and only wonderful things, all the best and more to your loved ones brother."[872]

On 6 April 2012:

@MoAnsar: "And my mother's reminded me its my birthday in 10 minutes... thankfully I stopped celebrating on religious grounds some time ago :) #25again"[873]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar You extremist! ;-)"[874]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT I know. Crazed loon, that I am. Thankfully, I'm still 25."[875]

On 23 April 2012, Mohammed Ansar responded to a tweet by Taji Mustafa, addressed to @MoAnsar directly:

@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar When #France electn themes included; burqa, halal meat, immigratn...why d huge surprise that Le Pen's Far right got record result?"[876]

MoAnsar retweeted Taji Mustafa's tweet.

@MoAnsar: ".@tajimustafa France has lost its identity and political direction, utterly obsessed with Islam and the false god of integration politics."[877]

Ansar's tweet was retweeted 3 times. Taji Mustafa responded:

@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar Som in UK feel France far right win "cldnt happen here" but UK & Europe promote natnalsm\patriotsm'-root of far right's sentiments"[878]

On 5 May 2012, Taji Mustafa promoted a 2011 Guardian article to Ansar, which Ansar retweeted[879]. Two previous tweets of the same article received two[880] and zero [881] retweets.
On 6 May 2012, Abdul Wahid tweeted:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar If tweets had background music, what would this one be? #lastniteofproms"[882]
@MoAnsar: ".@AbdulWahidHT I'm assuming it would be Rule, Britannia!"[883]

On 10 May 2012, Taji Mustafa began a conversation with Mohammed Ansar:

@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar By havn title 'Let’s b honest. Thr’s a clear link w/ Islam', D Aaronovitch's grooming article must hav sold more paprs. Respnsibl?"[884]
@MoAnsar: "@tajimustafa Great link in a little green box to frontpage on today's Times, too."[885]
@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar sorry. I didnt get you last point!"[886]
@MoAnsar: ".@tajimustafa They weren't shy about squeezing it below the fold. http://twitpic.com/9jl2fw"[887]
@tajimustafa: "@MoAnsar Jzk"[888]

On 22 May 2012, Ansar retweeted Taji Mustafa's tweet to him, linking to Hizb ut Tahrir Britain article:

@MoAnsar: "RT @tajimustafa: @MoAnsar Rochdale grooming case demonstrates the sickness in Western Society | Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain bit.ly/MgxvGz"[889]

He then wrote:

Ansar: "If you read http://www.hizb.org.uk/current-affairs/rochdale-grooming-case-demonstrates-the-sickness-in-western-society … and only saw "blah blah westernisation is evil", the issues are far too complex for you #stayathome"[890]

On 27 June 2012, Taji Mustafa promoted a Hizb ut-Tahrir article to Ansar:

Mustafa: "@MoAnsar The monumental challenges awaiting Dr Mohamed Morsi | http://t.co/bhGlXjK3 http://t.co/QqFW8b2K [891]

Ansar responded by tweeting the Hizb ut Tahrir article to his followers:

Ansar: "The monumental challenges awaiting Dr Mohamed Morsi | http://bit.ly/OoKyJz via @tajimustafa[892]

On 2 September 2012, Mohammed Ansar promoted a Hizb ut Tahrir article as a "must read":

@MoAnsar: "RT - Attacked for my hijab. A UK Muslim woman's experience http://bit.ly/PP19Co (via @tajimustafa) > a must read."[893]

Ansar's tweet linking to Hizb ut Tahrir was retweeted 12 times by his followers.
On 22 September 2012, after Taji Mustafa[894] appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme[895], Ansar declared that Taji Mustafa was:

@MoAnsar: "Usually very good. Perhaps blinded in headlights?"[896].

On 19 October 2012, Ansar promoted Shareef Hafiz, a Hizb ut-Tahrir speaker:

@MoAnsar: "If you're in Manchester in an hour, get to Stockport Road: "Has freedom gone too far?" pic.twitter.com/g6qYhPHo (via @tajimustafa)"[897].


On 30 Jan 2013, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:

@MoAnsar: "Timbuktu manuscript researcher says accounts of burning of manuscripts FALSE, potentially started by French as pretext: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ks2hrr"[898]

Abdul Wahid was second to retweet Ansar's tweet, and responded:

@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar Interesting. You'll remember when they told us Iraqi troops were turning off babies' incubators in Kuwait. #warpropaganda"[899]
@MoAnsar: "@AbdulWahidHT The usual knee jerk reactions from orientalist revisionists like our friend @holland_tom. #WarWar"[900]
@holland_tom: "@MoAnsar @AbdulWahidHT If Timbuktu's mayor is wrong & Ansar Dine do turn out to have conserved its shrines & manuscripts, I'll be delighted"[901]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar @holland_tom I don't pretend to be a Mali expert but too many others do. Goodies vs Baddies narrative too simplistic to be credible"[902]

On 11 March 2013:

@DAaronovitch: "@MoAnsar Secularism is what permits you to worship in this country, Mo. And you should never forget it."[903]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@DAaronovitch @MoAnsar Why not add " Now bow your head in gratitude. All praise the real established religion of the UK"?"[904]
@MoAnsar: "@DAaronovitch @AbdulWahidHT I hadnt realised we were in such debt. I had thought it an inalienable human dignified right. Apologies."[905]
@AbdulWahidHT: "@MoAnsar @DAaronovitch Didn't you know bro that in secular societies some people are more human than others!"[906]

On 5 June 2013, Maajid Nawaz tweeted:

Maajid Nawaz: "Slightly disturbed by Mo Ansar's seemingly friendly endorsement of Hizb ut-Tahrir extremists. I hope it's not true "[907]

Mo Ansar appeared to threaten Maajid Nawaz with a libel suit:

@MoAnsar: "What endorsement? Typing "seemingly" doesn't remove a libel."[908]

On 29 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:

@MoAnsar: "I've always stood against extremism. I have never been an extremist. Not everyone is able to say this."[909]
@dibinism: "@MoAnsar Retweeting and defending Hizb ut Tahrir is not a stand against extremism"[910]
@MoAnsar: "@dibinism It is also not extreme."[911]
@dibinism: "@MoAnsar Given your main line of attack against @MaajidNawaz is his former membership of HT with #onceanextremist you seem (1/2)"[912] "hypocritical. Pointing out your support was libelous before http://en.anarchopedia.org/Talk:Mohammed_Ansar#Hizb_ut-Tahrir … so you clearly found something extreme (2/2)"[913]

New Civilisation and the Hizb website

New Civilisation is a print and online magazine produced by Hizb ut-Tahrir[914]. Ansar has promoted this magazine and the Hizb website at least thirteen times since September 2011[915][916][917][918][919][920][921][922][923][924][925][926][927].

Muslim Brotherhood

Anas al-Tikriti

Ansar has described Anas al-Tikriti, President and founder of the Cordoba Foundation - a UK based lobby group for the Muslim Brotherhood[928] - as "my dear friend, the brilliant @anasaltikriti"[929].
On 2 Sep 2011, Ansar announced that he had met Anas al-Tikriti last night (1 September 2011):

Ansar: "Nice to meet Anas Al Tikriti tonight. He's a big fan of my blog, how about that! moansar@blogspot.com"[930]

On 3 October 2011:

@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Alhamdlh. Look forward to it dear brother. Let us know when it will be aired."[931] (now deleted)

On 9 March 2012, Ansar announced he had received a gift from al-Tikriti following a Southampton ISOC event:

Ansar: "A lovely, inspirational evening with my friend @anasaltikriti. Can only apologise for delaying him 30mins en route. The food is worth it :)"[932]
Ansar: "A simply beautiful gift of arabian oudh from dear friend @anasaltikriti http://twitpic.com/8twb08"[933]

al-Tikriti received a gift of food from the Ansars:

al-Tikriti: "Mrs. @MoAnsar 's fantastic spread which I came back with late last night. Where does one start?! pic.twitter.com/3Ikw48ns"[934]

On 15 March 2012, a conversation evolved following a Muslim Council of Britain event:

@MoAnsar: "Time for less tweeting. Now eating. Hope you enjoyed the talks. I'm exhausted :D"[935]
@anasaltikriti: "@MoAnsar Excellent job covering the event. You've earned your keep my brother; enjoy the food:-)"[936]
@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Alhamdulillah you've disappeared into the shadows. Like all good superheroes ;)"[937]
@anasaltikriti: "@MoAnsar As they say: My work is done here! Seriously though, very early start tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the evening and travel safely."[938]
@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Jzk. And you too brother. To Watford tomorrow en route to Cambridge for an event but InshaAllah see you soon."[939]
@anasaltikriti: "@MoAnsar Let me know if there's a chance for a tea stop in Harrow. We'd be delighted."[940]
@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Alhamdulillah dear brother, I fear its only a very fleeting stop over in Watford to drop off the kids. Lots of prep to do :("[941]
@anasaltikriti: "@MoAnsar Next time Insha'allah. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Science Fest."[942]
@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Jzk dear brother. If I didn't have homework to do, I'd love to pop by. Discipline and sacrifice - sometimes no fun !"[943]
@anasaltikriti: "@MoAnsar 'Discipline and Sacrifice'. Sounds like someone's still buzzing from last night's @MuslimCouncil event:-) I know I am!"[944]
@MoAnsar: "@anasaltikriti Ha! Perhaps. Just the harsh realities. Science, evolution and humanism. Need to be on my game tomorrow :)"[945]

On 29 August 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted to his "dear brother"[946]:

@MoAnsar: ""English originated in Turkey". Our #EDL and uber nationalist friends are going to love this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19368988 … (via @anasaltikriti)"[947]

Gehad El Haddad

Mohammed Ansar has described Gehad El Haddad as "impressive":

@MoAnsar 5:56 PM - 26 Jun 2012: "BBC Hardtalk with Gehad El Haddad (Senior Political Advisor, Freedom and Justice Party, Muslim Brotherhood) http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01k849r/HARDtalk_Gehad_ElHaddad_Senior_Political_Advisor_Freedom_and_Justice_Party/ … #Impressive"[948] (archived[949])


Ansar is a strong admirer and supporter of Morsi:

18 November 2012: "When President Morsi of Egypt spoke, he spoke words for all of us."[950]
27 November 2012: "Morsi is doing a great job at returning Egypt to its proper position, a jewel in the Islamic crown of Muslim majority nations."[951]
8 December 2012 "Morsi is by all accounts, an honourable, honest an pious man. He's been elected leader which is a blessing..."[952]
23 December 2012: "Morsi needs to be allowed to spearhead a new strong, and yes, Islamic revival in Egypt;"[953]


Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA)

2011 Chaired iERA debate at University of Southampton ISoc

On 5 December 2011, Ansar chaired a debate organised by University of Southampton Islamic Society between Clive Thorn and Adnan Rashid of the iERA/Hittin Institute entitled: Islam or Christianity: which is the way forward?[954][955]. In that video, Ansar mentions that iERA's Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Yusuf Chambers will be speaking on separate nights to the Southampton University ISoc later in the week. In January 2012, iERAuk contacted Mohammed Ansar to let him know that:

@iERAuk 9 Jan 2012: "You can request @AbduraheemGreen via http://www.iERA.org.uk InshaAllah @MoAnsar"[956]

Subscript text======Promotions======

29 Apr 2012: @Shifra5 Check out: idci.co.uk and IERA"[957]

IDCI is a forerunner of iERA, founded in 2000[958] and vice-chaired by iERA's Yusuf Chambers.

27 Jul 2012: "@Moriah_XO There are lots of websites out there. Turn to Islam and IERA are very good for dawah, sunnipath for opinions. Personally, I ..."[959]

Evolution and 'Embryology'

2 May 2012: "Embryology in the Quran - all the misconceptions and myths answered in one document: http://www.iera.org.uk/downloads/Embryology_in_the_Quran_v1.1.pdf … #PerfectIslam"[960]
1 Feb 2013: "Evolution and Islam. Revelation, Science and Certainty. iera.org.uk/researcg/evolu..."[961]

Mediation on behalf of iERA with Peter Tatchell

On 18 March 2012, Mohammed Ansar revealed that he'd mediated on behalf of iERA:

@MoAnsar 10:43 AM: "Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe Peter Tatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq"[962]
@mysteryhousewfy 10:48 AM: "@MoAnsar He's an Islamophobe?"[963]
@MoAnsar 10:53 AM: "@mysteryhousewyf Unfortunately. Which is also sad since I've been a gay rights advocate for 10yrs."[964]
@mysteryhousewyf 10:54 AM: "@MoAnsar Thank you. Do you have a link or a quote that I could read that supports that? (just reading your blog BTW)"[965]
@MoAnsar 10:56 AM: "@mysteryhousewyf Happy to discuss, a little later on perhaps. If that's ok."[966]
@mysterhousewfy 10:59 AM: "@MoAnsar That's fine. Understand and much appreciated. Thank you."[967]
@MoAnsar 11:04 AM: "@mysteryhousewyf A Muslim organisation called IERA do a massive amount of outreach work to dispel myths and..."[968] "... misconceptions about Muslims which leads to horriric Islamophobia. PT went out of his way to block a conference..."[969] "...being organised by them on combatting Islamophobia. He petitioned the hotel and used his website and influence to..."[970] "...activate a mass movement against IERA and the hotel chain. Appalling use of islamophobic language..."[971] ... and total refusal to engage, discuss at all his actions, or apologise. I sent him a lengthy email to try and mediate."[972]
@mysteryhousewfy 11:19 AM: "@MoAnsar I find it hard to believe @petertatchell is Islamophobic Per Se. rather both groups defending incitement at extreme end of each."[973]
@mysteryhousewfy 11:20 AM: "@MoAnsar Were those advocating execution of LGBT present at conference, I can understand, if not then surely a misunderstanding. Perhaps?"[974]
@mysteryhousewfy 11:22 AM: "@MoAnsar @petertatchell I read a great article this morning about peaceful language of conciliation and change.... http://www.soulseeds.com/grapevine/2011/11/speaking-up-for-change/ …"[975]
@mysteryhousewyf 11:24 AM: "@MoAnsar Begins with position of acceptance rather than struggle. I read some of your blog and appreciate your many perspectives.Interesting"[976]
@MoAnsar 11:29 AM: "@mysteryhousewyf We dispel hate by education and being prepared to challenge our misconceptions and bigotry."[977]
@mysteryhousewfy 12:43 PM: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Here it is. The problem is in the language & root of difference. We are limited by word cages. http://www.runnymedetrust.org/uploads/publications/pdfs/islamophobia.pdf …"[978]
@MoAnsar 12:45 PM: "@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell I know the report. I've had to speak on it at length. The fact remains that there are many good Muslim..."[979]
@MoAnsar 12:54 PM: "@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell My lengthy email to PT discussed our commonality and the need to work together to dispel hate."[980]
@mysteryhousewfy 12:59 PM: "@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Yes. Fear is the root of all conflict and hate. Understand the difference, Remove the fear, Erase the Hate. Begin.:)"[981]
@mysteryhousewyf 2:41 PM: "@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Perhaps,to label people 'Islamophobe' or 'zionist' without due justification may also undermine YOUR work.Just saying."[982]
@mysteryhousewfy 2:42 PM : "@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Feel there is real danger in dividing world into 'Muslims', 'Zionists', 'Islamophobes' and 'Other'. Really. Feel sad."[983]
@mysteryhousewyf 2:57 PM: "@MoAnsar Understand. Justice isa relative term,thus social justice also. You're an intelligent and talented man.I wish U success and clarity"[984]
@MoAnsar 3:02 PM: "@mysteryhousewyf As an educationalist, I sense (and observe) a real desire to strive for social justice amongst the thinking youth."[985]
@mysterhousewyf 3:07 PM: "@MoAnsar Yes, and as an educationalist I worry that the thinking and Less-thinking youth will look to us to steer. And we must steer fairly."[986]

Distributor of iERA Revert Dawah Boxes

Mohammed Ansar has pointed 'reverts' in the direction of iERA: @mikemitchener (now ‏@maalikmartin) 26 Apr 2013: "@MoAnsar salaam brother, you know the gift box you gave me when we met, do you know I can get one, got a guy who I think could be a brother"[987]

26 Apr 2013: "@mikemitchener I got it from iERA. I may have one or two left. Let me have a look and inshAllah if so, I'll post it to you."[988]

This appears to refer to the "Dawah Gift Pack", which are "Welcome Packs ... distributed over 300 new Muslim Welcome Packs to reverts nationwide to assist them in their initial transition into Islam"[989]'< Ansar has been mentioned on a revert website based in Southampton called South Coast New Muslims[990]

Adnan Rashid

9 Jun 2013: "Great to see brother Adnan Rashid speaking so eloquently on Syria this morning. #bbctbq"[991]

Tom Holland

Mohammed Ansar has said of Tom Holland's documentary that: "it was an intentional attempt to obfuscate and eliminate real evidence."[992]. Ansar claims that Holland is his friend (21 Jan 2014):"I can't help it, I like him. I think we are for the most part, friends. Friends who bowl beamers at one another. @holland_tom"[993], but previously has said to Hizb ut-Tahrir leader, Abdul Wahid (20 Jan 2013) that Tom Holland is an "orientalist revisionist"[994].

Garmonowen 29 Aug 2012: "@MoAnsar What is it that you disliked about Islam prog Mo? Am asking out of interest not to pick a fight. I know the grief you get bro"[995]
‏@MoAnsar 29 Aug 2012: "@Garmonowen Do you mean Tom's one?"[996]
‏@Garmonowen 30 Aug 2012: "@MoAnsar yes."[997]
‏@MoAnsar 30 Aug 2012: "@Garmonowen Read these: http://www.iera.org.uk/press_29aug2012.html … and http://www.ramadhanfoundation.com/channel4untold28082012.htm …"[998]
@MoAnsar 30 Aug 2012: "@DAaronovitch I value your opinion David. Have a look at these: Read these: http://www.iera.org.uk/press_29aug2012.html … and http://www.ramadhanfoundation.com/channel4untold28082012.htm … esp. first one."[999]
31 Aug 2012 :"The Asian Image and @iera statements were on the money. If you havent seen them, do have a look."[1,000]

Islam versus Atheism debate

During the Islam versus Atheism debate between iERA's Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Professor Lawrence Krauss[1,001] at the University College London, Ansar live-tweeted a running commentary. Ansar resorted to abusive ad hominems against Krauss:"Krauss attempted to avoid a podium made for taller people, he twigged it made him short and emasculated. He was right".[1,002], and; "Krauss stood up, towers 10" above his opponent and the seated Chairman. Napoleonic? Absolutely"[1,003]. Ansar deleted the latter of these statements, after criticism[1,004].
On 12 December 2013, after students protested gender segregation in British universities[1,005], Mohammed Ansar, seemingly oblivious to his own previous point-scoring" and "mischief making", he hypocritically tweeted:

@MoAnsar: "I witnessed first hand, mischief making and ignorant point scoring at the ignorant UCL debate with Krauss. He was out of line as were those students."[1,006]

On 12 December 2013, Mohammed Ansar's views on gender segregation were satirised, and Ansar threatened libel action against its originator: "That's a libel."http://twitter.com/MoAnsar/status/411153896640225281</ref> and "We'll be in touch."[1,007]. The tweet has since been removed.

Also on 12 December 2013, Mohammed Ansar wrote: "I entirely oppose gender apartheid and always have. None of my statements support it. Hence the libel."[1,008]. However, on 8 June 2013, Mohammed Ansar had began a thread on twitter supporting gender segregation with the following statement: "Apart from the odd swivel-eyed loon, Twitter is unanimous that its both natural and quite groovy to have informal segregation at gatherings."[1,009]

Other fallacies were also tweeted by Ansar during the debate:"Krauss in denial that deductive reasoning and the scientific method were pioneered through Islam and by Muslims", contrary to the fact that deductive reasoning, pioneered by Aristotle, pre-dates Islam by several centuries.

During the online debate which raged following the debate, Ansar used equalities legislation[1,010] to argue that UCL's opposition to gender segregation was in breach of equalities legislation, saying it was an: "illegal practice contrary to equalities legislation"[1,011]. Ansar stated that: "in UK law, it is a requirement to make REASONABLE adjustments under the Equality Act to include others."[1,012] and that the iERA's "providing male, female and mixed seating ... is REAL equality and inclusivity."[1,013].

While Ansar claimed that iERA had not enforced segregation at the debate[1,014], his view didn't match with the experience of other attendees. Eyewitness Chris Moos, of the London School of Economics, reported reported that:"Separate entrances were in place for women and men, although couples were allowed to enter via the men's door. Several members of the organiser's security team directed people to stand in either the male or female queue based on their sex, both at the entrance to the building and the lecture theatre/ Signs pointing to "men" and "women" areas were in place. There were no signs for a mixed seating area, and attendees were guided by the guards to either the "female" or "male" area. Only attendees who insisted not to be separated were guided towards a "mixed" area, which comprised two rows."[1,015]

On 10 March 2013, Ansar discussed the event on his facebook page, saying: "This debate yesterday was quite a spectacle. The nonsense before hand was quite unnecessary. Again we see how the human rights of Muslim women must give way to the rights of white men."[1,016]. On 11 March 2013, Ansar characterised many engaged in the "UCL 'segregation' debate" as "unable to set aside self-interest of anti iera/Islam/theism."[1,017]. However, according to Sheik Google:

"There is no harm also if men and women sit in the same hall while they observe the ethics of Islamic interaction between males and females. In Islam, segregation is not a requirement, men and women used to interact in society without any partitions; they were working together even in the battlefields. We read in the sources that women such as Aishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Umm Sulaym and others used to serve the wounded soldiers. There, there is nothing for men and women sitting in the same hall as long as they observe the Islam guidelines of interaction and avoid indiscriminate mixing an mingling."[1,018]

Ansar encouraged iERA to "to challenge UCL over their potentially defamatory statement"[1,019] after UCL banned iERA from holding further events on their premises[1,020].

On 12 March 2013, Mohammed Ansar stated that he believed in: "Gender segregation for religious modesty, is everyone's inalienable human right to practice their religion."[1,021].

Ansar's views on gender segregation

On March 12, 2013:

"Firstly, I've never asked for, nor do, I segregate seating at any of my talks or events."[1,022]
"Secondly, it is a person's inalienable human right to express their religion in any way they wish, so long as it does not harm others."[1,023]
Thirdly, if a person of religious orthodoxy wishes to sit in segregated seating, as a secular society we should be tolerant and inclusive."[1,024]
"Fourthly, there needs to be a balancing of human rights; for religious rights to be accomodated without infringing the rights of others."[1,025]
"Fifth, for absolute clarity: I do not support, nor condone, nor did I witness at the UCL event, enforced or forcible segregation."[1,026]

Ansar views opposition to segregation , as "intolerance towards orthodoxy"[1,027]


On 9/11

From Mohammed Ansar's blog - Ansar's on a Postcard - with it's strapline Hurling truth against falsehood, we discover that he panders to 9/11 'Truthers':

16 Apr 2006 - "We have no conclusive proof of who committed 9/11, why the towers were 'pulled', why airplanes were modified, why steel ... Mohammed Ansar"[1,028]

On Antisemites


On 28 December 2013 on twitter, Mohammed Ansar commented on Anelka's post-goal gesture, suggesting that it might not be antisemitic, but instead that the footballer was being smeared as an antisemite using 'guilt by association':

@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 7:14pm: "Anelka's goal celebration brouhaha: anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic or fascist? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25537686 … @StanCollymore"[1,029]
@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 8:21pm: "@steveplrose @StanCollymore I've heard about this guilt by association stuff - and its been attempted against me to. I think its absurd."[1,030]
@Akhlaq1386 ":@MoAnsar @StanCollymore In response to your own tweet, what you think of Anelka's gesture & the intentions of doing it?"[1,031]
@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 8:55pm: "@Akhlaq1386 @StanCollymore *IF* the info on Dieudonné is correct, it was a stupid and potentially racist action. We'll wait and see."[1,032]

MoAnsar then retweeted @anelkaofficiel's tweet sometime between 9:18pm and 9:22pm:

@MoAnsar: @anelkaofficiel: "This gesture was just a special dedication to my comedian friend Dieudonné"[1,033]

Mohammed Ansar's retweet garnered a great deal of attention:

@daaronovitch, 28 Dec, 9:22pm: "@anelkaofficiel @MoAnsar Balls. Your ‘comedian friend’ is a well-known and convicted anti-Semite. As you must surely be aware."[1,034]

Ansar continued with his original theme:

@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 9:54pm: "Astounding that some will attack Anelka for stupidly honouring an anti-Semite but say little about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians."[1,035]
@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 9:55pm: "And let's be *VERY* clear about one thing: speaking up against Zionism and for the plight of the Palestinians is NOT anti-Semitism."[1,036]
@MoAnsar, 28 Dec 2013, 10:20pm: "Nicolas Anelka was wrong. On the evidence, his actions were quite probably anti-Semitic and we must speak-up against anti-Jewish hate."[1,037]


On 28 October 2011:

@DAronovitch: "When a good person uses "chosenness" about Jews, it's really time to worry. My Jewish Chronicle column this week - http://bit.ly/sAP5y9"[1,038]
@MoAnsar: "Absurd no less than using antisemitism for a non Semitic group of European settlers (sephards excluding)."[1,039]
@DAronovitch: "Do you have any idea where the term 'anti-semitism' comes from? What the history of it is?"[1,040]
@MoAnsar: "As interesting to look at conflating criticism of Zionism with antisemitism. We feel for the actual Semites (Palestinians)."[1,041]
@DAaronovitch: "I asked you if knew where the term anti-semitism came from. You seem to think that Jews invented it, creating term for themselves."[1,042]
@MoAnsar: "No one said that. Qs is whether non Semites can ostensbly claim antisemitism, chucking it in with antizionism. Qui bono?"[1,043]
@DAaronovitch: "I think you mean 'cui bono'. And I ask you for the third time whether you know what the origin of the term 'anti-semitism' is. ????"[1,044]
@MoAnsar: "Vanilliarity during a massacre isn't righteousness. The REAL anti-semite-ism Philistines continue to complain about. Perverse."[1,045]
@DAaronovitch: "Anti-semitism (since you won't answer the question) was a term coined by pseudo-scientific Jew-haters in late 19th century."[1,046]
@MoAnsar: "Don't be obtuse. Original qs was about Pseudo-Zionists conflating anti-zionism with anti-semitism. You've always done it."[1,047]
@DAaronovitch: "I've always conflated anti-Zionism with anti-semitism, have I? Fine. So give me one example of where I've done that. Just one."[1,048]
@MoAnsar: "6th April 2009 (my birthday) at the Sunday Times Literary Festival. Want more?"[1,049]
@DAaronovitch: "In what way did I 'conflate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism' at that session? It was recorded so you should be able to quote."[1,050]
@MoAnsar: "You attacked Palestinians & anti-Zionists as being anti-Semitic. Why look towards Kurds, Tibet or Darfur for relativism?"[1,051]
@DAaronovitch: "You're making it up as you go. At no point did I 'attack Palestinians', but I did attack the anti-semitic buffoon Gilad Atzmon."[1,052]
@MoAnsar: "Atzmon was a gimme. The Venn diagram safe space between non-Islamophobe, vanilla on Zionism is a busted flush."[1,053]
@DAaronovitch: "I have no idea what that last tweet of yours means. And my guess is that you haven't either."[1,054]
@MoAnsar: "The ugly cacotopia is that antisemitism is actually Euro-Zionism against Shemite Palestinians. Qs: Jews a race, even Semitic?"[1,055]

On 4 November 2012, Mo Ansar, supported an article by Gilad Atzmon promoted by Yvonne Ridley, denying the article was anti-Semitic:

@MoAnsar: "Atzmon goes after Zionism / holocaust-neo-Jewry, not ALL Jewry. You label it anti-semitic, ok. Do you do the same for Islam?"[1,056]

Journalist Mehdi Hasan weighed in:

@mehidrhasan: "Mo, pls stop. Atzmon has produced crazy anti-Semitic smears, statements and conspiracy theories."[1,057]
@mehidrhasan: "@DAaronovitch @moansar @holland_tom Mo, there is a reason why most palestinian solidarity groups and even the SWP have repudiated Atzmon!"[1,058]

On 22 March 2013, Mo Ansar brought up Atzmon and Francis again, in relation to criticisms made of an article written by Mehdi Hasan:

@MoAnsar: "@mehdirhasan @azadaliCCM @HotterThanCurry It seemed to be that when Gilad Atzmon or Joanna Francis do something similar with Jews..."[1,059].

On 28 December 2013, during the Anelka debate, Mohammed Ansar appears to use a veiled reference to Atzmon:

@MoAnsar: "@DAaronovitch @anelkaofficiel And ha, cute! My complaint to you was about Zionism not Jewishness. You knew it then and know it now. Still."[1,060]

Joanna Francis

On 15 March 2013, Mo Ansar promoted the antisemitic, racist, extreme-right wing Catholic journalist Joanna Francis:

@MoAnsar: "MUST READ: "A letter from a Christian to a Muslim Woman" - by Joanna Francis http://texasmuslims.lefora.com/2009/03/25/a-letter-from-a-christian-to-a-muslim-woman-by-joa/"[1,061].

Later tweets by followers of @MoAnsar were retweeted by Mo Ansar[1,062].

The subsequent twitter flurry by antifascist antiracist activists[1,063], exposed fully Francis's antisemitic conspiracy theory "journalism" and received positive support from Tell Mama UK[1,064], and the Community Security Trust, members of whom became involved in dialogue with Ansar[1,065]. That dialogue was to no avail, and despite Francis being exposed as a racist anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, located within "the crazy right wing of Catholicism", Ansar did not delete or retract his promotion of Francis' writings:

"A LISMORE priest has distanced his parish from a local extremist group of Catholics who back claims of a Jewish conspiracy of genocide against Christians. St Carthage's Cathedral rector Father Dennis Carroll this week took the unusual step of censuring the anti-abortion group Apostles for Life in his parish bulletin. Fr Carroll told parishioners the group had lost his support and had been discontinued as a parish group. He warned parishioners 'to be wary of the anti-Jewish views expressed' on the group's website.
Those views included an article by anti-Semitic writer Joanna Francis, which says abortion-on-demand 'for American Jews signified the beginning of their Messianic age, wherein they could now freely practice genocide against their ancient enemies, the Christians, with impunity'. In other articles, Ms Francis has also claimed Pope Benedict XVI was a Zionist double agent and that Israeli snipers were killing US soldiers in Iraq.
When contacted by The Northern Star, Fr Carroll said he stripped Apostles for Life of its status as a Parish group early this year 'because they have spun off into the crazy right wing of Catholicism'. This week's censure came after Fr Carroll was contacted by the Inter-Faith and Ecumenical Commission about the anti-Semetic material. He said he had not known of the material before being contacted by the commission. [1,066].


Mohammed Ansar has recommended the work of a notorious extreme right wing Catholic racist, Benjamin H. Freedman. Ansar's claim that Jesus wasn't Jewish[1,067][1,068][1,069] used an article, written Freedman, to support his argument [1,070][1,071][1,072]. The article Mo Ansar used was located at an extreme right wing Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, holocaust denial website www.biblebelievers.org.au
On 28 November 2012:

Ansar: ""When and how Jesus became 'white' http://huff.to/10XuMtW " < He's not white, not black. Just Palestinian."[1,073]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Actually, to be precise, a Jewish Mediterranean Semite."[1,074]
Ansar: "Who said he was Jewish?"[1,075]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Why, who said he wasn't Jewish?"[1,076]
Ansar: "I do: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesusjew.htm"[1,077]
Lillbirdtoldme: "Despite the semantic & political battle in yr 2 examples,why then did he celebrate Passover,a soley Jewish rite?"[1,078]
Ansar: "Semantic battle? I really think you should take some time and read Freedman's research more carefully."[1,079]

Also contained within the link to "Freedman's research"[1,080] were claims that European Jews are descended from "Turko-Finn ancient Mongolian" Khazarian converts:

Freedman: "Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called "Jews" throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom."[1,081]

Ansar has used the antisemite Freedman's Khazar conspiracy theory several times on his blog and on twitter when advocating for Palestinians, who would most likely be horrified at the use of an extreme right-wing Catholic antisemite associated with hate-preacher Gerald K. Smith to promote their cause.


In January 2013, Ansar, billed as a "social and political commentator", appeared as a guest on Ernie Rea's Beyond Belief radio programme about Anti-semitism in Europe [1,082] alongside Dr Ed Kessler, Director of the Woolf Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Faiths and Dr Yaakov Wise, from the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester.

Mohammed Ansar presented the controversial Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, as having "a nuanced understanding" of anti-Semitism:

Mohammed Ansar: "We have somebody who’s been considered a very controversial Muslim scholar in the West, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who goes to great lengths to ensure that people have a nuanced understanding and saying if you have difficulty with Israeli foreign policy, if you have difficulty with military occupation, this is something distinct from Judaism and Jews. And so regardless of many of his other statements, I think it’s really important that wherever we work we continue to make this distinction.".

Despite Ansar's suggestion that al-Qaradawi's other statements be disregarded, a nuanced understanding of al-Qaradawi's attitudes to Jews cannot be achieved if previous statements calling for "total war"[1,083] between Muslims and Jews[1,084] are disregarded.

Birth Rates

On 25 February 2012:

Ansar: "My prediction some time ago, was that stemming the tide of Islam in the West was beyond reversal..."[1,085]
Wojtunik: "I think the spread of atheism in the west is beyond reversal. #itsnotacompetition"[1,086]
Ansar: "Check the birth rates sometime. #neveraracetotheonecominglast"[1,087]

Ansar has since deleted his last tweet.

On 29 October 2012:

Moghul:"I'm patient. We'll be majority minority soon enough"[1,088]
Ansar: "Get on with it. #Babies"[1,089]
Moghul: "+5"[1,090]
Ansar: "+6. Keep up."[1,091]

Ansar has two step-children[1,092] from his wife's previous relationship.


Mohammed Ansar has "read almost everything" on evolution, and claims that "a leap of faith" is required regarding common descent, i.e. sharing a common ancestor with apes. In February 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:

@MoAnsar: "Oh dear. Another 'missing link' story on the BBC. So many fabrications over the decades. Human evolution, 2 million years. No thank you."[1,093]
@MoAnsar: "Curious. Why have there been so many hoaxes to plug the evolution gap over the years.. and where exactly are all those missing links?"[1,094]
@MoAnsar: "Islam explains life & the universe - science, the Creator, evolution, interventions, pain, suffering - even delusions"[1,095]

On 21 Dec 2012, Mohammed Ansar blogged an interview by Robin Ince:

Mohammed Ansar: "When we come to evolution, the million dollar question I’m often asked is ‘do you do common descent?’. Well, for me the jury is in on natural selection and certainly on intra-species evolution. On common descent, the evidence doesn’t yet meet the high threshold, although I’m certainly not of a closed mind. Having read much on the subject, including more recently Coyne, Miller and the unirascible and softly treading Shermer, I’m not yet convinced on common descent.

Acceptance requires a gargantuan leap of faith and as a person of logic and reasoning, it’s not a leap I can make without the evidence. If my belief was founded on faith and not reason, blind trust and not knowledge, then perhaps that leap is easier to make."[1,096]

On 13 Jan 2013, Mohammed Ansar retweeted:

@bbcbigquestions: "Nicky Campbell is on at 10 on BBC1 holding the ring on an extremely lively debate - Is it time all religions accepted evolution?"[1,097]

A debate ensued:

@rizzoo: "MoAnsar are you referring to the 'theory' of evolution?? Whatever it is, its still a theory bbctbq"[1,098]
@MoAnsar: "@rizzoo @bbcbigquestions Not all evolution can be bracketed together. #bbctbq"[1,099]
@rizzoo: "@MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions some species become better accustomed to their environment, it doesn't follow that we came from apes #bbctbq"[1,100]
@inayatb: "@rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions We don't 'come from apes'. We share a common ancestor with apes. See http://tinyurl.com/aan8ybk #bbctbq"[1,101]
@MoAnsar: "inayatb rizzoo bbcbigquestions Now that bit is debatable, on the science. Read my piece."[1,102]
@inayatb: "MoAnsar rizzoo bbcbigquestions Evidence for common descent is compelling. Read Robert Asher's Evolution & Belief. He is on today's prog."[1,103]
‏@kalam2509: "@MoAnsar are u blocked from bbctbq as well as AN lol?"[1,104]
@‏MoAnsar:"inayatb rizzoo bbcbigquestions I've read almost everything. Not convinced on common descent. Too big a leap of faith reqd."[1,105]
@‏MoAnsar: "kalam2509 I have a great relationship with Mentorn and bbcbigquestions. They are a great team."[1,106]
@‏kalam2509: "MoAnsar bbcbigquestions would've great been to see u on the panel today!"[1,107]
@‏MoAnsar: "kalam2509 bbcbigquestions InshaAllah, another show. Did 2 or 3 last series + documentary."[1,108]
@rizzoo: "inayatb MoAnsar bbcbigquestions compelling or not depends on your understanding but its still theoretical without hard evidence"[1,109]
@‏RyadAlly: "OFFICIAL: inayatb believes he comes from the Ape! Is that really so? rizzoo moansar bbcbigquestions TBQ pic.twitter.com/8VvsGSmM"[1,110]
@‏RyadAlly: "Bro inayatb do you really believe Muhammad (saw) and a zoo monkey has a common ancestor? Really? TBQ moansar rizzoo bbcbigquestions"[1,111]
@‏inayatb: "RyadAlly MoAnsar rizzoo bbcbigquestions Go and read a good science book before exposing ur ignorance to the world."[1,112]
@SaifRRahman: "SaifR@inayatb @rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions Disagree with all of u. We dont come from apes; nor share commn ancestor with apes. We ARE apes."[1,113]
@SaifRRahman: "@inayatb @rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions I suggest you all take look @ biological/zoological classification of ape species"[1,114]


On 30 November 2012, Ansar opined:

"Record numbers, some 545,000 Polish passport holders, now live in the UK. Evidently, we seem to be importing Eastern European Islamophobia."[1,115]

Owen Jones "a British columnist, author and commentator associated with left-wing politics"[1,116] openly expressed his disappointment with Ansar's bigotry: "This is as bad as Islamophobes who use issues of sexism or homophobia to justify their bigotry"[1,117]. Jones explained further: "You're making the same arguments as Islamophobes. 'Bigoted Muslims coming in, challenging our liberal and tolerant values'[1,118].


On 6 December 2012, Ansar said:

Ansar: "Morsi is attempting to create a stable and democratic Egypt, in spite of the fact some are suffering from 'revolutionitis'"[1,119]

On 2 July 2013, Ansar declared that:

Ansar: "Egypt are fast becoming ungovernable and a laughing stock. Incredibly sad for such an honourable, ancient and noble peoples."[1,120]

On 3 July 2013, Ansar espoused a conspiracy theory that the military coup in Egypt was sponsored by the USA:

Ansar: "The US sponsored military coup in Egypt tonight, brings the total number of govts usurped by US since WW2 to almost 100."[1,121]


On 14 April 2012, Ansar said of the Islamic Republic of Iran that:

"Its[sic] no more islamic than this is Christian. Shiaism and unislamic practices are... well.. unislamic. Labels be as they might."[1,122]

Ansar was asked to clarify what he meant by this tweet[1,123], but failed to do so. He deleted this tweet between 13 and 14 October 2012[1,124].


Ansar: "#Mali is the 5th poorest nation in the world, with a $60m arms budget and an army of 10,000. Still enough to handle 300 extremists. #bbcqt"[1,125]

It's about the Gold, Stoopid

On his blog, Ansar characterised the military intervention in Mali, as being only about gold:

Ansar: "The French invasion of Mali, Islam and Tunisian rebellion; the new gold rush. The Golden Age of Security: http://moansar.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-golden-age-of-security.html"[1,126]
Ansar: "#Mali - France is obsessed by Gold. It has more of its assets held in Gold than virtually any other European country."[1,127]

Ansar called the intervention a "re-invasion":

Ansar: "The French re-invasion of #Mali, the lessons of the history of Tunisia and the West African gold rush: http://www.moansar.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/the-golden-age-of-security.html … #bbcqt"[1,128]

Claimed the French were sponsoring genocide

Ansar claimed that the French were sponsoring a genocide:

Ansar: "The French are sponsoring a genocide."[1,129]

Conspiracy Theory re. Islamic Heritage, Shrines and Manuscripts

On 28, 29 and 30 January 2012, Ansar began spreading a conspiracy theory to his twitter followers that it was not Islamist militias who had destroyed shrines and manuscripts in Timbuktu , but the French[1,130].

"Not a suicide bomb in Iraq, until the UK and US invaded. Not a Malian manuscript set alight until the French re-invaded. #JustMusings"[1,131]
"Moh'd Mathee, African Timbuktu manuscripts researcher says the French might have created the manuscript burning story: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ks2hrr"[1,132]
Ansar: "Timbuktu manuscript researcher says accounts of burning of manuscripts FALSE, potentially started by French as pretext: twitlonger.com/show/ks2hrr"[1,133].

The Director of the Tomboctou Manuscripts Project, Dr Shamil Jeppie, clarified in an interview with PBS, that while "the number of lost manuscripts is closer to 2,000" and ##"that a lot of manuscripts were hidden or spirited away from Timbuktu to keep them out of reach of the jihadis", "a significant number of manuscripts were burned, and were burned by Islamist extremists". Additionally, Dr. Jeppie stated, via pers.comm. to Professor Llewelyn Morgan, stating "that Dr Mathee has no affiliation to the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project" and that "Dr Mathee does not speak or write in its name"[1,134]

Islamism in Africa

On 3 February 2013, Ansar wrote:

Ansar: "Islam in Africa. The West wants to rid Africa of Islamism (very, very roughly Islam as a political force). #DoTheMath pic.twitter.com/rBIYBanA"[1,135]


The first mention of slavery came on 29 April 2012, when historian Tom Holland tweeted in response to Mohammed Ansar's claim that Islam delivered 'the West' from the 'Dark Ages':

@MoAnsar: "Ask yourself: why don't our kids know Al Ghazali, Al Kindi, Al Farabi, Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd delivered the West from the Dark Ages? #think"[1,136]
@holland_tom: "@MoAnsar The main role played by Muslims in delivering the West from the 'D Ages' was likelier as purchasers of slaves. Henning, J., 2003, Slavery or freedom? The causes of early medieval Europe’s economic advancement"[1,137]

The topic reappeared in July 2012, when a discussion arose between Ansar and Holland in response to historic conversions to Islam:
14 July 2012

@MoAnsar: "#IslamicHistory: academic John Renard, St Louis University says the idea Muslims converted people at the point of a sword is inaccurate"[1,138]
@holland_tom: "Indeed - early Muslim authorities discouraged conversion. They needed lots of infidels to provide them with their tax base."[1,139]
@MoAnsar: "Cheeky. You know the Quran, the Prophet and Islam prohibts proselytisation. Now, the Christians however...."[1,140]
@holland_tom: "Yes - the Arabs wanted tax-payers, not converts - &, of course, "such slaves as God has assigned to you through war." (Q 33.50)"[1,141]
@MoAnsar: "You're better than this Tom! Its Geller and Spencer like to keep taking verses out of context. Is this your driver, now?"[1,142]
@holland_tom: "Not at all - I don't deny that Islam brought great benefits to the war-torn and exhausted M East. But the Arabs WERE imperialists."[1,143]
@MoAnsar: "Tom, buddy. A methodology of discourse which involves taking Quranic verses out of context is beneath you #TakeItOnTheChin"[1,144]
@holland_tom: "But the Quran DOES talk about God granting booty to the Faithful. That's not to condemn it - just to say it's a book of its time."[1,145]
@holland_tom: "And just to show I'm being even-handed, there's nthg in the Q that sanctions booty-taking on the scale of the Bk of Joshua."[1,146]
@MoAnsar: "War booty or RnB?"[1,147]

15th July 2012

@MoAnsar: "#IslamHasAnswers - In more Islamic times, politicians were allowed NO other sources of enrichment ONLY than their salary."[1,148]
@holland_tom: "Hmm! U know what the Muslims of Kufa said, when brought news of a slave revolt? "But they are our booty - granted us of God!""[1,149]
@MoAnsar: "War booty *probably* not the strongest ground for an English / Empirophile Christian man to venture onto."[1,150]
@Hehirchris: "Sound very much like you are saying Islam no worse than other faiths. Thought it was supposed to be better!"[1,151]

@holland_tom: "But I'm not holding up Clive as a moral exemplar! And also, haven't you forgotten the bit about Muslims inventing the lightbulb?"[1,152]

@MoAnsar: "Islam allows for war booty as many things. But they are not as defined by the West, as Tom knows. For example..."[1,153] "..In Islam slaves were permitted, so long as they were given full rights, ate at the same table as the family..."[1,154] "were entitled to all human rights, marriage, property, to be clothed from same clothes as the best the family..."[1,155] "...wears. Revisionists often conflate this with Amistad-style slavery. Same word, entirely different thing."[1,156]
@holland_tom: "Empires cannot be great without also being predatory & terrifying. I wldn't look to any of them for moral exemplars."[1,157]
@holland_tom: "Iraq under the Umayyads & Abbasids was racked by slave revolts - so the slaves can't have been THAT happy."[1,158]
@Hehirchris: "@MoAnsar Not so sure... what about the Barbary Corsairs? Carried out slave raids all over Europe. Not cuddly slavery either!"[1,159]
@MoAnsar: "Like I said, revisionists always look to conflate issues they know to be false. And take verses out of context, too"[1,160]
@MoAnsar: "@Hehirchris Perceptions or realities and are we conflating tribes who arent following Islam, with Islam itself?"[1,161]
@Hehirchris: "Pirates of Barbary by Adrian Tinniswood well worth a read on this topic. A fascinating aspect of early modern history."[1,162]
@holland_tom: "'Origins of the European Economy' by Michael McCormick - appetite of Caliphate 4 slaves so vast it changed Eur history."[1,163]
@MoAnsar: "@Hehirchris @holland_tom I'm get quite the tummy ache from ingesting the nonsense from Western, biased and inauthentic accounts."[1,164]

Media Appearances (Internet, Newspaper, Public, Radio, Television)


BBC The Big Questions - The Welfare Debate

On 5 February 2012, Ansar appeared as a front row, unbilled guest[1,165]. Ansar referred to his blog post as an article, and claimed that the consequence of the benefits cap would lead to a form of "ethnic cleansing on our streets". Other billed guests took objection to Ansar's characterisation[1,166].

Cambridge Science Festival - Religion versus science: Can we live in a world of overlapping magisteria?

On 19 February 2012, after the twitterspat below, where Ansar called Harris "a little mean"[1,167] before accusing Harris of having "poor manners"[1,168], Robin Ince suggested the "two should meet at Cambridge science festival"[1,169].


Ansar: "Dawkins believes people label themselves Christian and aren't *really* Christian and skewing the figures. #bbctbq"[1,171]
Ince: "well that tweet has persuaded me not to watch Big Questions"[1,172]
Ansar: "Haha! Hope that doesn't count when I'm on it."[1,173]
Ince: "Ansar so i rely on you and drevanharris to give me some idea what is going on and realise I am better off without it"[1,174]
Ansar: "Tried talking to DrEvanHarris but he was a little mean. Shame could have had a good chat."[1,175]
DrEvanHarris: "when did we meet? I think you mean I disagreed with you..."[1,176]
Ince: "perhaps you two should meet at Cambridge science festival (I will email you Doctor)"[1,177]
DrEvanHarris: "So I was a "little mean" because I disagreed with you on twitter? Hmm."[1,178]
Ansar: ""Profound apologies, 'tweeted' . Disagreements are fine, no excuse for poor manners"[1,179]
Ince: "don't start yet"[1,180]

On 17 March 2012, Ince questioned: "a panel of the religious and non-religious, including Mohammed Ansar, the Reverend Richard Coles and [Dr Evan Harris[1,181]], on whether there really is a battle between religion and science as portrayed in the mass media or if the two can survive happily side by side."[1,182]

BBC Sunday Morning Live

On 24 June 2012, while Ansar appeared on Samira Ahmed's Sunday Morning Live[1,183], he was not billed as appearing on the programme: "Samira Ahmed is joined in the studio by Peter Hitchens, historian Francis Beckett, and journalist Christina Patterson"[1,184].

BBC The Voice of God

On 2 Jul 2012 (repeated 18 March 2013), Ansar appeared on BBC Radio The Voice of God, presented by broadcaster Reverend Richard Coles, introduced as a "Muslim commentator"[1,185]

Coles: "(16:43) Muslim commentator Ansar intoning the opening verses of the Qur'an."
Ansar: "The words of the Qur'an, which are essentially unchanged for the last 1400 years, not a coma, not a word, not a letter, are revelations given to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from God via the archangel Gabriel. We would consider this, without any question, to be the word of God."
Coles: "If not the speech of God, the Qur'an preserves the word of God, and we shall know it by its beauty." So beautiful, in fact, that a couple of lines stayed the murderous hand of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, who intended to kill the prophet, but ended up being converted by them to Islam."
Ansar: "This was considered to be an untouchable, preeminent work of poetry, and even today, if you examine the Qur'an, it is miraculous in its use of poetry, in its construction and in its form, and it is absolutely for people who understand Arabic, a thing which is absolutely unmatched. So learning the Qur'an and transmitting that message to others is hugely significant and hugely important in Islam. We know that in most towns and villages and cities where Muslims are, they have somebody who is considered to be Hafiz. And a Hafiz is somebody who has memorised every line, every word and every page of the Qur'an. Which is actually quite incredible. It's like saying that somebody has memorised the entire New Testament word by word, verse by verse. Somebody said the figure was somewhere in the region of fifty-thousands Hafiz, or Hifz of Qur'an, in the world. Even if every physical copy was taken away tomorrow, we would be able to reproduce copies instantly."

BBC Sunday Morning Live

On 23 Sep 2012, Ansar appeared as a guest on BBC Sunday Morning Live[1,186], billed as a "Muslim social and political commentator"[1,187], to discuss reactions to the Innocence of Muslims film:"

Ahmed: "I want to start with you, Mohammed. Muslims have chosen, in a way, to make a very big deal about a pretty rubbish film. And it has been an overreaction. hasn't it?"
Ansar: "There's no doubt it's a rubbish film, but this isn't Film2012. We're not here to critique the artistic quality of the film. One of the things they're very clear about is they don't understand the context of the hate, of the pain, of the suffering, that Muslims feel in response. Now, Muslims should never go beyond the limits and the boundaries of Islam in terms of peaceful protest and ..."
Ahmed: "But they've done it, haven't they, in plenty of countries."
Ansar: "Some have done it, and I think the question we should be asking is: Some, not all".
Ahmed: "Yeah"
Ansar: "I've seen the film. It was not very funny. It was pretty disgusting. It was awful in some places. And we do have a right to freedom of expression in this country. However, even the European Convention on Human Rights, in article 10.2, sets limits on that freedom of expression and it needs to be used responsibly, and it needs to be used in a measured sense."

Internet Radio - Vox Populi

On 15 November 2012, Ansar appeared as a guest alongside Dan Adler on the internet radio show Vox Populi, hosted by "actor-activist"[1,188] Sean Astin, to discuss "the current situation in Israel"[1,189].

BBC Radio 5 Live

On 26 November 2012, Nicky Campbell talked to Ansar about the UK Independence Party, fostering, and multiculturalism[1,190].

Brian McLaren - In an evening of music & conversation

On 3 December 2012 in Bristol and 4 December 2012 in Southampton, Ansar joined Brian McLaren "in conversation"[1,191].

New Statesman - What We Believe

On 19 December 2012, Robin Ince, as a guest editor for New Statesman, continued to discuss the theme of non-overlapping Magisteria[1,192]. Ince presented Ansar as a broadcaster and social commentator[1,193].


BBC Radio 4's Beyond Belief

On 28 January 2013, Ansar, billed as a "social and political commentator", appeared as a guest on Ernie Rea's Beyond Belief radio programme about Anti-semitism in Europe[1,194] alongside Dr Ed Kessler, Director of the Woolf Institute for the Study of Abrahamic Faiths and Dr Yaakov Wise, from the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Manchester. Ansar presented the controversial Egyptian cleric, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, as having a nuanced understanding of anti-Semitism:

"We have somebody who’s been considered a very controversial Muslim scholar in the West, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who goes to great lengths to ensure that people have a nuanced understanding and saying if you have difficulty with Israeli foreign policy, if you have difficulty with military occupation, this is something distinct from Judaism and Jews. And so regardless of many of his other statements, I think it’s really important that wherever we work we continue to make this distinction."

Despite Ansar's suggestion that al-Qaradawi's other statements be disregarded, a nuanced understanding of al-Qaradawi's attitudes to Jews cannot be achieved if previous statements calling for "total war"[1,195] between Muslims and Jews[1,196] are disregarded.

BBC Radio 5 Live - British Involvement in Mali

On 29 January 2013, Ansar, presented as a political and social commentator and Col Bob Stewart, Conservative MP for Beckenham, talked to Tony Livesey about British involvement in Mali[1,197].

Livesey: "I'll start with you Mohammed Ansar. Do you think we should be sending our non-combat troops to Mali?"
Ansar: "No. Without a shadow of a doubt I don't think we should. I think there is actually very little support from the public; from key politicians. I think the cuts to troops that we're going to be seeing between now and 2015 mean that we have a vastly demoralised and under-resourced army. I think the Prime Minister's speech in Davos at the World Economic Forum, effectively last week now, raised serious concerns about a potential quagmire that we might be entering. So I think Jim Murphy has hit the nail on the head. And just as a last point, we saw General McChrystal and Bob Woodward, who wroteObamawars, comment on the situation in Afghanistan, where one in three of those we were training were leaving to join Al Qaeda and we were spending billions of dollars every month to train up people who are killing our troops."
Livesey: "Bob Stewart, we're better off out of it."
Stewart: "Well I don't think we have a choice, actually. I think what's happened is this place has suddenly hit the headlines, but it's been brewing up for a very long time. And these people, these terrorists, are moving into this ungoverned space in the north of Mali particularly, and from there, most people who look at it, are very concerned that it might just become a place from which we will be attacked. So therefore, the reason why we're there, is not particularly to support the French, but to be in our national interest, to try and stop possible attacks on us from there."
Livesey: "The former head of the army General Sir Mike Jackson suggests that we may face a protracted guerilla warfare. Is that a price worth paying?"
Stewart: "Well I'm afraid that is what David Cameron suggested in the commons last week. And that is why we're there, because actually, we want to actually train up - that's why our troops are going - to train Africans to do the job. Because - I agree in part with your previous speaker - our armed forces are too stretched and we cannot actually continue to police the world."
Livesey: "Okay. Mohammed Ansar do you see, do you accept there is a wider picture to this. And in the short term yes, you can argue that there have been job cuts in the army as well as public sector cutsin Britain, so how can we afford to send military advisors to Mali, but there is a wider issue here of the creeping threat of Islamist terrorists."
Ansar: "Well I think the Prime Minister stated very clearly what his view was on this wider issue. He said: I believe we're in a long struggle against murderous terrorists and a poisonous ideology. He later on went on to talk about the economic potential of west Africa. He went on to talk about Nigerian oil exports and he went on to talk about exploiting and being more transparent with natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa. We have to accept that in the north of that region, we've got Saharan and sub-Saharan Tuareg tribes who are fighting against Malian nationalists - and I'm very uncomfortable with the phrase Islamists - in the south. And really there is going to be no easy way to distinguish between who is a Malian nationalist and who is an Islamist. And effectively what we've seen, with the French going in, and it hasn't been successful at all, it's essentially perpetrated and affected a Tuareg genocide by Malian forces and that is actually what we're seeing on the ground. I think some of the media coverage has been absolutely appallingly sensational."
Livesey: "The French forces claim of course that the Islamists are in retreat. You disagree with that, do you?"
Ansar: "Well, we don't know for sure. I mean, I have to be very clear about this. During the war on terror, and you can make of that whatever you want, the US spent 500 million dollars on securing West Africa as a potential source of extremism and Islamist threat. In 2011 they sent US AID monitors out there to monitor the situation and there, after a year or six months of reporting, decided there were no more than 200-300 extremists across the whole of the Maghreb - across the whole of that region of Africa. Now Bob Woodward has been very clear and General McChrystal has been very clear about Afghanistan. We were in there essentially fighting 32 Al Qaeda terrorists. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility that we're going to join with France and go out to West Africa and fight essentially what, 300 extremists across the whole of the region."[1,198]

PressTV Islam and Life: How are Western Muslims distorting the true message of Islam?

On 14 February 2013, (recorded 4th February 2013[1,199]) Ansar appeared as a guest on Tariq Ramadan's Press TV show, Islam and Life[1,200], following a series of videos uploaded on YouTube, showing vigilantes calling themselves Muslim Patrol, attempting to enforce their own version of Shariah on passing pedestrians. The acts of these vigilantes were were roundly denounced by Muslim leaders[1,201], including the Muslim Council of Britain and the East London Mosque[1,202].

BBC The Big Questions: Does Hell Exist?

On 24 February 2013, Mohammed Ansar was one of many guests on BBC The Big Questions: Does Hell Exist?, hosted by Nicky Campbell at a school in Southampton. Ansar was not billed[1,203] but after being invited by Campbell to answer the question, a ticker briefly introduced him as "Mohammed Ansar - Muslim Interfaith Advisor".[1,204]

Campbell: "Mohammed, you believe obviously that the Qur'an says - it's quite specific about hell - it talks about boiling water and smoke and searing wind, fire of hell is fuelled by bodies of the condemned who receive new skins as soon as the old ones are burned; and there are various pretty gruesome punishments. It's all there"
Ansar: "Not fun".
Campbell: "It's reality, is it?".
Ansar: "One of the things that we've lost I think in recent times in this kind of post-industrial and in particular the twentieth century is the concept of what's unseen. We've become very rationalistic. And one of the things that religion particularly does is it keeps the door open to issues of the spiritual realm and different realms of existence. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) likened the realm of the unseen to as if somebody dipped their finger into an ocean, and having taken your finger out, the water that clings to the finger is the experienced - the seen - realm, and the ocean is the unseen realm."
Campbell: "But according to Liz, you're going to need all the water you can get."
Ansar: "But there's a clear difference between the Islamic view of hell and the Christian view of hell. As Muslims we don't believe that hell is a place of eternal damnation, of fire and brimstone, of a place where you will be ..."
Cambell: "Well that sounds pretty nasty ..."
Ansar:"I'm not saying there aren't not-nice things happen in hell, but I'm saying from the Islamic theological perspective, and this is the Islamic narrative, it's somewhere where people would go - essentially it's like a penitentiary - you would go, you would serve out a term there, you would become spiritually cleansed, and then you move to the place of final abode. And it's far more .. I think the model that Islam has is I think far more inclusive, far more understand.."
Campbell: "A more inclusive hell".<Campbell and audience laugh> "That's great".

Ansar appeared offended when Imam Abdullah Hasan, who has a string of verifiable qualifications in Islamic theology and Arabic, criticised Ansar's description of the Islamic perception of Hell, as watering down "fundemantal aspects of our Deen in the 'pretence' of repelling 'sedition' on national TV" and, of wanting to "appear as an 'authority' and a spokesperson for Islam without possessing basic knowledge of the Deen."[1,205]. Ansar accused Hasan of "backbite and slander", saying: "This is neither the adab nor akhlaq of Muslim behaviour and a grave and worrying thing to see"', and asked that Hasan "be reminded that we cover up the flaws of our brothers and that we remain humble and not amongst the arrogant"[1,206].

BBC Any Questions

On 3 March 2012, Ansar, billed as a "blogger", appeared alongside Esther McVey, Dr Evan Harris, Toby Young, and [1,207]. Four questions were asked:
"What does the growth in support for UKIP tell us about the state of British society in 2013"[1,208];

Ansar: "I think Eastleigh has given us a very interesting picture of where, quite possibly, the future lies in the shape of things to come, for politics, especially up to 2015, including the county elections this summer as well. I wouldn't call it a surge, firstly, for UKIP. I think there is clearly, and I think it's relatively undeniable, that there is a protest vote as part of that component for people going towards UKIP. I think the general public are incredibly disaffected with the current government policies. I think we're unhappy about unemployment, I think we're unhappy about the economy, I think we're unhappy about the outlook and people are talking in terms of a lost generation or even a lost decade. And when you talk about housing, health, the NHS. When you talk about welfare reforms. When you talk about record levels of unemployment. When you see people going to food banks in huge numbers, and when you see the level of detachment that the political classes seem to have, and in fact, are, I can't say putting money in their own pockets, but I can say serving certain interests at the cost of others in society, I'm not surprised people turn to UKIP, I'm really not."[1,209]

"Has the Lord Rennard scandal been blown out of all proportion?"[1,210]

You're shaking your head rather vigorously, Ansar: "I think I have to pick up on something Evan said then. It's right, we know that Nick Clegg said he didn't know the allegations and then they was non-specific. Lord Rennard resigned for health reasons, and then it was not exclusively for health reasons, but potentially was linked. I'm wondering at which point, when these complaints, and they were complaints, and they went to the chief whip, as I understand it as well. When these complaints were made in 2003 and 2007, (and I've been working on equalities and diversity issues for the best part of about 18 years now), at what point were the Liberal Democrats going to decide that equalities legislation, or protection from harassment, kicked in. Because it clearly didn't kick in in 2003, where it wasn't decided that an investigation was required. It clearly didn't kick in in 2007 when an investigation was required. And at some point, when Nick Clegg's foggy memory began to clear and sharpen, it seems then it was decided that we need an inquiry, Not only do we need an inquiry, this is now sub judice, and we're not going to talk about it any more."[1,211]
Dimbleby: "Well it's not formally sub judice"
Ansar: "Well no, it's not formally sub judice, but"
Dimbleby: "I think the leadership has said that they're not going to discuss it, 'cause it's in practical terms from their perspective. An equivalent to sub judice."
?: "There's been 20 interviews by leading party figures on the inquiries being set up and the nature, so it's not being brushed under the carpet."
?: "Absolute rubbish".
Ansar: "But I think there's another dimension as well. There was a story in today's Times which related to this kind-of Rennard hotline which had been set up by Scotland Yard. And they'd opened up for calls for anybody who felt they've been mistreated in some way; who could, in safety and relative anonymity, approach and raise their concerns. And, as far as the story The Times was running today, those concerns have been raised, they've been signposted or channeled toward Liberal Democrat processes, but as far as the story was concerned, those complaints haven't got anywhere either."

"Does the panel think there should be a cap on bankers' bonuses"[1,212];

Ansar: "It's about time there were more ethical rules around the remuneration of bankers. I think that's the first place. I think the next question is: well what are these bonuses going to look like? Now, if we imagine we have a banker, I don't know, let's call him Fred. And let's say Fred earns about a million pounds in the city. there are around earning a million pounds plus, so a million pounds isn't great shakes by city-standards. The current rules being debated, and I think effectively coming into force from Brussels, are that you can be given up to 1x your annual salary as a bonus. So Fred has this shocking situation where he's going to have find a way to get by on merely 2 million pounds a year. On top of that, however, if the shareholders decide, you can get 2 years times your salary. Which means that Fred's bonus is 2 million pounds on top of his million pound salary. Again a very poor situation, poor state of affairs for Fred as he'll only be able to survive on 3 million pounds a year. However, you can take it a step further, because if you as a company structure your bonus in a way that you give a responsibility around debt or shares you could earn quite a lot more. And I wonder how much sympathy the public has over bankers crying around whether they get one, or two, or three plus million pounds a year as a bonus, when we have record numbers of people being made homeless, when we have record repossessions, when our banks are not lending, and effectively it's the tax payers money which has gone to the banks, who are then making losses and keeping their cushy lifestyles. I'm not too sure""[1,213].

"What is the best way to get the best out of school governors who are all volunteers"[1,214]

Ansar: "Having been a governor of my childrens' primary school for four years, and also sat on the governor services review board, and having also sat on the [Hampshire] County Council Children and Young Peoples' Select Committee, the obvious answer to that is education, oddly enough. We need school governors who are not only passionate about the welfare of the school and the welfare of the children, but define the community that they serve, not only in terms of the school. We know that when a school defines itself as a community: as the internal community within the school; the community outside of the school gates in the wider society; the British community, and; then the international community, those schools are far better in terms of achievement and attainment for the children there. But at the minute, as it stands, we have governors and governing bodies which, sadly too often, are relatively insular. There are no checks and balances in terms of the training level, and the governing bodies are being asked to deliver more and more and under this new kind-of Govian regime of education, are going to be asked to take much more responsibility over things which you would expect a paid board of directors to take on. So I think you have to focus on education, I think governing bodies have to be much more tightly regulated, and I think they have to be far more democratic. But ultimately, they there to serve the children's interests, not the Government's interests, and not the interests of any outside or private interests."[1,215]

Following his appearance on BBC Any Questions, Ansar publicly characterised Dr. Evan Harris as "an angry atheist"[1,216]. Harris is a humanist and a Vice-President of the British Humanist Association[1,217].

BBC World News' Impact

On 29 March 2013, Ansar was due to appear on BBC News 24 to talk about Shortt's book Christianophobia. But he had a heart attack and couldn't appear.

"I'll be doing BBC News 24 tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm with Rabbi Glasner and Rupert Shortt discussing his book Christianophobia, and religious tolerance generally. Nothing to worry about.... BBC News only goes out to 358 million households worldwide!"[1,218].

By early afternoon, Ansar altered Rabbi Klausner's name to its correct spelling:

"I'll be on BBC World News tomorrow at 1.30pm discussing Christianophobia with Rupert Shortt and Rabbi Laura Klausner."[1,219]

The next day, after a serious heart attack, Ansar's blog reverted back to Glasner:

"As lovely as she is, I wasn't sure how Rabbi Glasner was going to get a word in ... "[1,220].

The show was eventually broadcast on March 29 (Good Friday) with Dr. Usama Hasan[1,221].

BBC Radio Solent

On 3 May 2013, Ansar, introduced as a social and political commentator, appeared alongside Philip Fawkes who won the South Waterside Ward for UKIP, defeating the Tory incumbent[1,222].

The Mirror newspaper

On 26 May 2013, Ansar appeared in the Mirror: "Woolwich Attack: English Defence League chief and Muslim share a hug"[1,223]. The accompanying photograph featured Tommy Robinson, leader the English Defence League, with his arm around Ansar. Ansar showed one of his by now unfamous pause-faces to the nation[1,224]. The "hug" generated a range of comments on twitter.

BBC Radio Wales

On 7 June 2013, Ansar was interviewed by Jason Mohammad, along with Douglas Murray. Ansar discussed how he originally called for the English Defence League to be banned, and how he later came to hold the opinion that dialogue was the way forward.

Mohammad: "Let's talk to the political and social commentator Mohammed Ansar. Mohammed good afternoon to you. Let's start with the EDL shall we? How do we stop white working class men from being radicalised by the far right? So often on this programme we discuss radicalisation of young Muslim men. Let's start with white working class men."
Ansar: "I think at the minute we live in a time where the tinder has become incredibly dry over the last few years. We have allowed myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims to conflate with arguments around multiculturalism, the political agenda, there's mass dissatisfaction and disenfranchisement due to the economic downtown. And all of these rivers, all of these streams conflating into one lake, which is incredibly unhelpful because what it means is that ... I think there was some recent statistics out for the Islamophobia All Parliamentary Group which said 75% of Britons know little or nothing about Islam and 2/3rds of the ones that do say they only get their information from the media. And if you spend your days reading certain tabloid headlines, looking at the headlines around grooming and terrorism, it's understandable why they would have such misinformation - and I would go further and say disinformation - about Muslims out there.".
Mohammad: "Mohammed, where were you born?".
Ansar: "I was born in Watford, in Hertfordshire. I'm very proud to say so."
Mohammad: "Proud to be British?"
Ansar: "Absolutely."
Mohammad: "You've met and spoken to the EDL. That's a pretty brave thing to do."
Ansar: "I ... Initially, I mean, when the Home Secretary was calling for hate-groups to be proscribed and banned, and people like Al-Muhajiroun and Anjem Choudary's lot were being banned, which I completely agree with. I couldn't understand for the life of me why they had decided not to ban the EDL, who were peddling hate, who are dividing communities, who are really stoking the flames of this storm which is beginning to burn quite brightly across the country. And so, you know, I had initially called for them to be banned. Eventually I decided, look, I can't necessarily agree that banning them is the answer, so we have to get on a level playing field with them, have a face-to-face dialogue. And we have to use in our democratic systems to have the argument, to have the debate, and to answer the questions they had. Some of them are rational, but many of them are irrational fears and we need to address them."
Mohammad: "What was it like discussing it with EDL. Did they have time for you? Did they listen to you?".
Ansar: "I mean, I've had face-to-face dialogue with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL, last year on BBC1. I've had more face-to-face discussions since, and will hopefully have more. He does understand some of these issues. However, I believe that the political rhetoric, the rhetoric of hate and division of the right, has become so intense now, that he's almost at a situation now where he's struggling to roll it back. I'm not saying he's beyond help, as a person of faith I would never say that, and I will continue to reach out and continue to do outreach work with him. What I am concerned about though, is those on the political right, people like Douglas Murray, others, who are conflating Islam and Muslims with the actions of some twisted and deluded criminal individuals. And that kind of stuff is incredibly unhelpful. ".
Mohammad: "How can we deal with radical clerics from the Muslim community?"
Ansar: "There is an - I think there's a vacuum in this country. We have an overwhelming need for dynamic British Muslim leadership. We can't keep sending back to the old country, if you like,- to bring Muslims over here to lead our mosques, our places of worship. We need more social leaders. We need more people of faith coming forward. So there's a gap around education. We need to build better bridges with other different community groups. But it's really important for the government to be tackling extremism in all forms. And whilst we allow people like Anjem Choudary and Tommy Robinson to have huge amounts of air-time given on public platforms to really advocate for their views, people are getting very very skewed view of actually what Britain is. I think we're far more tolerant and far more appreciative of the nuance of the argument and it's almost sickening to see the dumbing down of this debate".
Mohammad: "Let me just ask you, say for example, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP. Tommy Robinson, you've mentioned, the leader of the EDL. Should we invite people like that onto a programme like this?"
Ansar: "I think these are really difficult questions. I completely understand why organisations like Hope Note Hate and others in the past have said we don't support any platform for these individuals. However, anybody who saw the Question Time with Nick Griffin would have agreed that he came across incredibly badly and shot himself in the foot, essentially. And sometimes sunlight is the best disinfectant. And we need to shine a light on these people, on their ideologies. Because whether we like it or not, this idea of not engaging hasn't really been successful. The far right have increased across Europe and across the UK. And I think the government, the prime minister, the task force, really needs to start taking positive steps and clamping down on this stuff."
Mohammad: "Let's read out a few comments. ... What do you say to some of the listeners' comments coming in?"
Ansar: "Firstly, some of the radicalised and extremists - and I'll say criminals not terrorists because I think it's important to make the distinction - like the Woolwich killers, they were born and bred here. This kind of language of forcible expulsions and making life hard across the board for Muslims is the kind of disturbing rhetoric we saw in 1930s Germany in pre-Nazi era against the Jewish population there. And I think, my grandfather fought for British forces in the Second World War and many others did to, and we need to remain conscious that we have a long and proud tradition of standing up against fascism and fascist ideologies. If the middle territory in this country has shifted to the right, then that is something we need to address. And it's not helped by political parties also shifting to the right. Those people who have those messages and tweets and phone calls I understand where you're coming from and genuinely feel the anxiety you're feeling, however persecuting muslims across the board is not the answer, we need to tackle this in a sensible and clear headed and cool way."
Mohammad: "Mohammed, you mentioned Douglas Murray, well, Douglas Murray will be joining us in a few minutes. Writer and broadcaster Douglas Murray joining us in a few minutes. Let us know what you think? What would you do? How would you tackle extremism in British Society?
Mohammad: "Let's say good afternoon to the writer and broadcaster Douglas Murray. How do we stop young Muslim people from being radicalised, in your opinion?"
Murray: "Well there are a whole range of things. It's not an easy matter. One thing of course, which gets a lot of attention, is to ensure that figures like Anjem Choudary, whom there's been a lot of focus in recent days, and quite rightly, are not able to freely purvey a hateful message. There's a lot more that needs to be in wider society, including just in civic society. Not in legal terms, just in terms of people, for instance, treating radical Islamic extremism in the same way, and with the same disdain and horror that they treat the British National Party and racism, and so on. So there's a lot to be done. Some of it can be done at community level. Some of it is simply done by good policing and enforcement of the law. But it's not any one of these things. It's a whole toolbox of things."
Mohammad: "You've written recently about Anjem Choudary. Should he be thrown out?"
Murray: "Where to? No. I suggest he should be put in prison. And I've suggested, I think in yesterday's Daily Mail, exactly the laws which I think he's very clearly has broken and which he should go to prison for. There has been a flawed policy in recent years by the security services and the police, of allowing him to be out in the open, partly in order to keep him under observation and to observe those people who would be attracted to him. I think that process has failed. It has failed in two ways. One. One of the murderers of Lee Rigby had obviously been on that radar and has flipped off it, so it's not failsafe. And secondly, allowing this kind of hate preaching to go unchallenged, I think creates a huge gulf between general public and the police, prosecution authorities, and so on. When people see, for instance, an 85 year old grandmother handcuffed outside a mosque saying horrible things, by all accounts, about Muslims, and yet see Anjem Choudary saying all sorts of horrible things about people - all sorts of people, including Muslims, and remaining free."
Mohammad: "Now Douglas we're getting to the crux of where I want to take this next discussion. You have an e-book out now called Islamophilia. What do you mean by the title. Is it the central premise that public figures are scared right now in the UK?"
Murray: "My ebook on Islamophilia - it's a send-up. It's not about Muslims and it's not about Islam. It's about those ridiculous public figures, from presidents and prime ministers and politicians to pop stars and actors and artists and writers, who say only nice things about Islam, where they criticise all other religions, they say only nice things about Islam, largely because they're fearful."
Mohammad: "Mohammed Ansar is listening to you, Douglas. Mohammed Ansar, what do you have to say?"
Ansar: "Douglas is part of the problem, if truth be told. And on a personal basis ... Douglas and I have done television together and he's very personable, and I agree with much of what he says around the details of Anjem Choudary and others. However, comments like "forcibly exporting Muslims who plot, assist or condone violence against the west"; saying that "conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board"; that "Europe must look like a less attractive proposition"; making statements that demonise all Muslims and Islam; conflating Islam and extremism, and; even Paul Goodman ... who runs the Conservative Home website has said that Douglas Murray needs to disown his arguments that he's made, and that the conservative and mainstream right have distanced themselves from Douglas Murray. And denying that Islamophobia is a hate crime, denying that Islamophobia is like antisemitism. All of these things are being perpetrated by Douglas, and this is creating a wedge, it's creating fear and hostility. And Douglas, you need to start looking at yourself, my friend, and you need to ...".
Mohammad: "What are you suggesting then? Are you saying that writers like Douglas Murray are responsible for the rise in the number of white working class men and boys who want to join the EDL? Is that what you're saying?"
Ansar: "I think there are people at the minute who make a career out of stopping good people in society coming together to stand up against hate, division and disunity. And Douglas Murray is stoking and is fanning those flames."
Mohammad: "Okay. I need to get Douglas to respond to this. Douglas?"
Murray: "Well first of all, Mohammed Ansar is simply making the most offensive, and most gratuitous and silly argument he can make. But if he wants to take things that he selects about me out of context, I could perfectly well cite MoAnsar - as he calls himself on twitter - a row he had with the historian Tom Holland recently, where Mohammed who said, said recently and I quote: "If slaves were treated justly with full rights and no oppression, why would anyone object?". You know, Mohammed, it's part of the problem this, isn't it? That you come on things like this and present yourself in one light. You pretend that your opponents are all terrible, vicious Islamophobes and racists and far-right and so on, and so forth. But until people like you deal with the primary problem of Islamic extremism, the secondary and undeniable problem of the reaction to that cannot itself be addressed."
Ansar: "Douglas, listen, I have come out repeatedly - in the media, in the television, on the radio - to condemn Islamic extremism, Anjem Choudary, the acts in Woolwich ..."
Murray:"Why is it, why is it you don't mind promoting Hizb ut-Tahrir? Why is it you don't mind promoting the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir?"
Ansar: (talking over Murray as he mentions Hizb ut-Tahrir once more) "... Now, now I think, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas, I think, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas, Douglas, I think, Douglas, I think you need to - a discussion between me and Tom Holland - he's a friend of mine - and he's come out clearly and said that our discussion was an academic discussion about history in ancient times and slavery in ancient times, look..."
Mohammad: "Douglas, let him finish and I'll get you back in."
Ansar: "Look, I think it's only fair to respond to what you've said, as I've responded to what you've said. Look. The discussion between myself and Tom Holland, and Tom's come out recently, you can look at his tweets, discusses the historical context of slavery in ancient times, and whether it was a good thing, a bad thing and how people were treated, and I have condemned slavery in all its forms across the board. So there's no question there. Now, the argument is this. You are denying that Islamophobia is real, despite the fact that we have Tell MAMA, which is an organisation which monitors Islamophobic hate crimes. Since Woolwich, we've had 200 attacks on Muslims, we've had ten attacks on mosques, one burnt to the ground. Now, we need to stop this nonsensical and tired rhetoric which has been rejected by the mainstream media, rejected by the public and now it's been rejected by the mainstream politicians on the right. You have to accept that Islamophobia and anti-Semitism these are hate-crimes. I'm asking you if you will acknowledge if Islamophobia is real and will you stand against it?"
Murray: "I do not acknowledge it's real and I'll explain why. First of all, the example you just cited of Tell MAMA, you're completely wrong. Last Sunday in the Sunday Telegraph Andrew Gilligan did an expose of the claim you've just made. Most of the things you describe as attacks on Muslims were things put on twitter, on facebook pages, and so on. Now look. I've already put it to you. It's perfectly clear how to unpick this problem. We deal with the primary issue of Islamic extremism, which is a serious problem. Groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir, which you have yourself had no problem about promoting on your twitterfeed as well..."
Ansar: "And how have I promoted them? Sorry? Sorry? How have I promoted them?"
Murray: "Can I just finish? These are part of the problem. You join me in dealing with against Islamic extremism and the reaction to Islamic extremism, this terrible thing which I do acknowledge does exist - there are people who hate Muslims. That is not Islamophobia by the way. Islamophobia is a term that is meant to encompass everything including any criticism of Islam. Now there are people - and I have written and said this - who may well decide they hate Muslims or all Muslims or so on, and I condemn that and I have done repeatedly and will do repeatedly."
Mohammad: "Can I just ask one final question. Douglas, we're running out of time."
Murray: "Only deal with the primary problem and then they can be dealt with and then the reaction to that problem can be dealt with and will fall away ..."
Ansar: "Douglas, Jason, just to say, I have been dealing with Islamic extremism on a national, local and government programmes for the last five or six years. I'm not sure you have ever delivered a programme to actually deal with grassroots level extremism, whereas I have, so actually you should join me."
Mohammad: "We're running out of time, we're running out of time. We're running out of time and I've got the feeling you two guys will just keep going round in circles. I just want to push it on just a little bit further. We had a Sheikh in on the programme two weeks ago, and he came on the programme, and it's not often you hear an an Imam coming on to a live radio programme to discuss whether the Muslim community is doing enough. He stressed, for half an hour, that they are doing their very best to heal rifts within the community and to root out any possible extremists that might exist within the UK Islamic circle and in mosques. Do you trust the Muslim community? Do you think that community is doing enough to root out these extremists?"
Murray: "There's no such thing as an 'a community'. There are communities. All sorts of different voices from within Islam. Some people in this country are undoubtedly doing as much as they can. Some people are doing more than they can. But is there a problem that needs to be tackled more and harder and better and with more people? Yes, undoubtedly. Not enough is being done across the board. I would like to see more. I think we can deal with this problem. We need to deal with the primary problem and then the reactions to that problem will fall away."
Mohammad: "Right. Thank you for your answer. Mohammed?"
Ansar: "Mosques and Muslim communities - and I agree with Douglas on this: that Muslim communities (and we should address them as that) they are across the board working absolute to their limits in terms of tackling this. We're talking about disenfranchisement. below the poverty line. We are talking about white extremism and disenfranchisement. You know, for people like Douglas and mainstream commentators who do not condone across the board acts of islamophobia and deny that it exists is a problem. We need to increase the the intolerance and this lean and this lurch to the far right it must stop and good people across the country I believe they will unite and stop this.

ITV Daybreak

On 10 June 2013, Ansar appeared briefly on ITV's Daybreak[1,225].

BBC Radio 4 Sunday

On 23 June 2013, Ansar appeared as a "Sunni religious and political commentator"[1,226] alongside Sheikh Mohammed al-Hilli[1,227], interviewed by William Crawley.

Crawley: "Do you agree with that, Mohammed, that sectarian tensions in Syria driving a wedge into the British Muslim community?"
Ansar: "I think to a degree what we've seen is that over the last decade, I mean, for example in Iraq, we've seen the rising Shia influence. In fact, in 2005 it became first Shia-dominated Arab state since the time of the Fatamids about 800 years ago. We've seen a similar rise of influence in Syria and actually increasing sectarianism across the muslim majority countries in the world. However, I think what we tend to find in the UK is that we do have a uniquely British Islamic identity here and there does seem to be a firebreak between events that are happening in the middle east and here. That isn't to to say we're not on a knife edge. I mean there are organisations and think tanks like the Brookings Institute that will argue there's a new sectarianism which is spreading across the world and is a threat to liberal western democracies. But you've also got other commentators who would suggest that actually this idea of a sectarian master narrative is flawed and that there's just as much intra-Sunni sectarianism if you like and tribal conflict and intercommunal tensions as there are outside of Sunni Islam."
Crawley: "Well Mohammed Ansar, if there are influences coming in from elsewhere, Syria, Pakistan and the like, which might, as you put it, put the British Muslim community on a knife-edge, what would you say could be done to challenge that, to calm those tensions?"
Ansar: "I think we've seen in the aftermath of Woolwich and in other situations for example relating to child grooming offences, issues of civic concern and social ills in society. We've seen recently the coming through muslim organisations, individuals, who work in umbrella organisations, they're working across the board, and these individuals and organisations are incredibly united. There is very little, or none that I have ever seen, any tension with Sunnis and Shias and any divisions within Islam. These muslims are coming together to ..."
Crawley: "Would you now have anti-Shia demonstrations taking place?"
Ansar: "Well I think it would be very unwise to look at the actions of discredited and extremist minority groups, such as that led by extremist Anjem Choudary, and extrapolate that to relate that to the whole of muslims in the UK. One of the things I'd like to say, which is very important, is that sectarianism is forbidden within Islam. It is recognised of course that sects exist and there are subdivisions. However, the prophet (pbuh) in his final sermon was clear to state that every muslim is a brother to every other muslim, and the muslims constitute one brotherhood. And in another verse of the Qur'an, muslims at large have been told very very clearly: "as for those who divide their religion and break into sects, we have no part with them" and so been told very clearly."[1,228]

Channel 4 - 4Ramadan

In July 2013, Mohammed Ansar appeared in the Channel 4 series entitled 4Ramadan, in the segment Day 1: Mohammed Ansar[1,229].

"My name is Mohammed Ansar. I am a political and social commentator. I also work as a, er, diversity manager. I think it's important not to politicise Ramadan. I think we have to acknowledge that we've been under a lot of scrutiny of late, and I'll use the word scrutiny. I don't think it's right to say we've been on the backfoot. But Muslim communities have been under a lot of scrutiny of late. Islam as a way of life expects the highest moral standards and the highest moral judgements to be made by Muslims. And when we fall short of that I think it's quite right that communities across the country, and we ourselves, should hold ourselves to account. Ramadan certainly is an opportunity for communities to regroup. It certainly an opportunity for Muslims to find their sense of self, to find their completeness and their wholeness, and to become very very positive members not only to become members of their community, but of broader civic society. When Muslims act in accordance with Islam, when they act in accordance with the noblest truths, the highest standards, communities everywhere look at them and say "Why aren't we more like that?", and actually during the rest of the year "Wow, Muslims are more like that". Ramadan is a spiritual challenge. It's the ultimate spiritual challenge. For thirty days you have to try to perfect yourself. For thirty days, you have to look inside yourself, look inside your heart, deal with any issues of disgruntlement you've got with people around you or even yourself. For thirty days you're only going to be getting four or five hours of sleep at night. That can be very tough, and so you need to learn to dig deep, because you're going to have to get through it, one way or another."

The Times - Even without Israel, Jews would be a target

In an article on his experiences of antisemitism on 26 September 2013, journalist David Aaronovitch makes reference to Mo Ansar[1,230] as a "Muslim commentator"[1,231]:

"There is a Muslim commentator I know, have once had lunch with, he’s often on the telly exuding moderation. He’s very worried about Islamophobia. During my appearance two weeks ago on Question Time he tweeted on the programme’s hashtag (ie, very publicly): “Oh goodness, don’t ask David Aaronovitch [if] we should attack a country in the Middle East which will serve an Israeli national interest.”[1,232]

The Guardian - Mohammed Ansar: My 18 months with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson

On Saturday 19 October 2013, an article written by Mo Ansar about his meetings with the former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, appeared in The Guardian[1,233].

SKY - Al Shabaab Video Threatens British Muslims

On 19 October, Mo Ansar appeared on Sky News to give a statement about the offering of police protection to "several high profile British Muslims" who were threatened in a video released online by an Al Shabaab supporter.

"In the hour-long video, a man with a British accent wearing a black mask over his face, accuses British Muslims who spoke out after Drummer Rigby's murder as having "mutilated the teachings of Islam".
" Political commentator Mohammed Ansar, told Sky News he was one of those named in the video and described feeling "sickened and numb". "It's very difficult to look at a video like that which is inciting hatred and violence and terror on British streets," he said. "And you wonder firstly is this a new dimension, attacking British Muslims beyond overseas, beyond British soldiers which has been diabolical."[1,234]

BBC One - The One Show

On 24 October 2013, Mo Ansar appeared on The One Show to discuss his appearance on the forthcoming BBC documentary "When Tommy Met Mo"[1,235]

BBC BBC One - Quitting the English Defence League: When Tommy Met Mo

On Monday 28 October 2013, Mo Ansar appeared alongside Tommy Robinson, Mohammec Shafiq, Salma Yacoub, Dr. Usama Hasan, Tom Holland, and Maajid Nawaz[1,236]. During the documentary, Maajid Nawaz confronted Mo Ansar about Ansar's position on "basic human rights" by the discussion of hudud punishments such as amputation and stoning to death within the Qur'an and Islamic tradition. The ensuing discussion led Nawaz to describe Ansar's position as "morally reprehensible" when Ansar failed to condemn these punishments but evaded answering by talking about how he formed his "theological opinion"[1,237]:

Narrator: "He was keen to challenge Mo. Maajid revealed deep divisions between him and Mo on how to interpret Sharia law".
Maajid Nawaz: "Has there been any evolution in your own thinking as a result of your interactions with Tommy?"
Mo Ansar: "I don't know. Not particularly. I come from a very ... I think I come from a very reasonable place."
Maajid Nawaz: "If your views haven't changed, then I assume, if I may, that your perspective on, say, the Qur'an says:
"the male and female thief, cut their hands off"
"Would you agree with chopping off someone's hand off as a punishment for theft?"
Mo Ansar: "No, I don't agree with chopping off someone's hand as a punishment for theft."
Maajid Nawaz: "If an Islamic state existed, would you agree with chopping off someone's hand off for theft if all the Sharia conditions are met? Please. Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No? Please. Answer that. I'll tell you my answer. No. What's yours?"
Mo Ansar: "On some of my theological views, I'm clear. On other theological views I like to hear what the consensus of the scholars would be, and on other theological views I'm not made up."
Maajid Nawaz: "Well, If one were to ask my views on stoning to death, whether now, or in a hypothetical ideal Islamic state, I don't believe it's morally justifiable to defer the answer and say "I'm not sure whether someone should be stoned to death or not." That's morally reprehensible.".
Narrator: "Hearing about how Maajid argued so vehemently against Mo, about basic human rights, was a revelation to Tommy."
Tommy: I didn't think a Muslim would confront Mo Ansar. I thought Mo Ansar was being built as the acceptable face of Islam. And that's everything I think is wrong. So when I saw this and I read more up about Quilliam and I looked at what Quilliam has done. I looked at .. they've actually brought change. I want to bring change. I want to tackle Islamist extremism and neo-nazism extremism. They're opposite sides of the same coin."

On 8 October 2013, upon hearing of Tommy Robinson's defection from the English Defence League to join forces with Quilliam, Mo Ansar tweeted:

"I congratulate @EDLTrobinson on his decision. As @QuilliamF and @MaajidNawaz will acknowledge, these journeys do not happen overnight."[1,238]

Upon hearing the news of Tommy's defection, Mo Ansar hurried from his Hampshire-based tweet-station to London, but was blocked from entering the media event, held on 8 October 2013, to question Tommy Robinson on his leaving the EDL to work with Quilliam:

Narrator: "One week later, the worlds' media assembled in Bloomsbury to question [Tommy] about why he was leaving the EDL to join forces with a leading Muslim think tank. Mo, having seen the announcement on twitter, cancelled everything and hurried up from Hampshire to be there too.
Mo Ansar: Naturally there are going to be a lot of people who are sceptical about Quilliam and Tommy working together. Only recently we've seen Tommy's behaviour has been perhaps less than noble. And there are going to be questions raised about ... Is this merely a tactical move? Is this a cynical ploy to put himself forward in the eyes of the public? Or is this a genuine attempt?"
Narrator: "But Mo was kept waiting ... And once he'd gained access with the crew, all were thrown out. Tommy texted to explain. He didn't want Mo claiming any credit for this momentous decision."
Mo Ansar: "I'm really disappointed with how things have turned out. I've spent 18 months talking to Tommy and going on a journey to learn about Islam to extend a hand. I thought it was important to develop a dialogue. Part of asking the English Defence League to put down their hate and prejudice was about having a dialogue. And today it's fallen flat on its face."

On 8 October 2013, before Mo Ansar had been thrown out of the media event, he wrote on twitter:

"I congratulate @EDLTrobinson on his decision. As @QuilliamF and @MaajidNawaz will acknowledge, these journeys do not happen overnight.[1,239]

After he was asked to leave the media event, Mo Ansar tweeted:

"Lastly, I was disgusted by the behaviour of Maajid Nawaz and Tommy today in London. More on this, perhaps later. #OnceAnExtremist"[1,240]

On 29 October 2013, Mo Ansar responded to William Crawley: @WilliamCrawley: "@MoAnsar Have you met Tommy R since he excluded you from the Quilliam press conference?"[1,241] @MoAnsar: "@williamcrawley No. My understanding is that he has refused to share a platform."[1,242]

@MoAnsar: "@williamcrawley And the exclusion was by the head of Quilliam, not Tommy."[1,243]

Tommy Robinson responded by calling Mo Ansar a liar:

@TRobinsonNewEra: "@MoAnsar @williamcrawley u liar pic.twitter.com/OhTv04IARW"[1,244]

Robinson's twitter picture showed a screen capture of a letter from Plank PR[1,245], who represented the media company who produced the documentary:

"Dear Tommy,
I would like to confirm that our
instruction from our client Mentorn
Media was to set up interviews for both
you and Mo together. Mo advised
production that he wasn't happy to do
this and so we have stepped back from
setting up any interviews today.
If you were told that by Radio 5 live that
the PR company had supplied Mo on
the basis that he did the interview alone
so Tommy couldn't be heard then this
PR Company was not either Plank PR or
the BBC's Press office."[1,246]

The above letter, dated 28th October 2013 shows that Mo Ansar told the PR company that he was not happy to share a platform with Tommy Robinson 'today' (presumably meaning on the 28th October 2013, not on the 8th October 2013). This shows that Mo Ansar lied when he wrote on twitter that he had not met Tommy Robinson since the Mo Ansar's exclusion from the Quilliam Press conference on 8th November, because Ansar had instructed the PR Company that Ansar was not happy to do so, not that Robinson had refused to share a platform as claimed by Ansar.

Ansar followed up the televised discussion with Maajid Nawaz by tweeting on 29 Oct 13:

"2. No, I don't believe in shariah implementation in the West, nor in stoning/cutting hands etc. Anywhere."[1,247]
"3. Yes, I believe in and support gay rights. Get over it."[1,248]
"4. I love Islam. It's a great religion. It has an important place in a modern secular society - transformative, it drives social justice."[1,249]

On 30 October 2013, Dr. Chris Allen wrote an exaggerated criticism of the documentary:

"The foil for Robinson was 'Mo' - Mo Ansar - a figure who made for uncomfortable viewing throughout but especially so in two scenes: the first, where he was grilled about stoning and chopping off hands by the Quilliam Foundation's Maajid Nawaz; the second, being excluded from the press conference where Robinson spoke about his decision to quit.
In terms of the latter, it seems bizarre that the 'Mo' in the title was so publicly excluded - and humiliated? - from this crucial moment. For me, this was evidence enough that in the bigger picture, he and many of the other British Muslim 'allies' appearing in the film were little more than convenient stooges.
As regards the former, Ansar was a rabbit in the headlights as Nawaz savagely tore into him about his hypothetical views in relation to shariah law, something that would seem to be markedly different to the approach taken by Nawaz about Robinson's actual views about Islam, Muslims and more. " [1,250]

Claims of misrepresentative editing

On the Daily Politics show, broadcast 29 October 2013, Ansar claimed he'd been subjected to selective editing during his debate with Maajid Nawaz, but on 5th November 2013 on twitter, the narrator, Nicky Campbell, appears to deny that Ansar was selectively edited to appear pro- judicial-amputation, and that Ansar's answers to Maajid Nawaz reflected his opinion at that time, without any revision:

"I will be reading transcript soon I hope. Didn't edit"[1,251]

On 29 Jan 2014, Nicky Campbell pushed to the heart of the matter regarding the 'cartoon scandal', posting a youtube video of Maajid Nawaz questioning Mohammed Ansar about hudud punishments:

@NickyAACampbell 29 Jan 2014: "When @MaajidNawaz met @MoAnsar . The embarassment at the heart of all this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCKlehpQcBQ …"[1,252]

Mohammed Ansar responded, threatening to sue Mentorn Media, the company who produced the documentary:

@MoAnsar 29 Jan 2014: "Mentorn will have their case to answer. And whoever edited the discussion. #expensive"[1,253] (now deleted)

Campbell responded:

@NickyAACampbell: "@MoAnsar I've read the transcript #deeplydissappointing #bringiton equivocation equivocation equivocation"[1,254]

Campbell then indirectly retweeted Ansar's comment about Mentorn and Ansar's threat to sue:

@NickyAACampbell 29 Jan 2014: "BREAKING - MO TO SUE AFTER TV PROG? "@MoAnsar Mentorn will have their case to answer. And whoever edited the discussion. #expensive"[1,255]

Ansar then deleted his original tweet threatening to sue Mentorn, but Campbell's indirect retweet remained.
Meanwhile, less than two weeks back in time, Ansar can be seen sucking it up the assistant producer of Mentorn's BBC Question Time, in an advert for a short-term Producer:

@MoAnsar: "@MHunterTV @bbcquestiontime Bah. How hard can it be... <ducks>. All joking aside, you'd be perfect for it Mike. Who do I tell?"[1,256]

BBC - Daily Politics

On 29 October 2013, Mo Ansar appeared as one of the guests on Daily Politics:

"Mr Ansar told Jo Coburn that Tommy Robinson was a "complex character", and also that there were "soft sides to Tommy, although his rhetoric has been disturbing. She also asked him about equality - women's rights and gay rights - slavery and cutting the hands off thieves."[1,257]

SKY - Terror Suspect Watched 'To Stop Escape Abroad'

On 4 November 2013, Mo Ansar appeared on Sky News to give a statement about Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who "has connections with the Somalian terror group, al Shabaab" and "escaped [Tpim] surveillance by changing into a burka at a mosque"[1,258].

LBC 97.3 Iain Dale

On 19 December 2013, it appears that Mo Ansar was scheduled to appear on Iain Dale's LBC 97.3 Woolwich Special, but failed to participate:

@MoAnsar: "@IainDale Sorry about tonight. We'll do it properly. Promise. Third time lucky? I'm blaming Ken Clarke who came in and caused a kerfuffle."[1,259]
@IainDale: "@MoAnsar Really unimpresed to be honest."[1,260]
@MoAnsar: "@IainDale I can only apologise. Sounded like a great debate. In fairness, these things happen."[1,261]

Ansar then followed up with a short series of two tweets, where Ansar calls Dale 'the lovely' before going on to promote a free podcast from Ansar's appearance on Dale's show in 2012:

@MoAnsar: "For completely missing the lovely @iaindale tonight, a couple of things from earlier... when I wasn't the most inconsiderate person ever..."[1,262] ""What is Islam and why is the Prophet Muhammad so important to Muslims?" | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzVsj1TQITo&feature=youtu.be … | My chat on LBC with @IainDale"[1,263]

Dale then responded to Ansar's apology:

@IainDale: "@MoAnsar Do they. They seem to happen to you quite a lot. I have a policy of three strikes and you're out."[1,264]
@MoAnsar: "@IainDale Never missed a gig. Popped my cherry tonight. You're my first. x"[1,265]

MoAnsar later tweets (for background see https://storify.com/jojowiththeflow/anti-muslim-harassment?utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&utm_content=storify-pingback&utm_source=t.co&utm_campaign=&awesm=sfy.co_bdlp) "For the record, I have reported @LBC's @IainDale for anti-Muslim harassment and abuse relating to his behaviour on 22nd March 2014" and an alleged letter from him addressed to New Hants Police emerged (see https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=717573001597863&set=o.133462746856628&type=3&theater).

Subsequently Ansar failed to respond to any further questions related to the letter.


BBC - The Big Questions

Mohammed Ansar did not appear on the 12 January 2014 edition of The Big Questions, but did get a brief mention [1,266] by presenter Nicky Campbell:

Nicky Campbell (41:45): "That's not Mo Ansar"[1,267].

BBC LONDON LIVE - Vanessa Feltz

Mohammed Ansar appeared on Vanessa Feltz's show as "political and social commentator" discussing the Rennard scandal, the LibDems:

@MoAnsar: "I'll be on @BBCLondon949 shortly with @vanessaonair talking about Rennard, the @LibDems and how not to deal with investigating wrongdoing."[1,268]

Ansar discussed the Rennard case, and briefly mentioned LibDem candidate Maajid Nawaz, not by name, but by the ward he will be standing in.

The Times - Show us Jesus & Mo. It's the Price of Freedom

On 1st February 2013, Mohammed Ansar was featured in an article by Janice Turner in The Times newspaper as "that hot-air balloon":

"Mr Nawaz’s frustration is understandable. In banning the image, the BBC cast him as the faux-Muslim, his opponents as the rational, majority voice that must be heeded.

How can moderate Muslims be expected to speak out, if they are cast as apostates by national TV? Those who have not yet made up their minds will see angry offence as the default position. They hear it proclaimed by the deceptively reasonable Mohammed Shafiq, the Lib Dem, whose Ramadhan Foundation hosts homophobic speakers, and that hot-air balloon Mo Ansar, who argues that gender-divided public meetings are just like BBQs where guys cluster around the grill while wives chat with the kids. No biggie."[1,269]

Here are some of those tweets:

@hsmall: "But, @MoAnsar, you do condone gender segregation if it is "soft"? What's"soft" segregation?"[1,270]
@MoAnsar: "Big garden. Big BBQ. People free to mingle. Men/women gen. hanging abt together."[1,271]
@sundersays: "I agree few people have problem w that, as opposed to organised 'voluntary' segregation"[1,272]
@MoAnsar: "Truth be told, if you had to call it something, it was prob. close to that."[1,273]
@BinaShah: "Disingenous to compare a cute BBQ to separate seating areas in a university event"[1,274]

And of the article itself:

@MoAnsar: ""@PaulAston9: Why don't u order all muslims to shove a Koran up there arse and set light to it"< another fan; phaps @VictoriaPeckham reader?"[1,275]
@VictoriaPeckham: ".@MoAnsar I wondered when and how you would twist my criticism of your views into an attack on all Muslims. You are nothing if not reliable."[1,276]

The Independent - Freedom of speech: Is it my right to offend you?

On 2nd February 2014, Mohammed Ansar was featured in an article by Archie Bland in The Independent newspaper as a "self-styled community leader":

"And then there's Mohammed "Mo" Ansar, a self-styled community leader without quite enough evidence that the community in question agrees.

He, too, has been one of the most prominent of Nawaz's critics. But Ansar has history with Nawaz, who stole his thunder by orchestrating the announcement of Tommy Robinson's departure from the English Defence League when Ansar had just spent 18 months making a documentary with him. Did that history play a part? Who knows. It is, at the very least, worth bearing in mind."[1,277]

BBC Wales - Jason Mohammed

On 4 April 2014, Mohammed Ansar appeared on BBC Wales to discuss 6he Radicalisation Of Young British Muslims:

@MoAnsar: "My discussions with @jasonmbbc on radicalisation, Quilliam, anti-Muslim witch-hunts and McCarthyism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIbqwxxALr8 … #RT"[1,278]


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