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Abdul Bagi

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Abdul Bagi is a citizen of Wikipedia:Afghanistan who was held in Wikipedia:extrajudicial detention in the Wikipedia:United States Wikipedia:Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Wikipedia:Cuba.[1] His Guantanamo Wikipedia:Internment Serial Number was 963. American Wikipedia:intelligence analysts estimate he was born in 1972, in Wikipedia:Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Abdul Bagi was captured in Afghanistan in February 2003 and transferred to Afghanistan on February 8, 2006.[2]


[edit] Combatant Status Review

Bagi was among the 60% of prisoners who chose to participate in tribunal hearings.[3] A Summary of Evidence memo was prepared for the tribunal of each detainee.

Bagi's memo accused him of the following:[4]

a. The detainee is a member of the Taliban and participated in military operations against the United States and its coalition partners:
  1. The detainee is a member of the Wikipedia:Taliban.
  2. The detainee admitted that he was supposed to participate in an ambush against U.S. forces.
  3. The detainee admitted that he threw his weapon down a well and hid in a hole.
  4. The detainee was captured on the afternoon of 10 February 2003 along with his uncle, by U.S. personnel.

[edit] Administrative Review Board

Detainees whose Wikipedia:Combatant Status Review Tribunal labeled them "enemy combatants" were scheduled for annual Wikipedia:Administrative Review Board hearings. These hearings were designed to assess the threat a detainee might pose if released or transferred, and whether there were other factors that warranted his continued detention.[5]

A Summary of Evidence memo was prepared for Abdul Bagi first annual Administrative Review Board on August 6, 2004.[6]

Bagi chose to participate in his Administrative Review Board hearing.[7]

The following primary factors favor continued detention

a. Commitment
  1. The detainee admitted to being part of the attacks (ambush) on United States Forces in the vicinity of Lejay, Afghanistan.
b. Connections/Associations
  1. A known Taliban member identified the detainee as Taliban.
  2. As U.S. elements approached the village of Lejay (Abdul Rais Wahid stronghold) on the morning of 10 February 2003, they were viciously ambushed from the high ground on both sides of the road. The enemy fired from well-prepared ambush positions, and employed a high volume of RPK, PKM, AK, and RPG fire in an effort to kill as many U.S. personnel as possible.
  3. Hajji Raes Abdul Wahed, is the Supreme Commander of a forty-man guerilla unit. He was identified as teaching hand grenade techniques, plastic explosives with detonator cord, and how to blow up cars.
  4. Detainee was captured on 10 February 2003 in a dugout hole 100 meters from the compound.
  5. The detainee was apprehended wearing an Olive Drab (OD) green jacket consistent with the eyewitness accounts of the individual responsible for the attacks.
  6. OD jackets were worn by several men captured, on the same day as the detainee, at a checkpoint on the north side of town in a taxi and on motorcycles. The men all suffered from hearing loss assessed to be from firing activity.
  7. During the Combatant Status Review Tribunal, the detainee called two witnesses other than his uncle, Alif Mohammed and Baridad, that testified for him.
  8. Alik Mohammed is assessed as a security/military commander of Lejay/Wahid compound and it is believed he orchestrated the attack on American Forces.
  9. Baridad was captured on the same day as the detainee. He suffered from hearing loss assessed due to firing activity.

The following factors favor release or transfer

a. The detainee does not know any Taliban members.
b. Detainee believes the Americans have come to bring peace and stability to the people. He feels it is good, the Americans help rebuild roads and water systems and help establish education for the people, he is happy with that.
c. Detainee denied any knowledge/involvement in the attacks on United States Forces.
d. Detainee claims to never having owned or fired any kind of weapon.
e. The detainee admitted growing poppies, however, agreed it was a good thing the American forces and Afghanistan government was stopping farmers from growing poppies.

[edit] Guantanamo Medical records

On 16 March 2007 the Department of Defense published medical records for the captives.[8] Abdul Bagi's records indicate he was weighed every month, from January 2004 through December 2005. But unlike every other captive's records, his weights are missing. Three other fields recorded for almost every other captive—his "inprocess date", his height, and his "inprocess weight" -- are also missing.

[edit] Repatriation

On November 25, 2009, the Department of Defense published a list of the dates captives were transferred from Guantanamo.[9] According to that list Abdul Bagi was transferred on February 8, 2006.

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