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Claims of sexual hypocrisy against Osama bin Laden

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Sexuality of Osama bin Laden

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After Osama bin Laden (WP), the founder of the Islamic terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (WP) (NSWDG), the nature of his sexuality received widespread international media coverage. No, he was not gay, by "sexuality" we mean he liked sex and pornography.

After his death, his first wife Najwa bin Laden described him as a "sex machine" in an interview by American investigative journalist Jean Sasson and said that it was "the sleeping time" that she found to be the best during her stay with bin Laden.[1][2]

File:Osama bin Laden portrait.jpg
After his death, the nature of Osama bin Laden's sexuality was made the subject of international news coverage that served US propaganda interests

[edit] "Herbal Viagra"

According to media reports, Avena syrup, an extract of oats sold as an Wikipedia:aphrodisiac dietary supplement for curing impotency, was found among the medicines in his compound.[3][4] The brand name of the syrup found in his compound was Amal al-Sadeh.[5] Avena is used for two purposes: to increase Wikipedia:libido and to treat Wikipedia:dyspepsia.[4] NBC News chief medical editor Wikipedia:Nancy Snyderman there is no scientific evidence that Avena can use increase libido, but she concluded "it could have provided Osama with a psychosomatic boost."[6]

[edit] Pornography

""I have no problem believing that Bin Laden was a hypocrite. But I also have no problem believing that the US government is a liar. Hence I have no opinion one way or other as to the existence of Bin Laden's alleged porn collection." - Philosopher Wikipedia:Roderick Long on the news of discovery of pornography from bin Laden's compound.[7]"

Shortly after Laden was killed in his compound in Abbottabad, United States (WP) officials claimed they found huge quantity of pornographic (WP) videos from the computers recovered from his compound. This founding was first reported by Reuters.[8][9] Quoting US officials, the nature of the video was reported by Reuters as "modern, electronically recorded video and is fairly extensive".[9]

However, both Reuters and Wikipedia:The New York Times noted, the officials who discovered the videos were not sure about the ownership of the computers or whether bin Laden viewed those videos.[8][9] But Reuters reported that some US officials said discovery of pornography is common during raids in Islamic militant hideouts.[9]

This discovery was considered significant because bin Laden was opposed to the use of sex appeal in advertising and viewed it as "exploitation of women's bodies". While porn and sex in advertising are two separate things, they can also be inseparable in the minds of the ill-informed or illogical; The New York Times concluded that this discovery could spark allegations of hypocrisy against bin Laden.[8]

The claim of discovery of pornography was met with skepticism, with skeptics asserting the American intelligence community deliberately spreading rumor as part of their psychological warfare against Al-Qaeda.[10] Wikipedia:William Saletan writing in Slate described the claim of founding pornography as a "propaganda war aimed at persuading Muslims". According to the analysis by Saletan, conservative Muslim sympathizers of Osama bin Laden are likely to be opposed to pornography and would be more shocked by pornography than by Wikipedia:terrorism. This is why although Laden was a known Wikipedia:mass murderer, the US was trying to spread the pornography story to make his sympathizers and potential followers antagonistic to him.[11] According to Wikipedia:David Randall of Wikipedia:The Independent, many bloggers found the claim of discovery of pornography laughable.[7]

Journalist and Wikipedia:Islamic feminist Wikipedia:Asra Nomani writing in Wikipedia:The Daily Beast asserted "Wikipedia:conspiracy theorists" in the Muslim world might dismiss the coverage on pornography as a hoax, claiming it was deliberately propagated by the US.[12]

Sex-positive feminist (WP) Susie Bright (WP) wrote in Wikipedia:The Huffington Post,[13]

"Was Bin Laden a hypocrite, defying his pious claims? Why yes! -- along with every other religious fanatic in the world, he was two-faced. You don't need a leak from the Pentagon to find that out. He belongs to the same esteemed club as Protestant televangelists, Mormon missionary crusaders, Hindu fundamentalists -- all wanking away as they condemn the rest of the earth."

[edit] References

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